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    How to find a proper job for self

    Interested in getting a good job? Wondering how to get a government job which can also allow to play football? Go through the answers here and resolve your worries.

    I am studying in class 10 and appearing for board exam this year(2018). I want to become a footballer but my parents choice is to do a government job. Can you provide advice regarding a job with which I can be a professional footballer side by side? Can you also tell me about various options for further studies?
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  • You can become a Physical Instructor in a school. In our school days, we used to call them as drill masters. You can go to this post by completing your graduation in Physical Education ( B.P.ED). You have to opt for this course after Intermediate or +2. Once you complete this course you can go to the above post. Your three years you can use for practising the game and the continue practising. You will have time and you will also be allowed participate in tournaments etc.

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  • A difficult decision to make. Your parents are afraid about your future if you go into sports and hence they are insisting you to get a government job. Chasing your dreams is always good rather than fulfilling the pressure on you. I would suggest you become a sportsman and also have a plan about how to become a professional soccer player. You must weigh all the possibilities that would be in favour of your dream and compare them against the odds. Have a fail-safe plan. If you have failed in becoming a professional soccer player you must be ready to face the consequences and must be ready to do what next. But remember that soccer is still in developing stage in India. There isn't proper infrastructure when compared to other sports like Cricket. I guess there will be a lot of scope for it in coming days.

    It is little difficult to balance a government job as well as fulfilling your soccer dreams. But nothing is impossible if you have that zeal. You are in 10th standard, you still have a lot of time to get a job. Meanwhile talk to your parents about your dream, passion and goal. You should be able to explain to them the 'why' factor. Why do you want to become a professional player? Is it because it drives you a lot or is it because you think that soccer players can earn a lot of money? The former reason will make you a great player than the latter. Of course, most popular soccer players like Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham etc are one of the richest sportsmen. You can also tell your parents how good life will be financially if you get success. Try to convince them that if you succeed, you will be happy mentally as well as financially.

    Try to join the nearest sports club or a football coaching association. Train every day. Train as hard as you can. Remember that dreams aren't fulfilled by just dreaming. You need to work your way. At the same time don't neglect your studies.A good academic performance will be your asset in future if you fail in sports. You can become the trainer, coach or PET teacher at school or college which helps you to practice the sport, teach your kids the sport as well as pursue your dreams. Follow the official website of your state sports academy in future for any coach jobs. You must also participate in district and state level sports to become a coach. Remember that physical fitness is a must and one of the important factors in this game. Maintain proper diet, do jogging daily. If possible do swimming as well. With good commitment and great focus, you will definitely achieve what you dream of.

    Good Luck

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    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • I think you will not be going for a job( or your parent may not be pressing you for a job immediately on passing class ten exams. You may be mostly going for the plus two course or any other course eligible after tenth pass.
    If you are a good football player in your school or in any local football club and achieved some name in that, it is only wise to continue your football in the new institution also. You can become a football referee also. You may get some idea from the article "How to become a football referee in India".
    Ref: (http://www.indiastudychannel.com/resources/171648-How-to-become-a-football-referee-in-India.aspx)
    While continuing your studies itself you can participate in the college/inter collegiate/ university/district /state matches and tournaments by excelling in each level.

    If you get noticed in these, you may be able to join and get better training from the professional football clubs or Football associations.
    Then when you are searching for jobs you can apply for jobs to those organisations who appoint employees under sports quota.That way you can satisfy your parents and also satisfy your dreams and aims.

    However please note that just a wish or dream is not enough, you have to work with proper focus and sincere efforts in that direction. You may also contact the sports teacher,PT teacher in your school or a nearby school/college to get more guidance in this regard.

  • It is common for many parents to guide their children towards a stable job because the responsibilities of married life and a new family are difficult to be met without a good job that gives you a steady income.

    Once you understand this, you need to know that until the last 10 years or so, many parents never dreamt that sports can be a career that can be pursued by students. Even now many think a government job is good because of its security and retirement benefits.

    You are still in your 10th, you have time until your graduation to think and understand. Keep your options open. A basic graduate qualification in science or commerce would always help you to have a full time/part time job while you pursue your dream of being a footballer.

    Focus on your physical strength, speed, stamina and agility that is important for a footballer. Take care of your nutrition and be careful and knee and ankle injuries( it has ended many football careers). Join the local football club, your school club, meet the coaches to help you out. There are many junior coaching campuses, look out for players of the national team or the Indian football league that may be visiting camps or clubhouses closer to your place. Once you know your strengths and weakness and spend 2-4 pursuing your football training and studies, you will get an idea of how good your chances are as a footballer. I would still say keep options open, once you are in your second year of graduation, you can plan accordingly with more maturity and a better understanding of yourself.

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