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    Suggestions about Learning with Vodafone Ebook

    Do you have doubts about the Vodafone e-Book about scholarships and learning? Check this page to get more details from our experts.

    It's just amazing to see Vodafone has launched its own scholarship portal LearningWithVodafone which provides scholarship information and also the Ebook. I want to know about suggestions that the Ebook is useful in the long run or not? Link for help: https://goo.gl/BJjeDW
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  • Voda phone launched India's first multi-linguistic scholarship platform - aimed to help students to achieve their dreams. There are two types of scholarships. The first type is need-based and the other type is merit-based.They provide information about key scholarships for school and college students in seven Indian regional languages. They provide information about scholarships that are likely to be received and guide you to apply for the same by providing the necessary inputs. It is very useful to get the information about all the procedures to be adopted for applying for the scholrshipa na dother details. This is a good module to be used for learning. You can try it out.

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  • Learning with vodafone is a site that gives your details about scholarship in English, Tamil,Bengali, Hindi,Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Kanada. The scholarships are need-based (financially poor students) and merit-based (based on marks).

    You have to register and once you go to the explore scholarship menu (https://www.learningwithvodafone.in/en/scholarships), you can choose the relevant filters that give you the details of scholarships that are suited for you.

    You want to know about the EBOOK.
    The Ebook specifically that you are referring to, it is a step by step guide or brochure how to navigate the site and how to apply. you can signup and download it yourself.

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