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    Being In The State Of "ENTREPRENEUR"...

    Have a query about being an entrepreneur? Looking out for information about how to inspire students to become entrepreneurs? Find suggestions from experts here.

    Since our childhood days to the time that we got into our first job it would be surprised to know that no school or institutions teaches us for being "ENTREPRENEUR", rather we are always taught of being someone having education & degrees in our hands so that one day they we will get some good opportunities in some good companies.

    Why not the focus still can't be changed & include the subjects that inspires the students to start their own business.

    If we manage to make some changes to the above & at the same time implementing it in various ways then certainly this could prove beneficial in the long run as many of us would no longer be dependable to the openings of jobs by any companies.

    Inviting the readers from all diversified fields in order for us to make this concept reachable to the maximum numbers.
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  • I think and people also say no qualification is required and there is no special course of being an entrepreneur. There are many entrepreneurs we don't have any educational qualifications but have a great urge for business and done very great in the field.
    Coming to education for entrepreneurs, a general qualification in any subject followed by MBA from a good business school will give you an edge in becoming an entrepreneur.

    always confident

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