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    How to create and design a logo through a software?

    Interested in designing a logo through software? Searching for information about which softwares to be used and the detailed procedure to design the logo? Here, on this Ask Expert page check out the advice and resolve your queries.

    I came across the various logo design competitions organised by Government of India on its official website and I really liked these competitions. Also I had many ideas regarding designing logos.
    But I don't know what softwares to be used? How to use these software and where to find such software?
    Can I get this software for free and download it?
    Can you help me out to find a nice software for designing logo and if possible share procedure also to design the logo?
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  • Most of the logos that are designed and printed are either hand designed or designed with software programs which aren't free. Generally the outline of a logo is designed using a drawing tool or program. The free softwares have lot of limitations and generally have watermark on the final logo. Also note that the final logo that most of the professionals who design them, don't use a single tool or a software. They use multiple softwares which generates multiple layers, contours, designs and themes.

    Basically you need raw materials first to design a logo such as pencils, sheets of paper, crayons or sketches etc. Then you need a vector graphics software. these vector graphic softwares help to design points, curves, lines, shapes etc . Example of a vector graphic software is Adobe Illustrator. Then you finally design your logo on the PC with the vector graphics alone or using other additional programs. Some of the softwares with which you can create a beautiful logos are:

    1. Adobe Illustrator
    2. Summitsoft Logo Design Studio
    3. EximiousSoft Logo Designer
    4. Inkscape
    5. Vectr

    Also not that you need fonts to customize the description in a logo. There are many fonts available for free which you can find it through Google.

    I personally say (according to my experience) Apple's laptops (MacBook) and desktops (iMac) have more designing softwares than windows PC's. They are extremely sophisticated and have tons of options.

    Good Luck

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • By using this website you can create your logo. The software available on this site will allow you to create, change, and save as many logos as you like. Once you made the design you want and like, you have to purchase your logo for just $39.95. This company is offering a guarantee. It is a unique guarantee. If you are not able to design as per your liking and interest you can ask for the help of our design team. Still, you are not happy they will refund your money back.

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  • Designing the logo needs creativity and unique yet relevant that it is in sync with the company.
    Just look at the bullet train logo, the cheetah, the outline of the train looks so simple but is very effective.

    Many prefer the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. If you are using this, have the basic idea in your mind or hand-drawn images the open a new file and try out the various combinations with respect to images/words/color etc. Earlier pirated versions of Abode used to be available. Now it is very difficult and everything is online and for 1 year with auto renewal. For the illustator is is around 16,000/year, for creative cloud/photoshop it comes to around 8000/year.

    Corel Draw is good for beginners with light drawing and easy editing tools and is recommended for vector drawings.

    Jetta Logo Designer is also good for beginners with around 400 templates and 5000 icons/forms that you can experiment with.

    Logomaker has a trial version that you can experiment with and is very easy and less time-consuming.

    If you are serious, the tips would be to have an original concept, do not rely on colors and stun effect, keep the ratio of proportions clear with words and shapes and go for an affordable professional one. Some computer centers/ digital studios allow students to use their legal software for a small price, you can try this.

  • A best software is Corel Draw for designing a logo. First draw your concept of logo on drawing paper then click a picture of your drawing. Import the image in corel draw by pressing ctrl + I or go to file menu and import it. Use pen tool on that image. Pen tool is on the 4th number under point lines. If the logo is not in the curves then there is not any use of pen tool. If its not in curves then you can make it through different shapes, lines, textures, color, gradient and with proper alignment. The best procedure it is which I follow and you should also. You can export or save it as jpge, png or pdf(Portable Document Format). There is not an extension of JPGE in save as for that you have to use export option. Every difficult and easy logos made in Corel Draw. Every professional makes using the concept of Golden Ratio. Presently corel draw X6 and X7 versions is used. You can download the software from
    As Other members mentioned about adobe illustrator but this software is so hard. You can make logo on adobe illustrater but it is not for a beginners. Illustrater is actually known for tracing an image, using mesh tool and making a character design. All the Best!!

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