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    CBSE School Capitation and fees in Bangalore

    Looking for CBSE schools in Bangalore? Check this page to know about them from our ISC experts.

    Hi All,
    I am going to relocate to Bangalore on my new work. I would like to know how much does the CBSE schools close to Indira Nagar will charge capitation and fees. Which will greatly help me to plan my financials accordingly.

    Your inputs will greatly help me. Thanks in advance.
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  • Bangalore is a good place to live in but costly. The area is overcrowded and it is very difficult to commute long distances daily. So my advise to you is take a house in such a way that the distance to be travelled for your office and the distance for schools to your wards will be as less as possible. Regarding schools, I don't have much idea and what I know is initial fees are high. My brother who stays's in Bangalore has paid almost one lakh rupees to a private school for initial admission fees to LKG. SO I may not be able to enlighten you on that issue. All the best to you at Bangalore.

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  • I have written two articles on CBSE schools that discuss schools in Bangalore. You can go through them -

    1. CBSE schools that IIT aspirants must consider to study in
    2. Top 5 CBSE schools in Bengaluru


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  • Thanks for the heads-up. I have deleted the comment about admission into KV. I should have noticed that your surname and image were missing. Thanks again.

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  • There are many schools and many agents available for CBSE schools in Bangalore. There popular schools are in great demand. Few months back in Bangalore, parents paid close to Rs 2.5 lakhs to an agent who failed to get a seat and there was a series of unwanted events that captured media attention. So, please approach to schools directly and check for yourself.

  • Hi Natarajan,
    Thanks for the info. But my post was to understand the fees pattern which will help plan my financials and speak remuneration based on how much I have to spend for this movement. I have already approached a couple of schools, My intent is to understand what is the min and max amount charged.

  • Apart from what has been mentioned earlier, Based on the schools and the standard of your child it will vary. It will be around 65 thousand to 1.2 lakhs/year for a 4-6 standard with van fees around 20-30 thousand/year for 7-10 kms travel from school to home. Book fees come to 4-5 thousand a year. Uniforms and shoes come to around 5 thousand each set.
    you can get an idea about the actual fees for the two popular schools in Bangalore DPS/NPS

    The easiest way would be to make a list of the school, get a relative or a friend to visit the CBSE school, because, every school by default of needing to display the fee structure, display it in their notice boards.

    Aren't you a little later because, since mid November and December, I've seen ads for admission process? Please check this once because applications in most schools should be in by dec/jan for the admission.

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