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    How can I work abroad through placement agency in India

    Aspiring to get a job abroad? Want to the know recruitment agencies and manpower agencies for job abroad? Here, on this page you can get ample suggestions from experts.

    I have done BBA in 2007 and after that post graduate diploma in banking and finance from NIIT IFBI institute Nagpur. Through that I have got selected in ICICI Bank Ltd Mumbai.
    I worked there for three years and later switched to finance industry as branch accountant. I am working here from five years. Simultaneously I have done my MBA finance (distance education) in 2015.
    Now total I have 7 years and 5 months working experience in banking and finance industry. Now I am looking for overseas job.
    Request you to guide me for the same as well as suggest me the source to work abroad because since the last five months I am searching for that but didn't find valid source.
    I am getting lost in all the calls and mails but can't identify whether they are fake or true.
    Recently I got a call gfrom Global Job Solution, Haldwani . They somehow convinced me and I paid 3500 rs for registration and for acceptance letter they require 7100 for overseas.
    Can you confirm me whether I should pay to them or not?
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  • Generally the minimum experience you need to get hired in a foreign country in banking/finance sector is 10-12 years. But there are always exceptions. You need not pay any consultancy to get a job in abroad. But you need experience in foreign exchange as well to get hired in other countries.

    Follow all job portals. Create a profile in those portals and every portal has an option 'preferred country/place' that you want to work. Select any country in which you are interested and create a profile as such. You can also apply to banks such as Bank of America, HSBC bank etc through their official website. If they are interested to hire you they will contact you directly for further process.

    There is another method called Permanent Residency (PR). Some countries offer PR to Indian citizens with which you become permanent residents of that particular country (example: Canada, Australia). With this visa you can stay in that country and apply for banking jobs personally. But the visa processing is little expensive and varies from country to country and you need some finances to maintain yourself in that country like accommodation, food, travel and daily expenses. There are many consultancies which do a PR and they do charge some fees for that. But as far as my knowledge goes there are very less or no consultancies which do job process or get you a job in abroad. They simply take money and do PR visa process. Some people even got cheated by these consultancies.

    And as per your query regarding Global Job Solution, they forward and highlight your profile to potential employers as you are their valued customer. Your exposure is increased and I can't find any job guarantee 'point'
    mentioned in their official site. They provide visa assistance though once you get selected. These paid services are also offered by naukri or monster job portals online.

    Be patient, you will definitely succeed. As said earlier, do follow all job portals and apply in official sites of international banks.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Depending on any agents for getting a job in foreign countries and paying money for them is not very good. First of all our country's accounting procedures and financial procedures will differ from other countries. So I don't know how much your experience in India will help you to get a job in a foreign country. So what you have to do first is to decide on the country where you want to work. Then you have to understand their procedures and methods in financial and account sections. You have done some certification courses on that particular line.
    You have to upload your resume in some good portals like naukri.com and you have to select the countries you want to work and keep going through the portals. That will stand a good chance.
    As far as going through agencies is not very advisable. Many of them will try to make some money and will never guarantee you a job there.

    always confident

  • There are many job portals where you can upload your resume and give the option for overseas and abroad assignments. As there is a heavy rush of applicants in these portals you have to patiently wait for the offers where you can apply.

    Another way is to apply for PR for a country where job position is comfortable. There are countries where PR visa is given to the aspirants. Some of such countries are Newzealand, Canada, Australia etc. After getting the PR a person has to make his own arrangement in that country till he gets a job. This requires considerable finances.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I would be cautious about Global Job solutions because, when to click the link to terms and condition, it takes you to the payment site. If at all you make any payments to such sites do it accepting that you may lose it.

    Do your basic research about the banking needs of the country that hires overseas candidates reasonably well. Choose a country that is immigration favorable because currently many countries are restricting immigrants as they have to free up jobs for their own people.

    Many Indian banks have branches in the Gulf. Dubai is popular, register via naukri.com and check out these openings.

    Some countries prefer a CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst to an MBA, for example, some jobs in Canadian banking sector prefer this. So, please check and then apply

    You can check the bank websites directly, For example, HBSC has a careers sections for various countries
    Royal bank of Canada (https://jobs.rbc.com/ca/en/featuredopportunities/finance-jobs)
    ANZ is a popular bank in Australia (http://www.anz.com/about-us/careers/)

    Many people with migrating to a different country as the primary aim, take internship programs is overseas bank and then work their way through for a job.

  • To have a job in the in the Banking - sectors in different countries, you may proceed as indicated below-
    1) As far as credibility of the consultants operating in this line is concerned, they may not be reliable to that extent barring a few but then it would be difficult to verify their credentials. Naukri.com or Job monster.com can be relied upon for their excellent services offered to the different aspirants.
    2) You may go to the job - sites of different countries and in that way, you would be able to extract the relevant informations so as to land into a job which you desire. Foreign embassies such as Canada, Australia and Dubai may be contacted through our own embassy to tap out the relevant information.
    3) There are numerous noted banks such as HSBC, SBI operating in foreign countries, ANZ, etc providing their own websites and by going through the same, you could get detailed information relating to job - prospects available in such organisation.
    4) You may contact some of your friends whose relatives are working in overseas and their tips in this regard would be immensely helpful.

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