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    Best study material for MBA Finance from University of Mysore

    Searching for good study material for MBA Finance course from the University of Mysore? Check out the useful suggestions in the expert responses below which gives guidance on sources of study material appropriate for the course.

    I have completed 5 subjects from Semester 1, MBA Finance from the University of Mysore. However, the course material provided by the university is not very useful. Hence, I am looking for additional study material for the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  • You will have to make in depth studies of the pattern of the questions set for the semester and accordingly the right answers for such questions have to be searched out from the course - material provided by the university. However, it may so happen the course - material supplied to you may not contain enough materials to support a particular question. This is because of the fact that such course - material is written by a set of eminent professors of the university and finally it is complied by the chief - auditor. There may be omission of some of materials while editing the course.
    You may go in the syllabus of the other prominent universities and see what type of books/ course - material have been recommended in respect of finance- stream. What I mean to say is you can refer to the syllabus of finance of Mumbai - university, Kolkata- university or Chennai - university and look out their course - material. Such analytical approach will solve your present impasse and you can write your answers with your renewed confidence.

  • There are many sites where students share MBA notes and there is a lot of study material available. You will find material related to all the important universities there including Mysore.

    You can ask any particular material here and the students will be exchanging it among themselves so it becomes easy to trace it.

    Some material is readily available there which you can download.

    Some of these sites are -

    Knowledge is power.

  • You can try to see the syllabus of other universities and common subjects will be there in your syllabus and the syllabus of another university. That common subject course material provided by the other university will also be seen which will give some additional inputs. By referring other good Universities course material will help you in getting additional points and better explanations will be given which will be definitely helpful to you. If you search the web you will get many sites wherein they have given different course materials and you can select the best among the available.

    always confident

  • You better follow every topic of your subject and write down the topics which you want extra or additional material. You can search online journals and publications. They might be available in your college library as well. Try to get previous question papers from your library. Follow up all papers semester wise which will give you a brief ideas about the frequent topics which are asked. Generally, they will store all of them for reference. Apart from that, you can follow the business news, channels, magazines and journals to fine tune your knowledge regarding finance. If possible you can buy the following books for the academic purpose:

    1. Fundamentals of Financial Instruments by Sunil Parameswaran
    2. Financial Management by Dr. Anil Kumar Dhogot
    3. Managerial Finance by Alan Parkinson (Little expensive book).

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • 1. Once you know the subjects in your syllabus, then check out the blogs that are available for MBA study help. Also check the examination pattern and then look for study notes from other popular colleges.

    2.You can also contact the college itself for additional support that many distance universities provide. See if there is an option for weekend study classes wherein you can exchange ideas and materials from other students.

    3. Some on the course related study materials you can get are listed below

    a. There are 16 subject listed under semster I and II as finance notes and study material. Please try and compare if it would be useful. (
    This in the Link for the PDF file about MBA finance I semster - Mangament concepts and organisational behaviour

    b.There is a link from IGOU (

    c.This is another link from LPU, try this as see if is relavant. It has all 4 semsters.(


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