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    Name mismatch in caste certificate

    Have a query about name mismatch in certificates or documents? Looking out for a resolution to your worries. Here, scroll through the answers from experts here.

    My Name on all educational and other documents such as PAN card, aadhar card, 10th marksheet, 12th mark sheet, degree certificate does not match with that written on the caste certificate.
    will this create any problem for bank, government job etc. ? what should I do now?
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  • Since the caste certificate can be issued on request, you can re-apply again for the same with the corrected details. Provide the photocopies of any government-issued identity proof such as voter card, PAN card, Aadhar etc as a proof of your correct name. Also fill the form correctly before submitting. Check the application form twice to avoid any errors. This issue is quite common and you can always get another caste certificate with appropriate corrections. It will not cause any serious problems.

    If you are in a position for not applying for another caste certificate (re-application), then you have to make sure that your father/mother/spouse name are spelt correctly in caste certificate which is reflected the same in your government issued identity proofs. This will make understand the particular officer/employer that there was a printing mistake in caste certificate.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • You have a caste certificate that has a name mismatch.
    This would be a problem if you are claiming an age relaxation or a job under the reservation quota (OBC/SC?ST).

    It is often at such times that people notice other documents also have the name errors. Please check what your correct name and initials are, then check you father/brother caste certificate. If it is only the caste certificate with the name error you can change it.

    Based on where you are, you can try and get the caste certificate changed online or in person. Please check the Panchayat register as to what your name is entered as. You would need an affidavit with your correct name stated ( would be done by a Notary), then publish your corrected name in one English and one vernacular newspaper and then approach the Panchyat or the Thesildhar who can help you with the process.

    Please keep one seperate document with your correct name and other details that can be used for
    Identity proof, address proof and proof of caste.

  • It will be better to get the name corrected in the caste certificate. Caste certificate is very important especially if you are claiming any reservations and other facilities. So the name on these certificates is very important. Getting the name corrected on the caste certificate is not very difficult. You apply to the concerned authority with copies of your other certificates and follow up with the authority. You will get the corrected certificate,

    always confident

  • My suggestion is first check whether your name in caste certificate match with any document like 10th class marks sheet, PAN card or Aadhaar card so that you can tell the documents verification authority that you have given that document for name on caste certificate. Caste certificate is very important document and will be definitely verified during documents verification stage of recruitment process of Bank job or any other government sector job.
    If the name does not match with any document, then you have to apply again for the caste certificate with correct name and more importantly, my suggestion is to give name as per Aadhaar card because for each and every thing government of India and other authorities asking Aadhaar card only. And be careful while filling the form and fill your name and your father name correctly as per Aadhaar card.

  • Your caste certificate is not bearing your correct name. This is a serious issue and you have to apply to get a new corrected caste certificate from the concerned office in your area. Generally it will be Tehsildar office or DM office.

    While applying you have to mention all the details and enclose copy of Aadhaar card and other authentic document to present your correct name to the authorities so that they can make the correction and issue a corrected certificate.

    Please take up this on priority so that you should not face in future any embarrassment at the time of document verification.

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  • 1. Kindly determine what is the correct spelling of your name.
    2. Thereafter check which documents have spelt your name correctly.
    3. Those documents which have spelt your name incorrectly are required to be changed.
    4. If the caste certificate indicates your name incorrectly, you have to submit an application to the authority who has issued the certificate (by designation and not by name) along with supporting documents indicating the correct spelling of your name.
    5. If many documents contain incorrect spelling and it is not possible to correct the spelling in all documents, you have to sign an affidavit before a First-Class Magistrate of your city indicating the correct spelling of your name. You are also required to publish a classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in one Vernacular newspaper indicating the correct spelling of your name.
    6. You have to preserve the original affidavit and original advertisements permanently.
    7. If you don't rectify the mistake, you may have to face difficulties in future, at the time of Government appointment, at the time of procurement of properties, and in various other circumstances.

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