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    What should I do after one year of IES coaching

    Planning to get a government job? Confused between studying for IES or MBA or pursuing your passion? Find advice from experts on this page and resolve your confusion.

    I have completed my BTech from Civil branch and have done one year coaching for IES but my exam didn't go up to the mark. Hence I am confused what should I do? My main aim is to make money . All I want is a luxurious life, name and success.
    Govt job gives us money, name and stability but I dont know what should I do now: repeat one more year of coaching for IES or study at home for IES? But studying at home will be difficult and I would not be able to concentrate. Or should I do MBA? But doing MBA after technical degree is quirky. My passion is cooking. Whenever I see a video related to it on youtube or somewhere else I get lost in it. I am confused. Can you guide?
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  • You are on Civil Engineering side. You want a governemnt job.Try one more time IES. Concentrate more on the studies and prepare well for the exam. Try to obtain old papers as many as possible and try to solve them. I don't the financial position. You can just get into a good coaching centre and concentrate fully on the course. That will give you good rank and good posting. You can also try for various government posts through UPSC, GATE and other examinations. If you are able to obtain a good score in GATE chances of getting a good post in government undertakings will be there.

    always confident

  • Well, luxurious life, name and success who doesn't want it albeit many have a different reason to attain them and many of us seek it. But your aim is money but you don't know how to achieve them. I would suggest you drive towards your passion or what interests you rather than the just focusing on money. Your passion is cooking and also you tried for IES. But according to you, government job will give money. Well, my question here again is, how much money will it give? Will your dream of 'luxury' be met by a government job? Think about it.

    I would suggest you try once again for IES with good commitment and zeal. Nothing is impossible and if you have that commitment and hard work you won't give any excuses about studying at home. Nothing is impossible with hard work. You can join in any coaching institute as well. Search online for old question papers. Practice as many papers as you can. While practicing for a mock exam, try to finish it in the time which is allotted to you in the actual exam.

    Coming to your passion, cooking is your passion. Well, do you cook or just watch videos? Watching only videos isn't called passion, it is called a hobby. But if you do cook, it is a great thing. You can fine-tune your cooking skills and can become a great chef. Did you give a thought in that direction about the career in cooking? Chefs get paid really well in big hotels. You can also approach cooking competitions such as MasterChef India. You can make cooking videos at home and upload to YouTube. You can earn revenue with YouTube videos as well.

    Remember, having a dream about getting rich is very good but you need to know how. But there is no get rich quick scheme. You cannot become rich overnight (except lotteries or lucky prize winners etc). You must be properly focused instead of hopping onto different ideas. I would suggest you pursue a career which interests you and in which you have a passion. Definitely, you will succeed and you will fulfil your dreams.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • As you have studied your in Civil engineering and taken coaching for IES examination and you are interested in government job, my suggestion is to continue preparation for IES exam and also try to attempt as many as government sector job exams like banking sector jobs, GATE exam because almost all government sector engineering companies recruiting candidates based on score obtained in GATE examination, exams conducted by UPSC like CSAT, exams conducted by SSC like CGL, CHSL, Junior Engineer exams etc.
    And I ll suggest you to go for higher studies only if you have interest to study master degree and don't go for higher studies because someone influenced you.
    And you are telling you have passion of cooking. So, if you want to go for higher studies, join in any cooking course in master degree and you can easily complete it as you are interested in it.

  • You have a B Tech civil and a passion for cooking and have not done well in IES.

    You have a big list of wants money, luxury, name and success, it is not impossible but needs hard work, few are lucky to get lucky breaks. Even if you are lucky, you have to be prepared when it comes to you.

    Passion for cooking is good as part of spending time, to convert it into a high paying career needs a lot of work. You need to have a basic understanding of the different cuisines, the ingredients, have a website, make videos of yourself, participate in shows and contests, if you are good you can make it.

    A more practical approach would be to focus on the skills that you have in hand. IES is a competitive exam that would need skills of how to tackle the exams and subject knowledge. If you see any MBBS doctor doing their MD/MS/Mch, some of them take the PG competitive entrance exams 2-3 times because of the small number of seats and the huge number of candidates. Most of them do a part-time job and then prepare for the exams.

    So, my suggestion would be to take the IES exams once more. There are good study materials, practice papers available online, choose a good coaching center close to your home and prepare with a single determination that you have to succeed. Once you get a good result, that would be your stepping stone to a good career. You can also plan for GATE/UPSC/SCRA exams.

  • Do not take much tension. Everything has its own time. If you have enough time, go for coaching of IES one more time. Do the serious preparation and learn from your last year mistakes during the preparation. Consult your family regarding this decision.
    If your family is not in support, try coaching engineering student in your locality which gives you money as well as a sense of security when money comes to you. Meanwhile you can always prepare for the second chance of IES. The preparation of GATE is also can be an option if you pursue higher education in engineering or job in public sector units.
    Just move on. Time will take care of everything. Best wishes.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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