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    Problem related caste category in college records and cast certificate by State govt?

    Worried about caste category recorded in College which would affect your job opportunities? Not to worry, here are few suggestions from our ISC experts and check this page here.

    I want to do government jobs. I belong to OBC. But by mistake its General in my College Records. So Can Get OBC Reservation with Caste certificate by States govt? Would the College record create any problem?
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  • As you have a valid caste certificate so it should not create any problem. During document verification time they can ask about this mismatch also and you have to explain it that it was unintentional and probably was due to the oversight of school authorities.

    Due to this mismatch you may be asked to proof that the person in caste certificate and person in school certificates is same. In that case you better get an legal affidavit prepared by a lawyer elaborating these facts and same attested by a first class Magistrate.

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  • Since the problem is from your educational institution you can approach them and ask for issuing a new certificate with appropriate details. Show the proof you have which is issued by your state government. Approach your admissions block in your college and write a letter requesting them to issue a new certificate with corrected details. Attach photocopy/xerox of the caster certificate given to you by the state government. Your college may charge nominal fees for reprinting the new certificate. This is not a big problem.

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  • You can have your caste certificate from local sarpanch by showing your father/brother's certificates, as local sarpanch knows your family details probably known to your father or grand father too. It is good to approach them first. Then the certificate obtained as obc,if correct according to their rules, is valid for you ever. With the copy of the same you can approach your college authorities for correction and in future you can produce the copy of sarpanch's certificate as valid document for proving yours as obc.

  • The first step you have to take is to go to your school. Show them your caste certificate and tell them in the school certificate it was wrongly mentioned. Get in touch with the college administration and show them the caste certificate and give a request in writing asking them to correct your caste in the school records and give you the correct certificate. They will do it.
    You may have to attach certified copies of your caste certificate and other certificates as a proof of your caste. That will be enough and college people will correct their records and so the needful. If you know personally anybody in the administration department your work will be done fast.

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  • I might create a problem if there is verification of certificates at the time of your posting or at the time of interview.
    But now you cannot change your caste in your college because it will lead to some legal issues. You can get a caste certificate and also mention about the problem that is related with college records. Its better if you mention at the beginning and solve the problem. Before all that contact a legal adviser and get the correct producer from him before you proceed.

  • Although your caste certificate is correct, some Government Jobs have a mandatory eligibility criterion of 55% aggregate marks. Here a problem might arise when you fill online or upload documents.

    Please approach the college in question with your valid caste certificate and ask the administrative office to rectify the error.

    If your 10th certificate also has the same issue, then approach the school authorities.

    If there has been a long delay and they refuse to help you out, Then be prepared with an affidavit stating the facts clearly about the actual OBC eligibility, the valid caste certificate and the decline letter or email from the college to rectify this mistake. This would come handy in case the employing authorities raise a query at the time of document verification.

  • Your school certificates are not showing your caste correctly. It is not a major problem but everywhere you will have to explain and justify your status by showing your caste certificate.
    To avoid this hassle it is better to get your school certificates endorsed for your caste. You give an application for the correction in your school certificate and request them to issue a corrected one.
    This will help you in future whenever there is a verification or any advantage accrued to you as per your caste status.

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  • For Government jobs, the certificate relating to caste issued by the competent Government authority is accepted. The caste indicated in the College records has no significance. So, when you will apply for Government jobs, you are required to submit the copy of caste certificate (declaring you an OBC) from the District Magistrate (DM) or Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM) of your locality. No other certificate will be accepted for that purpose.

    However, I will advise you to submit a copy of caste certificate issued by DM/SDJM to your college authorities also for availing various other facilities (like scholarship, fee concession, etc.) applicable for OBCs.

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  • The major problem with caste certificate is confusion and mistakes made by government and college officials.If you completed your course and left the college,officials may show least interest to rectify thier mistake.Try to solve the problem in college it self,since the mistaken has been done in college record.If they can't rectify,issue a notice from college official to the government office that is your respective district magistrate so it will become easy to your work.Then go to the government office submit the required details and issue it.
    If the college officials couldn't correct it,you can directly try at government office.
    If you find difficulty in all the process you can contact any lawyer and issue a certificate on correction of details by notary and certification.
    You must ensure that all the details are true,since government job procedure is quite strict and any negligence may lead to problems.

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