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    Admission of a child and ideal age of giving 10 board exam

    Interested in knowing the right age of a student going to tenth standard? Looking out for this information online? No worries, do read the responses from here and resolve your queries.

    My daughter is born on 3 august 2014. She got admission in nursery class for the year 2018-19. Will her age be fine when she will be giving 10th board exam in Delhi?
    Her supposed school is having nursery, lkg, UKG , 1,.........10,11,12.
    Kindly suggest any prompt way.
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  • The minimum age for appearing 10th board exams (CBSE) is 14 years. According to your daughter's date of birth, her present age is 3 years 5 months 22 days. And now she is in Nursery. By the time she clears her 9th standard, she will be nearly 14.5 years old and hence there is no age-related problem for appearing in 10th board exams. Just ask the school authorities whether her present admission (into Nursery) is rightfully valid or not. Ask her if she can join LKG or Nursery admission is justified or not.

    Don't worry even if she is in Nursery or LKG, she will do just fine when she finishes her 9th and she will be 100% eligible to appear 10th standard examination which will be in 2030.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The minimum age required for a candidate to appear SSC examination in CBSE syllabus is 14 years. As per the given information by you, she will be completing her 14th year and entering ton 15th year by the time she has to appear for SSC examination. As such I don't anticipate any problem regarding age for her appearing in SSC examination. I think you have taken her birth certificate from the concerned authorities wherein the correct date of birth is mentioned. The DOB in the school should tally with the Birth Certificate.

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  • Almost all schools in India follow the CBSE or the KV school guidelines that reflect the government regulations. Relaxation is given to differently abled children.
    You daughter was born in 3/8/2014. She should be 14 years, that is the minimum age as of 31st March on the year you intend her to start 10th.
    So, by 2029 she would be eligible to start 10th. Since she is in the nursery now 2018-2019, she would be formally eligible for the same.
    Just ensure that the birth certificate and the nursery admission match the minimum age for nursery enrollment, the school administration or principal can help you.

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  • A student has to complete 14 years as on 31 March for getting admission in class 10 in that year. This is the basic premises on which you have to calculate and find out in which class you want to admit your child nursery or KG1.

    As she has already completed 3 years you have to admit her in nursery only. Only thing is you have to confirm with the KG school in this tegard if they have any restriction of age there.

    Generally they will be going by same formula of attaining 14 years for class 10 and will check by going back and calculating.

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  • The age of student to be minimum 14 years when the student reach 10 th standard as per CBSE board.
    And your child age will be 14.6-15 years when she reaches 10th standard. And so there will not be any problem for your daughter to study and complete 10th class in CBSE board.
    Your child born on 3rd August 2014. So, she already above 3 years of age and you are joining her in nursery in 2018-19 academic year. First verify with school authority whether they can give admission for your daughter in LKG instead of nursery because she will attain 14 years when she reaches 10 th standard.

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