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    Scope for jobs in the logistics industry

    Looking for job opportunities in logistics? Learn from experts what is the career scope in the field of logistics.

    I've heard logistics is a sunny sector for jobs this year - is this true? What is the scope of jobs in the logistics sector? Which are the best logistics industries in India?
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  • There is an increase in the logistic industry jobs. Earlier days if you want to have a taxi you should know a traveller and you should catch hold that fellow and he will arrange the vehicle at his most possible earliest convenience that may not suit you. But now you book a taxi on your mobile either with Uber or Ola next 5 minutes the taxi will be before your gate. Many people are looking for jobs in this field as the salary structures are good and promotional chances are very high. Here the advantage is companies want to promote their low-level employees to the next level by giving a proper training rather than employing from outside. It will have a positive impact on the employee. In this field, jobs are available for all levels of education. A driver, A clean and a manager to handle these drivers, a supervisor to make a proper distribution and allocation of vehicles and crew. Like this, they require all levels of people.
    The salaries in this industry are good and reasonable for all level of employees. In fact, there are a chance entrepreneur skills will be improved in this business. A driver can become an owner of a vehicle and a supervisor can become a fleet operator.
    The location is not specific. You ahve opportunities in many locations and you need not worry much about relocating and other aspects. The females also getting a lot of opportunities in this field as supervisors and Managers. The relationships in this industry will b every cordial and employee will have good family relations.
    Once you are in this field the chances of getting into international business will be high and chances of improving and extending your business in various countries will increase and employees will have more chances to visit overseas. These jobs will be very entertaining as you will be dealing with different commodities and different people and every time you will have a new experience.
    As the world economy is expanding and many countries are inclined to globalisation many new opportunities are cropping up in this area.These days outsourcing of services and other activities by big companies has become a very common point and hence it has provided many chances and challenges to this industry.

    always confident

  • The logistic sector has gained a lot of importance and evolved as a big service area. Planning for movement of goods from one place to another and it's actual movement by selecting an appropriate form of transport is the main job in logistics.
    There are various job opportunities in this sector. Simple managers at office and field levels to manage the planning and supervision part of these works or computer professionals to monitor things online with sophisticated applications or staff to do packing and other preparation of material before shipping it to the destination.
    The logistics sector is a combination of various jobs by different persons at different levels. For example, damage of material in transit will be examined by the material inspectors who are capable of assessing the damage properly.
    There are many big companies where one can try to get a job by applying against their advertisements.
    Some of these good companies are DHL, All Cargo, GATI, TNT express, DTDC etc.
    Keep a watch in job portals and newspapers for their vacancies.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Logistics is a stressful job but yes it is having the best time nowadays. There is increasing demand for transportation these days. Not only the public transport but also consumer goods. Many startup companies are willing to have their own logistics rather than depending on a third party company. For example, if you are selling goods online, you like to have your own logistics. But there is increasing demand in tie up logistics as well. This is the area where logistic companies can be very handy. You can start your logistic company if you have enough capital.

    Plenty of ECommerce platforms also require logistics such as Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Food Panda etc. You can either tie up with such companies for delivering goods. If you are interested in public transport then there are plenty of options available. You can buy a car and tie up with OLA or Uber cab system. You can also approach MNC's where they provide pick up and drop facility to their employees. You can put your vehicle in their company as wel.

    Plenty of scoope and returns if you plan properly.
    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Thankyou all for your advices . I will keep this in mind .

  • Logistics- business has gained tremendous popularity now a days since there are plenty of youths interested to join in this line. So far this line is concerned, there is a lot of stress initially in respect of putting their jobs and the new environment which might drain their energies considerably. But keeping in mind of the promotional prospects and the perks attached to this industry, they find their involvement with this industry quite interesting and stimulating.
    In the earlier days, to hire a taxi or cab was a time - consuming process in the sense the customers had to rush one spot or the other for better bargaining in respect to rates. But with the emergence of Ola, Uber one can book the convenient transport within a couple of minutes with the mobile. Payment - option is also suiting the customers where they can make payments without any cumbersome process. Since, the nature of the job is very competitive in this sector, rates too become quite affordable. In absence of suitable employment in other sectors, youths from different income - groups would like to join the logistics services.
    Amazon, Flipcart, Food - panda are the other components which have shown spiralling growth now a days because of immense demand of the products for such commodities and here a chain of people exists offering their expertise in a very competitive price.
    With the progress of time, there has been a remarkable growth in the logistics business.

  • I do not know your educational qualifications or experience.

    The logistics industry is seeing a boom in terms of work and business opportunities. The job options depend on your knowledge, the skills you have and the qualifications.

    If you are good at networking and have good contacts, you can look at joining a travel consultancy for corporate clients and high-end hotel sector.

    If you have command over English and Arabic, you can contact hospitals involved in medical tourism. There are plenty of opporunities for travel from airports to hospital to hotels etc.

    If you have good driving skills, then you can look at the vehicle segment jobs in logistic companies right the small neighborhood delivery chains (for Amazon, Flipkart) or the commercial ones (VRL, ABT etc).

    If you have good managerial skills, then look at logistic managerial jobs that need coordination, time management and safe point to the safe delivery of fragile and valuable items.

    If you are a graduate with some experience, the look at jobs related to corporate/MNC warehouse, inventory management, supply chain supervision etc.

    If you have good IT skills and data management skills, you can find yourself in the back-office a reputed firm handings delivery chain or inventory chain components.

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