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    Spelling mismatch in marksheets

    Facing a spelling name mistake in your documents or marksheets? Wondering whether it will create a problem in job application? Here, check out advice from experts.

    There is a minor mistake in my all marksheet in my mother's name. Will this create any problem at the time of a job? Can you help?
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  • Your question is not very clear. What type of mistake is it? What is the name mentioned in your SSC certificate? I think you have to go for the correction of it.
    For this, you have to have an affidavit made which is notarized and certified. For this purpose, you have to approach a good lawyer and take as per his advise you have to make the affidavit and make a publication in two newspapers and keep the advertisements cuttings also with you. Then you will not have any problem.

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  • Mistake in names can be minor or major but if the verification authorities take it seriously at the time of document verification then it will be very embarrassing and inconvenient for you and you will have to go for the rectification of the same.

    It will be better if you approach the school authorities with the correct documents reflecting your mother's name correctly and request them with an application for rectification, they will issue the corrected mark sheets after some time. That will solve the problems for you.

    Alternatively you can also go for a legal affidavit to be prepared with the help of a lawyer and verified by a first class magistrate where these things are clarified with an oath and certification.

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