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    What is the effective way to promote a website?

    Interested in promoting a website? Searching for methods to get more traffic and earnings on the website? Here, on this page find ample suggestions from experts.

    I have designed a coupon website to provide different types of discount coupons and offers for online shopping in India. I used different methods to promote my website like, posting on facebook, twitter posts, google adwords but I am unable to attract much traffic. My website is more than a year old.
    Experts can you suggest me about how can I get more traffic and more earnings from my website.
    My website link is : http://www.comparenshop.in/
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  • First of all, find out who will be your audience. As you said you have used social platform to increase your website traffic it's a good thing. I have gone through your website and noticed that it not appealing all the contents are scattered here and there. To attract more traffic to your site you need to make in mobile responsive in today's world 95% people use mobile phones to search anything online make sure that your website is accessible & comfortably viewable across a range of devices. I will suggest you write irresistible headlines, headlines are one of the important parts of the content. Always add your website to your email signatures.

    MK. Riyazuddin.

  • I have visited your website and my first impression is that the website page is not arranged properly and not give enough impression to see further. First of all, you have to improve the appearance. When I have gone to the about US page there is nothing except the name. The site is appearing as if it is just for promotion only. You have to make it more impressive.
    I feel you should place some good quotes or small articles or some other interesting articles so that people will go through the articles and simultaneously they will see the advertisements also. Otherwise, it is like a mobile app page.
    You should think about the points mentioned above and also you should make the app in a way that people can view it on the mobile also.
    Try out and best of luck.

    always confident

  • I appreciate your effort in making some bucks online but the way and methodology need to be improvised. All I can see on your site is filled full of banners and ads. There is no description of anything. Just the pages of each e-commerce site and again banners on each page. You need to work a lot on your website. Remember that Google heavily penalizes on websites which have no or very less content and promotes ads.

    1. Design your theme properly. A visitor should be able to differentiate banners, pages and ads. All your links for different e-commerce sites, banners and Google ads are designed to be a click bait. I guess you intentionally made the theme so that users get confused to click on banner or ad. This is a violation of Google Ad Policies. So, first of all, change your theme and design properly.

    2. Add description to your pages, coupons, the amount of discount each coupon gives. Simply copying links and redirecting them to websites (in a new tab) doesn't help the visitor.

    3. Do some research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even your website theme must be Search Engine Optimized but your present theme isn't so.

    4. Don't redirect the users to a new tab for every page. Its applicable to redirect to e-commerce site in a new tab but not within your website.

    5. Continue the marketing as you are doing now. Post on Facebook, use Google Adwords or you can also share the link to your contacts on your phone through messaging apps.

    Try all these changes and see the result. Check for statistics in your Google Analytics account. Check all the parameters in Google Webmaster Tools such as crawl errors, bounce rate, URL errors etc. Analyse the data before and after (after making necessary changes to your website) so that you will have an idea how traffic is driven towards your site.

    Sincere suggestion (again) change the appearance of the site and write some description. Refrain yourself from making it clickbaity for Google Adsense earnings.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The appearance and appeal of the home page of a website is the main thing which attracts a visitor and then he stays there for sometime to find out his requirement.

    A well structured page will definitely give the user ease of navigating. The advertising spaces should be shown slightly in different color shade than the main theme. The buttons should not be very near or crowded at one place. Please remember the first look of the page should be impressive.

    If in doubt you can go through some tutorials in internet regarding effective web page designing.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thank you all for your important suggestions, I will work to improve the look and getup of my website. And hope this will improve my website traffic and revenue.

  • To promote your website and increase traffic visit www.infoandroidapk.com then go to submit post. Type your name there, type URL of your website and title of your post(website promotion). post tags, calculations, post category(android phones). Post content(promote my website) and at the last it requires screenshot of your website. So press Alt + printscreen and take a screenshot n your PC. You can also take screenshot through snipping tool and send it by choosing file. Finally click on submit post.
    For getting more traffic the most important thing the front look of your website which needs to be attractive for visitors. Do research on google, visit website and see the techniques and methods website developer use. You also needs to get your website hosted. The content you have post must be nice and appropriate which is also known as content marketing. you can do SEO(Eearch Engine Optimization) and email marketing.

  • You have a website primarily giving links to discounts coupons, I have visited your site, On the landing/home page, you have three big ads covering 2/3 of the display and just two line write up in very small fonts. The click icons for the coupons are just text boxes with no images.

    1.Create a simple but attractive logo for your website and keep it in the right or left the upper corner.

    2.Start writing a small blog like informative material. For example how much housewives can save on groceries in a month. make a monthly bill for a family of 4 with and without using coupons and show the difference. Use tables/images effectively instead of a long length write up that people won't read.

    3. Add relevant material/short tips on how to actually save on cosmetics, clothing etc with just a click of a button.

    4.Create a newsletter if possible that will include attractive recipes, tips to shop effectively, tips to save money on monthly budgets, how to eat out with less money in pocket etc. Once you create a newsletter, you can ask people to subscribe to it. do a good job of creating a good informative newsletter that is not boring but interesting for people to read and download as PDF. This would increase traffic. A good blog or a newsletter that is being consistently updated is a good option.

    5. Add well-displayed links to affiliate programs of popular sites, free books, free downloads, earn from home, save on fuel etc.

    6. Have good icons with images for the main links you give for recharge, clothing, fashion etc. Each should have a good interesting write-up.

    7. In the about us, please include some interesting details about how you have a passion to help, making people aware of the simple saving tricks and make an icon for contact us instead of just typing one line with your email id.

    8. Make your site vibrant or exciting. It looks bland with just the three ads staring at me.

  • You can do the following to attract more traffic for your website

    1. Post you details of your website in relevant pages
    2. Try email marketing and ensure you prompt the receiver to visit your website.
    3. Ensure that the contents used are stimulating so that reader cannot resist visiting the website
    4.Sharing it in Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp can fetch good traffic.

  • Thank you all friends once again for your valuable tips, trying to improve look and feel of the website.

  • The best way to promote a website is by direct advertisements. The ads will be shown to users and redirected to your website. The best way to promote a website is either on YouTube if you have a coupon codes then consider registering with Paid to Click websites to advertise the sites. Along with traffic, you will get potential customers or users.

    Sharing on social networking sites is also a good option, since it will help people know what kind of products they are looking for. Take an instance of Facebook ads and Twitter promotional tweets. The best sites to promote is Twitter in such cases.

    Considering the products and services, you can try different advertising methods to promote your websites products.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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