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    How to use Google adsense for my parked web sites?

    Want to earn money form your websites? Wondering how to use google Adsense account? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I am having so many domain names booked on my name. How can I Use Google adsense to get some extra revenue from those parked web sites?
    I did not find this from my google adsense account.
    Kindly suggest me step by step guidance so that I can be benefited from the parked domain names?
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  • Google has retired its Adsense services for parked domains. So you cannot monetize parked domains as of now. Even the use of Google Adwords program is also suspended for parked domains. I suggest you develop the website instead of making it a parking domain so that you can get Adsense approval for the respective sites. This will be helpful to earn revenue.

    Google has removed these services to ensure the quality of ads published as well as the total search engine result quality.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • As far as I know, Google is not allowing any Adsense services to Parked domains. You may not be able to use Adwords program also for these parked domains. The best way is to have your website made and the same can be used for monetizing by getting approval from Google Adsense. You can apply for Google Adsense through your Indiastudychannel profile page also. You will get the details in the help chapters of this site.

    always confident

  • Parked domains are not of good quality and people(advertisers) don't like to pay for clicks that an ad generates on parked domains in comparison to an actively used website with good traffic. Many sites like google do not pay for parked domain as it is dormant page that is not used by many. It is better to have one or two actives sites in which you can contribute matter regularly like a blog site and then link it to google Adsense.

  • Google has already stopped long back its revenue program for parked sites. Even for active sites it has its own parameters.

    What I will suggest is surrender or discontinue those parked sites and concentrate to increase the volume of traffic in one or two main sites. If a site is really interesting and attracts many visitors it can earn a handsome revenue from Google adsense program.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Now you can not use Google Adsense account for your parked domains and parked websites.
    If you create your own website instead of parked website, Google will allow you to earn good income by Adsense account. And one good thing to earn money online is to add your Google Adsense account to India study channel(ISC) so that you can earn money.

  • As far as I know, The adsense parked domain service is discontinued by Google. There are many other parking companies where you can parked website domain and generate revenue such as BODIS. It is a domain parking place made to help domainers to monetize their unused domain names. For parking you need to create an account on BODIS. There are many other parking companies instead BODIS and google adsense like Go Daddy, sedo,.. etc. You can reasearch and choose the best parking companies to generate revenue. On godaddy cash you'll earn 60% of the advertising revenue on your parked domains. Companies (websites) whenever you parked your domain remains same. Generating revenue depends upon visitors and their click on ads which is known as CPC(cash per click).

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    Google wont do anything with parked websites . Try to use these domains with good content and then apply for adsense. There are certain criteria you need to follow before applying for google adsense. One among them is you should have certain number of posts published and the articles should be unique.

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