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    Given two intermediate exam by same Board in different years and from different college

    Worried what to do if you have got two intermediate degrees from the same college? Looking out for a resolution to your worries online? Here, on this page you can read the advice provided by experts.

    I had given intermediate exam twice from same board with different colleges. My both sessions : 2010-2012 and 2011-2013 were as a regular student. For further study I am using only one certificate everywhere while the other one is non existing for me.
    Probably there is only one year gap between both intermediate exams.
    I am preparing for civil service now and am afraid that the Board might cancel my result and I may lose my job if they find that I have completed my 2nd intermediate in one year
    Can you provide advice?
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  • This is a very unusual case, you have two intermediate exam results from different colleges in two different years and it looks like your graduation is also done. Now you are preparing for the civil service exam.

    1. It is crucial for you to verify the exact dates of completion of year 10 or SSLC and the admission into year 11 and the year 12.
    Ideally you should have
    2011-2012 for XII
    2010-2011 for XI
    2009-2010 for X std board exams.You should be at least 14 years old using your valid birth certificate to be eligible for appearing in X standard exams.

    2. Which certificate ( the 2012 or the 2013) have you used to gain admission for your graduation college.

  • The latest certificate given by the Board is only valid. The previous one will get automatically cancelled. I hope you are using the only 2011-13 certificate. Then you will not have any problem. But if you are using the 2010-12 certificate that will be a problem. What I suggest is approach board and seek their advice on this issue. Generally, there is a chance for going for improvement in which case previous certificate will get cancelled.

    always confident

  • I use 2011-13 intermediate session everywhere in graduation andcin p.g
    1st intermediate exam is totally non existing for me.

  • Ivdid not went for improvement exam
    my both 12th session wad 2010-12
    and 2011-13
    where one year is clashing as a regular student .that is the main problem i felt it right niw sir

  • As you have two intermediate course completion certificates, my suggestion is to use the latest certificate I.e., 2011-13 and give this certificate only if you have selected for Civil Services Examination also.
    Because any board will cancel one certificate ifvthe candidate having more than one certificate for any course and it will cancel the old examination pass certificate.
    And I am not able to understand why you have done your intermediate two times.
    And it will not create any problem and submit the latest certificate.

  • Thank you sir,
    But clashing of session is a problem or not ?
    Both session are
    and 2011-13

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