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    Eligibility to pursue MBBS in India

    Aspiring to study MBBS in India? Looking out for the information about eligibility criteria? Find suggestions from experts here.

    I would like to know whether there is any criteria of physical fitness or standards designed for a student to study MBBS in India? If so, what are the main physical fitness standards a student must have? Because my daughter, who is now studying Intermediate 2nd year (Bi.PC) is a medial aspirant and she has born with only one Eye with 6/6 vision (another eye was prosthetic eye).
    In response to my personal application regarding PHC certificate, Govt.of Telengana has issued a certificate ( not a PHC certificate)stating that her disability (having only one eye with perfect vision) does not come under the category of PHC as per central Govt.guidelines.
    So please advise me, at this juncture, whether she is eligible to study MBBS with her one eye or will any other complications arise in future for her further studies. Can you advise me?
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  • 1. To get a visual imparied certificate, the states by and large follow the guidelines given in page 12
    ( In this absence of one eye would amount to 30% visual impairment.

    You NEED TO clarify with an ophthalmologist of a reputed hospital or a Government institute who would often help in quantifying the degree of blindness and then approach the PHC grievance cell for clarifications.

    2. With regards to MBBS with only one eye vision, there are guidelines laid down by MCI
    Color blind students can pursue MBBS. However people blind in one eye raise a concern about inability to focus and study the practical aspects and also internship/housesurgeon postings.
    There are a few reports of people being allowed to take MBBS and then cancellation being made based on the degree of impairment.

    Based on what I understand, one eyed student can become a doctor but the not pursue surgical specialties as far as the guidelines go. BUT, it is important to quantify the degree of blindness by a certified ophthalmologist.
    In the SC ruling ( the last paragraph of page 3 would give you the clarification you need.

    This is link for a person with 70% visual loss being denied recognition by MCI.

    I would suggest, once you have a the vision quantified by a reputed/certified ophthalmologist, then contact MCI directly and keep the proof of the same.

    Under Graduate 011-32557847, 25361262, 25367324 (Fax).
    Postal address
    Medical Council of India
    Pocket- 14 , Sector - 8, Dwarka Phase -1
    New Delhi - 110077, INDIA

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  • Eye is an important organ for the practice of medicine and surgery. The situation in which your daughter is may enable her for many other jobs but not the medical one.
    All the handicapped people are not eligible for all sort of jobs. Even getting a PHC certificate or 'not a PHC person' certificate does not entitle one to be eligible for a particular job.

    You can approach the medical board or MCI for clarification on the issue and information on what was their stand on such cases which might have cropped in past.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • The degree of vision - impairment has to be certified by a competent optholmogist and impairment in the vision should not exceed beyond 70 percent as MCI parameter.
    However, it will all depend upon the merit of the aspirant and the Medical - council would take account of the merit of an aspirant and if the deformed vision does not exceed limit as specified for medical standard, there is every chance for intake of such candidates.
    Practicing in the general medicine does not require that much precision in respect of perfection of vision and hence, barring the surgerical - field, they can do well in the field of medicine.
    You will have to know the clear position regarding the status of admission of your daughter from MCI in order to avoid any confusion with respect to her medical - admission.

  • Since the evaluation of vision of your daughter is needed first, please follow the same. Go to an ophthalmologist from a well-reputed hospital and get the checkup done. As per the latest rules by MCI and Supreme Court, 70% vision impairment will disqualify the person from pursuing the medical courses. This must be ruled out in your case. If it is less than 70% then you can provide the same copy during the admission process.

    To get a seat in any of the medical colleges in Telangana state (or united Andhra Pradesh), previously there was an entrance test called EAMCET (Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test) but now they have removed this and is conducting a common entrance test throughout India called as NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test). There will be a cut off percentile in this exam for getting admission into medical college. The minimum cut off percentile for general category is 50th percentile whereas for reservation candidates are 40th percentile. The cut off percentile is the cut off mark which needs to qualify for NEET.

    I would suggest you contact Medical Council of India for further clarifications about students who are visually impaired, which in your case regarding your daughter.

    Contact them at:
    Phone (For graduate courses): 011-32557847, 25361262
    Email Id:

    You can also approach nearest medical college and ask them to guide you regarding this. They will definitely help you in this regard. Encourage her to pursue this direction or if there are no possibilities plan for other courses.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • As per the latest rules by MCI and Supreme Court, 70% vision impairment will disqualify the person from pursuing the medical courses. So you have to take your daughter to a good ophthalmology hospital. I suggest you can go to LVPrasad eye Institute in Hyderabad, and get your daughter checked for vision impairment. As per your statement, her vision is perfect with one eye, I feel she will be through the test.If it is less than seventy percent you can go ahead for the preparation for the entrance test. She has to pass intermediate and then she has to appear for the NEET conducted at all India level. She has to obtain the cutoff point for getting qualified for the admission.
    I suggest you contact a doctor who you know well and through him, you can get in touch with any medical college and know the details. She can go for MBBS and then a specialisation in general medicine. I wish her all the best.

    always confident

  • Your daughter is eligible to join and study MBBS degree even though she had an eye sight of 6/6 in one eye. And also you are telling that you have taken medical certificate from government of Telangana, so there will not be any problem to join the course.
    And also one eye of your daughter is good. So, as per government circular, candidates with 70% of eye sight problem only are not eligible to join in MBBS course. So, your daughter is definitely eligible to join in MBBS.
    And to join in this course, your daughter must clear NEET examination which is conducted by CBSE.

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