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    Marriage from different countries

    Can people from two different countries get married? Want to know the detailed legal process? Find advice from experts here.

    I am a Hindu from India and want to marry with my Muslim girlfriend (19) who is from Indonesia.
    Could you explain me what documents should i need to marry with her. How can I stay in Indonesia for a long time? Her family supports our relationship and they want me come there and stay with them. Can you tell me about all the legal processes?
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  • I have read the question. I am trying to give the answer in a point-wise manner:-

    1. Indonesia is a Muslim country. The state religion of the country is Islam. Only Bali, a province of Indonesia, is a Hindu-majority region.
    2. In Islam, marriage with a partner from a different religion is not allowed.
    3. So, the marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim is not allowed in that country.
    4. Consequently, for a legal marriage, one of the partners has to be converted.
    5. The conversion of a Muslim to any other religion is almost impossible in a Muslim country.
    6. So, the best course of action on your part is to convince your girlfriend/would-be partner to relocate to India.
    7. If she comes to India, you can marry her as per Special Marriage Act, where both of you would be free to follow your respective religions.
    8. Alternatively, you may marry as per Vedic/Arya Samaj rites. Contact the Arya Samaj organization of your city for the detailed procedure, which I don't want to mention here.
    9. If your girlfriends' parents are supportive, discuss the issue of relocation in details with them.
    10. Try to be discreet. Don't discuss the matter openly with one and all.

    Best of luck!

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  • Before answering about legal terms of the marriage I would ask you that have you met this girl personally or is it only through online/dating site. Since it is a long distance relationship, I would suggest you be practical than emotional. If you both have met each other and know each other very well, then it is well and good. But if you haven't met at least once and you still want to marry her, I would suggest you proceed with extreme caution. You should have a job which supports you and your wife later on. Without a job, surviving in a foreign country is very hard. Since parents are okay with your marriage, I would like to know what about your parents? Are they against this? If so, what are your plans then. I am assuming that your parents are against this and you want to marry her and settle in Indonesia. Good plan but not a great one in my personal opinion. What is your marriage plan? Will you travel to Indonesia to marry her or will you marry her in India? In the first scenario, your marriage will not be legal and the reason is explained below.

    According to Indonesian laws, inter-caste marriages are prohibited and you can marry a girl if you are Muslim only. It doesn't mean that they would stop you from getting married but your marriage will not be legally registered in civil court law. But yet there are exceptions and you can approach the court and file a petition where you can get your marriage registered. But if you want to get your marriage without all these hurdles the only way for you is by converting yourself into Muslim and marrying her. If you want to marry her in India, you can legally marry in front of Marriage Registrar with two witnesses.

    Please be very careful if you haven't met her personally and the only way you know her is through online media. Never deposit any money if they ask for any paper processing or visa or air ticketing. This has happened to many people in India and they got cheated. If you have met and if your love is true, convince both families and marry in a convenient place. That would be the best solution.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • In India, inter-religious marriages are possible under the Special Marriage Act -1954 if the ceremony is performed in Indian territory or at an Indian High Commission or consulate in a foreign territory. This can be legally validated.

    Technically you can get married in Indonesia (regulated by Islamic law) but to get it legalised, issues with inhertence and divorce are very difficult and complex due to absence of legal regulations for inter-religious marriages. Some experts interpert this lacunae as the prohibition of such marriages in Indonesia (https://www.loc.gov/law/help/religious-marriage.php).

    So, it is not very easy, before you proceed, think about the circumstances that have led to you to be in this position. What are the girl and the family doing in Indonesia, are there other motives to approve this marriage other than true love. Have you met the girl and family in person? What are the views of your family?

    indians in Inter-faith marriages need a huge commitment from both parties, there will be testing times when it comes to financing, starting a new home, going to functions on both sides etc. In your case, the girl is a foreigner, this would add more potential issues. Please think clearly, if the love between you two is strong and you wish to go ahead with the union, you request them to come to India. If not, to have this union in Indonesia, you have to think about conversion and then proceed.

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