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    About getting job in a MNC company based on experience.

    Interested in getting a job in MNC? Wondering about the future scope of a diploma course? Check out this page for advice and guidance from experts.

    I am a front end developer working in an IT company for almost two years. I want to work in an MNC company but my qualification is less.
    I have done Diploma of Computer engineering (CSE). It is a three years diploma. I have not done graduation. I am 21 years old but I have good skills in front end development.
    Can I get a job in an MNC company based on my experience?
    I am really worried about my future. I can work in this company but I really want to work in a big company.
    Can you help?
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  • There are many ways you get a job in MNc. You have a graduation and you have a diploma. You need not worry about the qualification. Please upload your biodata in websites like timesjob.com and Naukri.com and please be watching the websites regularly and also please go through regular newspapers in which these days many numbers of advertisements are coming. Be regular in sending your application for these posts.
    Please make a good CV highlighting your skills and specialities and Please be making every time separate covering letter in which the specific qualifications and experience required for that post which you are possessing.
    If it is possible to try to get some relevant certification courses which will be useful to your qualification and experience so that chances will get improved.

    always confident

  • From your present job it is apparent that you are working in a computer environment where you are well aware of interfacing HTML, CSS and JAVA scripts to the user as per their website or requirement. During this exposure you might have acquired a good experience also.

    In such a situation it is advisable that you keep a watch on job portals and advertisements of big companies and see where your experience is most matching. If you find it immediately apply for such job as you will definitely be successful in your job there related to your core competency.

    Do not switch jobs just for a change from a small to big company. You must seriously find out your capability to survive in the new atmosphere. Go there only with your core competence.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You can still get a job in MNC. There are many MNC's who hunt for talent rather than qualification. The good part is that you are already having experience which is an asset. Don't lose faith and dishearten yourself that you have only diploma but no graduate degree. If possible learn some certification courses which will be an additional benefit to you. Though it is not a compulsion, it's always good to tune your skills.

    Apart from that, create a profile in all job portals such as Naukri, Monster, Times Jobs etc. Create a beautiful resume as well. Add logos of your educational institution, your present employer in your CV. Follow al MNC official websites and apply for jobs through their official site (published generally in 'careers' page). Be optimistic and have faith. Put your best effort and you will definitely succeed.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Please do not get disheartened thinking that you just have a diploma and not degree. In IT companies your degree will only matter while getting the first job. Later on, for switching jobs, your experience and skills matter more. Plus you said you are a developer which is a very strong point as in IT industry most of the openings are for developers only.

    Regarding how to apply, as others suggested placing your CV in job sites like naukri.com, monster.com etc and applying online on company websites can be done. But I would say do not rely very heavily on it and sit back. I have seen many times that after applying online your application lies in open state for months and months and there is no action on it. There are hundreds of applicants to apply in this way and sometimes your CV may be lost in flood of other CVs. So do not wait indefinitely and wait for recruiters to call you. You need to take some proactive steps.

    A better approach would be that along with applying online you forward your CV through your contacts and friends that work in other MNCs where you want to get a job and ask them to refer you directly to HR. Many companies nowadays prefer hiring candidates through employee referral and chances that you will get interview call is much higher in this. You can also use LinkedIn which is very famous professional networking website and try to make new connections through it and contact the recruiters and hiring managers. Linkedin also has job section and many companies post their job openings on LinkedIn. These days companies also check LinkedIn profile and activity of the candidates. To maintain a detailed LinkedIn profile showcasing your talents and skills. Also if you have knowledge about something then please participate in LinkedIn discussions and also post articles on the topics you know. This will also give you an edge compared to others.

    Sometimes companies give their openings to job consultants and do not hire directly so try forwarding your Resume to big and famous placement consultants and be in touch with them. Though consultants will also contact you directly if you place your CV in a job portal still finding the consultants yourself and approaching them can help you further.

    Keep an eye on walk-in interview drives happening in your city or nearby city and try to attend them. Walk-in interviews are conducted when companies have many vacancies and they want to conduct interview together and close it as soon as possible. So processing time is expected to be less in such cases.

    So I think by being proactive in your job search and keeping your skills up to date you should be able to land a job in a big MNC.

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