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    Degree recognition by other universities

    Have a query about the recognition of a degree? Searching for information about CMJ university degree is recognised in other states of India? Find suggestions and advice from experts on this page.

    Like to know whether the degree taken from CMJ University, Meghalaya has been recognised by any of the universities in Kerala, like Kerala University, Thiruvanathapuram, MG University Kottayam, Calicut University, Kozhikodu, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kannur University, or any other universities in Kerala ?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes, the admissions in CMJ University, Meghalaya between the years 2010-2913 are illegal. The then Chairman of CMJ University, MR. Chandra Mohan Jha received a letter from the secretary to the Governor Mr. MS Rao stating to withdraw the degree certificates issued by the university in the above mentioned academic year.

    CMJ University was established in the year 2009 vide Act No. 04 of 2009 (Notification No. LL(B)42/09/80 dated 20.07.2009) of the State Legislature of Meghalaya. This University was restricted from opening any other institutions outside the state as well as within the state (off-campus).They have permission to award degrees only within their main campus. Since there were irregularities in this regard, they have been officially warned to withdraw the degrees issued between 2010 -2013. So if you have a degree within the academic years of 2010-2013, it is officially invalid.

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    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The degrees issued by CMJ university (ChandraMohan Jha) for students 2010-2013 are illegal. The letter from Mr. MS Rao, principal secretary to the Governor ( 30-4-2013) has asked all degrees issued by the CMJU to be withdrawn. Only the regular degrees conducted in the Main Shillong campus that have prior authorisation by the state council and UGC are recoginsed.

    THe primary problem is that the CMJ university setup distance education centers in India and abroad and campus centers in viiolation of UGC norms and the Mehalaya Private Universities Act 2012. Around 430 PhD degrees awarded in 2012 are not recognised.

    One of its colleges, The Shillong Engineering and Managemen College had its affiliation withdrawn in 2011-2012 session.

    The most recent UGC report states that UGC CANNOT verify the validity of the CMJ degree. As per the directive of the Honorable SC, it can be done by the State Government of Meghalaya or the CMJ univeristy.As of 17th Oct 2017, UGC is still waiting for a reply from the state government.

    So, the best chance is to check whether it is a regular mode degree, from the main campus and not in the period of 2010-2013. Either way one has to contact the State Government of Mehalaya to get it clarified.

  • The degrees awarded by this university during 2010-13 are not recognised and not legal because of the violation of the permissions given to the University as private University by the State Government. After that, a committee has conducted the inspection and submitted the report to the government. The University is allowed to conduct courses as per the norms prescribed by the UGC. But the report is not at reached the UGC and UGC are waiting for the action from State governemnt. The University can't open any colleges or other centres expect its main campus full time only. In their main campus, they can also conduct M.Phil/ PhD courses also but full time on the main campus only.

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  • CMJ University is not recognised by University Grants Commission and the degree obtained from this university will not be valid. And UGC appointed a committee on this university to check whether this university following the rules and regulations of UGC. And UGC declared that the admissions in CMJ university in the years from 2011-2013 as illegal.

  • Thanks to every respondents for providing the necessary details. This information is sought for the sake of a friend of mine, who has taken a degree from this University. However, I shall ask him to contact some of the universities in Kerala just for his satisfaction.


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