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    How can I marry a girl who is 22 years old

    Have a query about the legal age for marriage? Looking out for more information about the laws of marriage? Here, find advice from experts to all your queries.

    Actually my family is in full support for me to marry a girl who is 22 years old. I am just 18. Can you tell me about the law of marriage if my family is agreeing for my marriage? The girl wants to marry me but how can we do a legal marriage?
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  • According to Prohibition of Child marriages act, the legal age for marrying for a boy is 21 and girl is 18 years respectively. You cannot marry until next 3 years. Since your family is okay to marry her, you have no objections from your side but what about her family? Are they not okay for your marriage?

    This is a very delicate issue in our present society scenario. Personally am not objecting you to get married if you both love each other. But you are very young, just 18 years of age. I guess you are into a college or got out of your 12th. Consider the family issues which comes due to your age difference. If both sides are okay, then pride it and value it. First of all do not hurry for marriage. Love will not fill your stomach, complete your education, get a good job (both of you) and settle well in life. Once you are financially stable, then you can convince your parents from both sides more confidently. Prove them you are strong and stable. No matter how may obstacles come in your way, you should hold your hands together and do not dismay.

    With ever growing demands in life the cost of living, society values, moral values and how you cope up with them are changing rapidly. You need to sort out how you are gonna achieve your destiny. You have 3 years of time for you to get legally married. Plan these 3 years about your career. Have financial goals as well as it will help you both to settle in life in more comfortable way. If you both want to achieve more higher goals in your professional career, you can still delay the marriage even after attaining the legal marrying age. I would sincerely suggest you to settle well in life than getting married soon. Marriage is a great responsibility. You cannot depend on your parents as you are doing now after your marriage. There will be more stomachs to feed and more needs to be fulfilled by your own.

    Plan carefully and practically. I am sure with proper planning you will achieve your goals and you both get married.

    Wishing you Good Luck

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • As per Indian Marriage act, the minimum age for a boy to get married is 21 years. But now you are 18 years only, hence your marriage will not be legal. So you have to wait for another 3 years. After that only you can marry.
    There is no restriction as per the law to marry a girl who is older than you. There will not be any legal problem with that aspect.
    Your family is not having any objection for you to marry her. If the parents of the girl are also acceptable for this match you have to ask them to wait for 3 years.
    You should complete your education within this three years and get a job and you will be ready to marry. Otherwise financially you have to depend on your wife or your parents. This is not at all advisable. So please try to get settle financially well and then think of marrying her.

    always confident

  • If your parents agree for this match then there is absolutely no problem for this relationship as well as marriage. Only thing is that you have to wait till you acquire the legal age that is 21 years.

    Marriage is a personal matter and personal choice. Still, there are issues which are to be thoughtfully pondered before entering into the relationship. The first and foremost is a livelihood. After that comes the issue of compatibility. Do you have an attraction towards your partner just as an infatuation or is based on mutual appreciation and acknowledgement of human qualities.

    Marriage is a vital decision of life and one has to consider the various pros and cons before entering this responsible affair.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You are just 18 years, it is just infatuation or a platonic friendship that is changing towards love or do both families know each other for a long time and you want to keep the family friendship going on.

    1. You are not yet of legal age as per the Indian legal system of marriage.

    2. Age difference is not a legal issue but a social issue. There are many examples of succesful and unsuccessful marriages with an age difference of around 5 years.

    3. General men in India at the middle class level are not keen on marriage an older girl. If your bonding is strong then you would weather it well.

    4. Getting married at a young age raises concerns in the minds of people who are married because, the responsibilities and commitment a marriage needs is not easy to put in words. It is honoring the needs of your spouse, the arrival of a child, the commitment to have money, place and time to make the marriage work. Generally, without sounding harsh, boys at the age of 18 -25 are still teenagers as far as marriage is considered. Think of all the duties of a married man and then take a decision (once you are 21 years old).

    5.Just as a simple practical exercise, see how much of money is needed just for the kitchen and food at your home, the rentals, the vehicles, the things you need for a decent life and work it out for 2 people. Then if you are comfortable, you can check on the cost of getting an admission for LKG in a good school. It is not easy, unless you are blessed with lots of family money.

    6.If you have siblings, a wedding in the family at a very young age raises eyebrow and people start asking questions

    7. I would say, if both of you love each other, take the next three years as the test of time. You complete your graduation, get focused on a job and learn means of earning a living.

    8. If by the end of three years and once you cross 21 years, you both still have the same intentions and can honor each other as 'Equal' partners in the marriage, then you can go ahead with the blessings of both families.

  • If everything is settled between the two families and you and the girl also agree willingly for the marriage, then there is nothing from our side to disturb your mutual agreement-except to remind you that for a male, the legally permitted age for marriage is 21 years. Hence you may ave to wait for another three years for marriage to avoid any legal complication that may arise.
    However, as both the boy and girl are not minors and as the families of both sides are also consenting for the marriage and both the boy and girl are also voluntarily agreeing for the marriage, positively thinking there may not be any legal case arising . The marriage in your case per se is not invalid . Only if some legal disputes arise and the other party contest for making the marriage void quotingthe reason of age, then only there is a possibility of complications.
    There may be some definite and justifiable reason that your family (or both families) agree for the said marriage proposal. Let us not disturb that agreement or understand if it is so. Hence if all other factors are positive , you and your family know well the girl and her family or mutually know each other for many years then you can go for a traditional marriage under your religious tradition.
    But please be sure that you both and both families do not fall victims of any type of gossip or rumour mongering by any vested interests.

    A caution here: If the girl's family is not agreeing then do not go for marriage till you have attained the permitted age for marriage, i.e 21 years. You cannot go for a legal marriage.

  • No, you can't marry the chosen girl right now because you have not attained the minimum age of marriage, i.e., 21 years. In India, the minimum age of marriage for males in 21 years and for females is 18 years.

    However, before marriage, you have to think about various other aspects also. One such aspect is economic independence. Are you economically independent right now, or will you be economically independent after 3 years, i.e., after attaining minimum age for marriage? Think about this factor before going for marriage. I am of firm opinion that without economic independence, a male or a female must not marry.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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