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    Government Insurance sector jobs

    Worried about selection Govt sector Insurance jobs and their impact on Civil services, if get selected later? Here are the suggestions from our experts how to proceed, please check this page to know more about.

    I am preparing for UPSC but at the same time due to uncertain nature of UPSC I also want to prepare for other Government job exams like NICL , LIC ,GIC etc.
    My question are as follows :
    1) If I get selected in these companies will i be able to give civil services?

    2) If selected will there not to be NOC problem or leaving company in case of selection in civil services?

    3) And if there is bond then how much amount of bond?

    Please answer
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  • 1. There is no problem with giving civil service examination even after joining in the government companies. They will relieve if you get selected for these posts.
    2. If you got selected for Civil Services posts you have to get relieving certificate from the company you are working to join in that post.
    3.That depends on the policy of the company. It varies from Organisation to Organisation. But generally, If you are shifting one government department to another department they may consider for not enforcing the bond period. This is what I learned from one of my relative who was working in NFC and trying for Civil Services.

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  • 1. If you are eligible to appear in Indian Civil Services, i.e., if you hold a Graduation degree and you have not yet crossed the upper age limit (for your category), you can appear in the Civil Services examination even while working in any other organization.

    2. You have to apply through proper channel (with an advance copy sent to UPSC) to receive No Objection Certificate (NOC). NOC is required at the time of interview. After selection, you have to submit technical resignation/resignation to join new position.

    3. What is bond? If you undergo training with salary, then the organization which is imparting the training, will ask you to execute a bond to ensure working in the said organization for 3/5 years after the training. However, if both the organizations (where you are working and where you will work in future) are under Central Government, then there is a provision of transfer of bond, provided you apply for the new post through proper channel. I can cite my own example in this regard. I executed a 5-year bond with Eastern Railway as I had undergone an eleven-month training with full salary. After completion of training, I joined duty. After around 1 and a half years, I joined Central Secretariat in New Delhi. As both organizations are under Central Government and I had applied through proper channel, my bond was transferred to Central Secretariat with the condition of compulsory working under Central Government for another 3 and a half years (I already spent 1 and a half years in Eastern Railway).

    4. Bond amount: The bond amount is the total salary drawn during the training period and interest on the salary @12.5% p.a.

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  • If you are selected in Govt insurance department like GIC or LIC then you will have to apply for civil services through proper channel. Your existing department should be in knowledge of this otherwise at the time of relieving you will have administrative problems.

    If you have already applied to civil services, you must soon after joining the insurance department inform them about this and keep it for record purposes. This is one of the most important things to be taken care in Govt departments as not abiding to this tantamounts to the hiding of the facts.

    Anyway as you will be moving from one Govt department to another the obligation to pay the bond money may not be applicable in such cases.

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  • You can approach for UPSC/Civils exam undoubtedly. But since you are preparing for other government exams, it is better to understand the probation period if you give your resignation. Please make them aware that you are already preparing for civils and you will give resignation at any moment if selected. Also, convey this message that all the paperwork needed (NOC) after resignation must be completed as soon as possible by your employer.

    During the interview of civils, a resignation copy of yours to your previous employer along with No Objection Certificate (NOC) must be duly submitted. And regarding bond, you need to inquire with your employer. Generally, they make amends in the legal bond such that you are employed full time with them for at least 2-5 years. In certain cases that bond is transferable without any charges/fines. Get information whether this is applicable in your case or not.

    Good Luck with your preparations.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • There will not be any problem to resign the job in government Insurance sector companies if you clear the civil services examination.
    As you are preparing for UPSC exam, I think you can easily clear the recruitment process of insurance companies like LIC, NIC etc and you can join in job.
    And there will be probationary period of one year once you join the job in these companies and if you resign during probationary period, you have to pay 2 months salary and after that you can get NOC from that company.
    So, there will not be any problem and you can join in job once you have cleared the written test and personal interview in Insurance companies.

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