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    Is if possible to re-issue a TC from college?

    Want to know how to get a duplicate copy of TC from college? Searching for the step by step procedure or is an FIR needed? No worries, read the advice provided by experts on this page and resolve your queries.

    I have completed my graduation in 2016 and went ahead to take admission in masters degree. At the time of admission they took my transfer certificate and crossed it. However, after some days, at the time of registration in the university, I didn't get myself registered.
    This is because, I didn't want to complete my further study. I am preparing for banking right now and I need to focus on that.
    Now, I can't apply for a TC from my current college. So, my question is, can my graduation college re-issue a TC (I might get admission for PGDM in future). Or will I have to file a case in police station?
    Can you help?
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  • It is possible if the college authorities accepts your case as genuine and your year of passing is within the traceable period. You can approach the college authorities in person with a request letter and necessary relevant documents related to your course of study.

  • The college will not issue transfer certificate second time as far as I know.
    Your question is not very clear. You got admitted to the college or not.
    If you have not admitted to the college why they have crossed your transfer certificate. If you have paid fee and submitted originals to the college. Now for TC, you have to approach the college where you have applied for Master's degree. If you got officially admitted there and then discontinues that college has to give you a transfer certificate in which they may mention discontinued. No problem. That TC will hold good for all practical purposes.
    If you want a duplicate TC from the college you have to mention why you want it and what happened to your original TC. If you say I have submitted to the other college, they will immediately ask you to go to the other college. If you say I have lost it, they will ask for police verification certificate.

    always confident

  • You can not go to police station regarding this because the error is from your end. If you got the admission for masters degree and you discontinued the course in middle, go to college and ask for issuing of TC. Even though you have discontinued the course, you need to pay the academic fees and it is very valid reason in terms of college management. After you pay the academic fees, they will issue the transfer certificate and you can use that for further careers or educations.

    But you said 'current college' and am assuming that the college where you have discontinued your course. In my opinion you need not apply for TC and you can use your graduate degree TC which will be given back by the college since you are not continuing your course. As far as my knowledge goes, you will not get TC from present institution which you have applied for masters.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • If I understand it correct, you have got admission into Masters degree but did not complete you PG. Once you pay the fees, enroll yourself for the masters and the college has crossed the UG TC, you have become a discontinued masters student.

    If this is the issue, then you have to ask the Master's degree college to give back your old TC. The master's college Cannot give you their TC because you have not completed the course.

    You cannot file an FIR because technically it is not lost. It has been submitted by yourself to the master's college.

    If you have not studied even for a few months, even then speak to the Master's college and get the old TC back because you cannot go the UG college and ask for a new one.

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