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    Does Adsense Certified Partner Ezoic is good?

    Need a clarification regarding AdSense Certified Partner Ezoic? Check this page to know for more details from our experts.

    Recently, I know about Ezoic, a Google Certified Publisher Partner, who can increase my adsense revenue. According to their website, ezoic is an Artificial Intelligence system, which can analyze my website and give me more earnings with same traffic. They promised that, after integrating with the the I will get at least 50% to 150% ad revenue uplift.

    I search on Google about their reviews and find maximum reviews goes on their favor. But that review websites are using ezoic affiliate link. So I am little confused about to join with ezoic or not.

    As I am running a small educational website and my maximum traffic come from India. So is it a good decision to join with ezoic? Hope experts will help to resolve this query.
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  • Ezoic was the first to get selected as Adsense certified partner. The amazing results that Adsense publishers see from using Ezoic learning platform to increase revenue and ensure Google policy compliance. Another point is that Ezoic is extremely knowledgeable about online advertising and AdSense in particular. The team of Ezoic is having the experience required and their technologies are useful. So I feel it is good to join with the same.

    always confident

  • In 2014 when Google went for Google Adsense Certified Partnership program then Ezoic was the first one to be taken by Google for this.

    Since then Ezoic has made many claims about it's efficacy to enhance the Google Adsense experience for a site which is using Google Adsense in it. There are testimonials of many sites also which confirm the claim of Ezoic.

    How much Ezoic is actually helping in increasing or streamlining the Google Adsense revenue is anybody's guess but yes it appears to be an intelligent application for the same.

    With this positive note you can try it in your site and find out the results.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Ezoic is a good resource to increase your Adsense revenue. It will help you to recognize where to place ads, which display sizes you need to use and which advertisers to affiliate with to make more money. The best part of this program is that it is completely free. You need to authorize Ezoic to access your site by placing certain HTML codes. Then it will run certain tests and give you the analysis about the ad sizes, placement and merchants to ties up with.

    It is a Google Certified Program and world's largest Ad testing agency. I would suggest you go with them and I hope it will increase your revenue. And regarding your last query about the review sites displaying affiliate link is simply they want to make revenue with Ezoic affiliate program even when you read about their reviews. It's nothing wrong. Give a try.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Ezoic is considered by many as an ad testing platform that can enhance the visibility of a website by testing and optimizing ad space and the layout of a website.

    Ezoic is free and in return places its own advert on the website. It gives you control to use it or turn it off and to modulate traffic from various devices.

    If you have many subdomains, then there are reports that it automatically does not attract traffic. At times large ads can be placed, that can change the website. For these issues, the Ezoic team helps out the client. The testing needs to be done and you need to give access to Ezoic. If your site is too complicated, then some users think twice.

    Going by the reviews, the USP is that it is the largest advert testing agency, you can give it a try and turn it off if it does not improve things despite the team helping you out. If you or any family member have a few website, you can try it in one website and compare the earnings for a few months with and without Ezoic.

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