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    Investment advice required for Mutual Funds

    Interested in investing in mutual funds? Searching for expert financial advice? Do go through this page and get resolution to all your queries.

    I have SIP of 18000 per month, and the details are as follows:-
    1. Axis long term equity growth- 4500/-
    2. Tata india tax saving growth- 4000/-
    3. Dsp blackrock micro cap growth- 1500/-
    4. Dsp blackrock focus 25 growth- 1500/-
    5. Franklin india prima growth – 1500/-
    6. L&t emerging businesses growth- 2000/-
    7. Mirae asset emerging bluechip growth- 1500/-
    8. Tata equity p/e fund growth – 1500/-

    My lumpsum investments are:-

    1. Bnp paribas balanced fund growth- 10,000/-
    2. Dsp black rock tax saver – 50,000/-
    3. Reliance tax saver growth – 50,000/-
    4. Sundaram select micro cap sr 16 growth- 10,000/-

    All my above investments are in regular plan
    I want to know how is my portfolio and how much I can expect after 10 years or if there is any requirement for any change,can you guide?
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  • Generally people invest in mutual fund either through a demat account online or a mutual fund agent or broker.

    If it is online then you can go to your account and see the demat holding as well as their current value as per the latest NAV and in portfolio section you can find out the present worth of your holdings.

    If you are doing it through a big broker or agency and he is keeping them in some registry site for records, you can ask him to give you the details.

    If you are doing it manually and your holdings are lying in the mutual fund site then you can login in that site with your folio number and see the present worth of your holdings. In that case you will have to visit internet site of each mutual fund.

    You can buy or sell mutual fund units online either through your demat account or through mutual fund site.

    Your portfolio appears to be a good mix of mutual funds and it should give a satisfactory yield in long run. As far as churning of funds is considered that requires a lot of knowledge as to which mutual fund is doing better than others in that category. The performance today does not guarantee a similar performance in future. So changing or switching them frequently is a risky proposition.

    On an average these mutual fund units will give you an annualized return of 15-20% and that is quite good seeing the return from the usual bank FDs etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • By looking at your portfolio, you have invested mostly in tax saving funds and equity funds.
    And you want to know how much you will get after 10 years. If you invest the same amount either in Fixed deposit or Recurring deposit, you will get a maximum of 6-7% of interest maximum as per present interest rates.
    If you invest in mutual funds, you will get around 20-30% minimum over a period of 10 years and you will get tax benefits under 80 C also.
    And try to invest more in Systematic Investment Plans(SIP) more than in lumpsum investment in one fund only. Returns will be more if you invest in SIPs when compared to Lumpsum investment in single mutual fund.

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