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    How to clear arrears exams and get graduate degree

    Planning to complete a degree after giving arrear papers? Wondering how to do so? On this page, you can get ample advice for completing the degree.

    I have taken the BA(Corporate Secretary Ship) course in 1996-1999 batch through in College Chennai. I cleared 14 out of the 15 papers. I have one first year arrears.

    Could any of you guide me on how I can complete these three papers and acquire my college degree? I have no excuses to state why I did not pursue and complete my arrears earlier.
    I am looking for guidance.
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  • A long period (18 years) has passed since you left your educational pursuit. Now you want to complete it and acquire the degree for whatever purpose you have pondered in your mind.

    I do not think that they will allow you to complete the same after such large gap. You have to find out from the college or university about their policy in this matter.

    What I suggest is either go to them in person or write an application requesting them to allow as a special case. You will have to give some explanation of your long silence in the matter. Have you thought of that? Do not tell lies but give some logical reason for that.
    Did you leave your education in between due to some financial problem in your family and you had to join some job to take care of them? These and likewise are the things which can happen and you must explain honestly now your purpose to complete it.

    If you can plead your case properly then they may consider it as a special case.

    Knowledge is power.

  • I don't know the valid reasons you can give to the college to allow you to take the exams and clear the arrears after a span of 18 years.

    There are many students who take a variable period of time completing their exams leading to logistical issues with the unviersities.

    Does you college come under the juridscition of Madras Unverisity. There was a report in a popular daily that Madras University would allow only 2 years to complete any degree by the students. It means, a 2 year degree should be completed by 4 years and a 3 year degree should be completed by 5 years.
    1 year grace is given for pregnancy/major accidents.

    The image is from the guidelines from MU.

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  • Each university has their own policies and rules whether to allow or cancel the degree of the candidate based on the number of attempts, failures and duration. Generally, after failing for 5 consecutive attempts his/her degree will be cancelled and shall be notified the same to the candidate. Since it has been very long, 22 years (1st year of your BA) in your case, I guess the university will not allow you to clear or attend your backlog.

    But please do contact your university authorities and ask them. Since you haven't pursued further, I am assuming your original certificates are with them which will be given after you cancel your degree or complete it. I guess the latter one is not possible and you need to get your previous original certificates such as 1oth, 12th etc., from them as soon as possible. If they allow you to write the exam, then it is quite a blessing. Do contact them for further information.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • After more than 20 years of your study, I think the University will not allow you for completing the failed subjects. There may be many changes even in the syllabus and other norms. So the chances of you to complete those two or three subjects now are very remote. But the rules of the university will vary from one to other. So it is better you go and meet the concerned officer in the University administrative office and try to get the actual position of rule of your university.
    Generally, there will be changes in the syllabus, mode examination and papers also in the universities. The Board of studies will be changing from time to time and they will be doing changes in the syllabus and also in the subjects to update the course. So Chances will be very less but better to contact once the University.

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  • Although the universities have their own rules, I don't think University of Madras will allow you to appear in the pending paper(s) [is it one paper or three papers?] after more than 18 years. There would be genuine problem regarding registration and re-registration. Moreover, the course structure has surely been changed after so many years.

    Even then, you may contact the University to finalize the future course of action on your part.

    Come as you are!

  • Its almost 19 years since you have completed your Graduation and with one arrear in degree.
    First of all you need to check whether your university will allow to write the exam in which you have failed because syllabus might have changed many times since 1999 and there will not be any chance of writing the exam in old syllabus in which you have studied.
    So, my suggestion is to first check with the college in which you have studied that whether they will allow you to write that arrear subject in new syllabus.

  • The degree course persued by you during the regime 1996- 99, might have undergone tremendous transformation and the present course - structure may not match what you persued earlier in course of your studies.
    Considering the substantial gap in completing the degree, it would be better to be familiar with the current trend with respect to gap which the university allows in normal course. You can have further clarification from the university - officials regarding the way how you could clear one of your pending papers. You have to follow the instructions of the university religiously in this regard. In case, you have made up your mind to complete the graduation course, go ahead with your fresh - preparation by being a private - candidate and clear the graduation - course. You may meet the principal of your college so that you may be allowed to appear as a private - candidate for the perusal of your degree course.

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