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    Will space between name cause problem in govt job verification?

    Worried about a spacing issue in the name in different certificates? Get quick advice if this would create any problem during document verification for a government job.

    My name in the 10th class certificate is KEDARI.TIRUMALA SRINIVASA RAO. However, in the caste certificate, my name is printed as KEDARI.TIRUMALA SRINIVASARAO, with no space between SRINIVASA and RAO. Will this difference create a problem in certificate verification?
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  • It will not make much difference. But it is advisable to get it corrected in your caste certificate. It is easy to get it corrected in the caste certificate as it is being issued by local authorities. How it is written on your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card and other identity cards. It is always better to maintain uniformity in all the certificates in a similar way.
    My elders on's certificate os having the same problem. There is a difference in the space in the surname. But no one made any objection to that. Of course, he is in a private job. But I advise you to maintain uniformity in the name of all certificates.

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  • There won't be much problem during certificate verification. Since the space has been omitted in the caste certificate, you can re-apply for new caste certificate with correct spaces. Make sure you get that corrected this time so that you won't have any problems further.

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  • It will all depend upon the attitude of the examining authority looking after your certificates in course of verification. Though the omission of space in your caste - certificate would not pose any problem at the verification- stage, it would be better to maintain uniformities in all such certificates released from different offices.
    Your caste- certificate can be corrected from the concerned office by writing an application indicating the error which has crept in. The photo- copies of Aadhar - card and PAN - card having completed the self - attestation from your end are to be attached with your application for proof - purpose. You may get the corrected certificates within a couple of weeks.

  • This is a minor mistake and depending on the judgement of the verifying authority, there may not be any problem. Still, you should not take any chance in the matter and apply to the concerned office for correction and issuing of a corrected certificate. Generally it is done at Tahsildar office or DM office.

    Please note that there should be uniformity in the name everywhere. For reference you will have to provide them either your Aadhaar card or Voter card or any other authentic document where your name is correctly reflected.

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  • Generally, these queries come up. Although it looks minor, it would be a shame to lose out at document verification for a Government Job and particularly for a Job secured based on Reservation Quota

    For instance, if your name is printed as
    KEDARI.TIRUMALA SRINIVASA RAO - the computer reads Rao as your surname
    If your printed name is KEDARI.TIRUMALA SRINIVASARAO - then the computer would read Srinivasarao as your surname.

    So, I would suggest checking your correct name, including the full stop after Kedari, decide on the correct spelling in all the important documents that you use for ID proof and then get you certificate in order.

    This would be important if you apply for a passport or visa as the international system of the First name, middle name and surname is followed universally.

    Based on where you are, you can opt for online services that most municipalities offer or do it with in person. They The authorities might ask for an affidavit that can be easily procured from a notary if needed.

  • It is a minor mistake. But I feel that to be on the safe side, you should get the wrong one corrected. Just write a simple application clearly indicating the correct name. As this is a typographical error most probably at the end of the authority which issued the certificate, the mistake will be rectified without much problem.

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