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    Which are the best exercise to relieve lower back pain?

    Suffering from pain in the lower back? Looking out for remedies and solution to resolve this pain? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can go through the responses from experts and resolve your query.

    I am having lower back pain for last few days.
    What are the best exercises or yoga postures that can help to relieve the back pain?
    Kindly give a procedure to do that exercise in a proper manner.
    How much time will it take to relieve the lower back pain?
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  • For lower back pain you better consult a physiotherapist in your area or an orthopaedic surgeon in your area. Initially, the level of pain is to be understood and then only suitable ways and means can be decided by the qualified people. Just by taking advice from somebody and following that may not be a good idea in that respect. A suggestion by an orthopaedic is very important.

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  • If you are recently getting the lower back pain, observe the changes in your seating chairs.
    Back pains can generally be relived through sitting postures and standing postures. I had the habit of sitting 140 degree angle on chair. Many times, I was sitting with one leg crossed and one leg down while sitting on chair. This posture, made much of my weight to be rested on the lower back and I continued to have back pain. After discussing with many of my colleagues, I got to know, that many had the problem and few got resolved with making changes in sitting posture. Then I started to sit straight with leaving both of my legs down.

    Also, when you have lower back pain, rest in firm mattresses or on floor. It will give comfort and reduce the pain.
    Coming to exercise, I follow Vethatri maharishi's Magarasanam. The crocodile pose of this exercise reduces back pain and bring flexibility to your body. You can either learn it from their YouTube videos or from the teachers available in Manavalakalai Mandram nearby to your place.

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  • There are two different types of pain (any type of pain):
    1. Chronic: In this, you will have a constant throbbing type of pain which will aggravate or flare up for few minutes but many times a day.
    2. Acute: This type of pain is severe, spiked and unbearable.
    First of all, you need to understand the origin of the pain. Is it muscular fatigue (piriformis muscle, hamstring muscle) or joint related pain or nerve-related pain (sciatica). Nerve-related pain also called sciatica (in lower back) is the most common form of pain in the world.

    Various types of lower back pains are related to muscle contraction, imbalance, excessive stress, weakness, weak abs and bad postural habits. Posture is the most common cause of developing the pain in the lower back. So the first thing you need to do is to get back into proper posture. Put a pillow beneath the lower back while sitting and change the posture as frequently as possible.
    If you have an excess fat deposition on your stomach (belly) then you need to reduce that as soon as possible. This excess fat adds extra weight on your lower back which may lead to fatigue of your lower muscles resulting in pain. While sleeping, sleeping with your knees slightly bent. Make sure you equally balance your body while sleeping. Do not try to sleep in sideward position. You can also sleep on the floor/hard surface which will equally balance your body weight.

    1. Do simple exercises such as stretching of hamstring muscle (muscle of your back thigh). The hamstring muscle particularly needs to be stretched when you wake from the bed. When you wake up from the bed, put one leg on the ground and put the other leg on the bed and stretch it by leaning forward. Your both legs should be perpendicular to each other in this position. This stretching will ease the obturator foramen. The obturator foramen is in back of the pelvic area where the hamstring muscle attaches to it. So when this foramen is taut (because of tightening of hamstring muscle) it will pull the back of the pelvis or rocks the pelvis area. So when you stretch, the hamstring muscle elongates and the foramen will not rock the pelvis thereby relieving your back pain. You can stretch hamstring muscle in many positions but you should know exactly how to because various stretches will pressurize various points in your body which may worsen the situation if done incorrectly.
    2. Do walking daily which is the best exercise for lower back pain. The more you keep yourself mobile, the more lubrication will occur at your joints and it will help you relieve the pain. Do swimming if you can.
    3. Piriformis stretch: The piriformis muscle is located deep in the buttock which causes pain. To stretch this muscle lay down on the floor. Fold your both knees and bring the heel of one leg over the knee of the other. Now put your both hands below the knee (backside of the thigh) and pull your leg towards you and hold it there for 25-30 seconds (exercise image attached below). This will ease a lot of pain related to the piriformis muscle.
    4. You can to partial crunches in sleeping position, wall sit-ups, bridging etc to elongate the muscles and ease the pain.

    Avoid touching toes by bending. This may worsen the situation. You can stretch and touch toes in the way I have mentioned above (one leg on the floor and one leg on bed position). If none them helped you, consult your nearest orthopaedician as early as possible. Remember your posture is the major cause of the lower back pain and do correct it as early as possible. If you are working in front of a desk or a computer, change your sitting posture as many times as possible. You can also take advise of Physio Therapist to help with your situation.
    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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  • Lower back pain can be due to many reasons and an orthopaedic doctor can assess it correctly whether it is due to muscular reasons or stretching of ligaments or slight pressures on discs in the vertebral column and accordingly he may refer you to a physiotherapist for prescribing the adequate exercises.

    However, there are some general exercises which can be done without referring to a doctor and in many cases, these may cure the back pain.

    The most common is lying down on the back on a mat and raising the legs one by one to tolerable heights without bending the knees. Another exercise is - again lie down on the back and bend the knees so that bottom of feet rests on the floor. Now hold one leg below the knee with both hands and bring the bent leg to chest. Repeat it with another leg.

    If these basic exercises do not give relief take medical advice.

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  • You needs to be aware about some things to relief back pain. The pain can be either acute, sub acute and chronic in duration. luckily, most condition of lower back pain go away within a few days. Others take much longer to resolve or lead to more serious conditions. Acute or short-term low back pain generally lasts from a few days to few weeks. chronic back pain is measured by duration. Pain that persists for more than 3 months is considered chronic. So to get healthier back follow this tips. If its chronic then you must consult a orthonedist and physician. Ask him/her for a list of low impact exercises which is appropriate for your age.
    * Don't pick any heavy objects.
    * Don't slouch when standing or sitting. When standing, keep your balanced on your feet. Your back supports weight most easily when curvature is reduced.
    * Don't sit for a long, switch sitting positions often and periodically walk around your workplace or gently stretch muscles to relieve tension.
    *Wear comfortable, low-Heeled shoes.
    * If you smoke then quit smoking as fast as possible. Smoking reduces blood flow to the lower spine and causes the spinal discs to degenerate.
    * Take proper diet and nutrition to prevent excessive weight.
    * Sleep on your side to reduce any curve in your spine. always sleep on a firm surface.

  • Basic things you need to keep in mind if you suffer from lower back pain.
    1. Try to avoid sitting long hours.
    2. Reduce driving two-wheeler.
    3.Practice Yoga regularly.
    4. Best Yogas for lower back pain are Marjariasana, Ustrasana, Bhujangasana, Balasana.

  • Often, lower back pain and its treatment depend on the triggering event. is it something that has been around for some time, something that has started after lifting a bucket of water or moving a heavy object in a bending posture (this would mean an acute strain). Many people have a backache due to odd posture while sitting in front of computers or office for long hours. It can even be due to a problem in the tailbone (coccydynia) or a simple infection the gluteal cleft(pilonidal sinus). Many people around the age of 40-50 have a low calcium that adds to a backache.

    So, if it is unusual for you, at least see your regular doctor or orthopedic doctor close to you.
    Try correcting your posture, aviod stooping or a slouching posture. Reduce weight if you are obese or overweight. Try to walk for 5-10 minutes if you are in the office for long hours. Sleeping on the floor without a soft bed or a big pillow also helps.
    Ginger tea can use used to substitute regular tea and coffee to relieve the backache.
    Common herbal oils, that have analgesic and anti-spasm properties can be used (eucalyptus oil, Himalaya pain relief oil etc).
    You can follow the exercises carefully because some actually worsen the backache.

    Simple exercises would be to lie down flat, stretch your arms, draw your knees up keeping the feet flat and then gently trying to move the legs and the hip to the right and left so that the knees touch the ground on either side without lifting the shoulders off the ground.

    The simple prayer position of kneeling down and then streching the arms to touch the ground in front of us with the back in a gentle arc also helps.

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