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    When I get married to a person who is born in amavasya what type of problems occurs

    Have a query about a person born on amavasya marrying a person born on purnima day? Looking out for detailed issues which can occur? Do go through the answers here and resolve your worries.

    I was born On Purnima day. I'm in love with the guy who is born on amavasya.
    If we get married what type of problems can occur? Will anything bad happen to me when that guy who is born in amavasya on the first of January weds with me?
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  • If you are in love with that guy, why do you bother when he is born. Haven't you checked his birth date before loving him and asking now at the time of marriage? You are afraid that some bad omen will happen to you if you marry him because he was born on Amavasya. I feel that this is no true love and am sorry for being brutally honest.

    Remove the religious superstitions from your mind and get married and live happily. A person's ability to succeed or fail in life/career/profession does not depend on the day he was born or to the astrological aspects like raashi, thithi, nakshatra etc (as far as I believe). It depends on the person's ability, hard work and sincerity. Do you love a person by checking all these dates, nakshatras, time of birth, the lunar calendar time at birth? I guess no but when it comes to marriage people check all these, ironic.

    Amavasya is not at all an inauspicious day. It is just an absence of Moon. As Sadhguru said, you feel the importance of a person only in his/her absence. Similarly, the absence of Moon on Amavasya makes her presence more than pournami. We miss Moon so much on that day. Amavasya is also considered as the day of liberation because something new will happen on that day.

    Forget all these rational thoughts about marrying your guy who was born in Amavasya. Nothing will happen to you and if you have that immense love towards each other and if you have that understanding, your relation will blossom.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The people who born on Amavasya will be very powerful and they will be in good position in their life. Another aspect you should understand is the thithi is not very important but the horoscope of the candidate is very important. You born on Punnami day and he was born on Amavasya. Both of you will be a perfect match and each will be complementary to the other.
    One point I want to make you clear is your love has started and it is going to the next stage that is marriage. That itself is a good omen.
    But when you are loving a person and going to marry, at this stage thinking about the star and other things is deceiving your love mat. These should be kept aside in case of a love marriage. Why you are raising such doubts at this stage. Don't worry, you marry him and you will have a very bright time to come.

    always confident

  • The success of human - being is dependant upon several factors such as educational- background and its importance in relation to job - market and an impressive percentage of marks so as to have an extra edge in the job- market. Apart from it, one should have good grasp of the subjects one studied and an ability to explain the points in articulate ways.
    If you think the date of birth and timing play decisive rolls in shaping our personalities and characters, you have a wrong notion. Success can be attained with devotion, hard labour and sincerity and without having these essential qualities, sucess would be a distant - dream. The other aspects so as to lead a happy marriage life are mutual understanding and trust, respect the sentiments of each other and above all the degree of sacrifice rendered in the crucial moments and if both of you do have these humane qualities, both of you would be ideal partners. You need not be guided by the superstitious belief and without any fear, go ahead for matrimonial negotiaton.

  • It is a very interesting question. If you are in love with someone and you trust him completely then go ahead and marry him.Nothing bad going to happen by marrying someone born on Amavasya. As I learned and personally experienced that currents of our brain waves are more during Amavasya. People who born in Amavasya will have more curiosity to explore new things and always hyperactive. Don't get confused with the different religious opinion on Amavasya and Purnima. It is all the same if you truly love someone. Get married and Live happily. All the best.

  • Our life is very much dependent on our beliefs and faith. During our upbringing certain things are deeply embedded in our minds and we can not get rid of them.

    In your case is it one of such beliefs or someone or your elder has casually told you about this and you feel inquisitive?

    If it is your belief then it will be harder for you to counsell yourself but if it is told by someone just ignore it.

    Human mind is full of many irrational things and as there are many spiritual and mythological mysteries yet to be unravelled it is difficult to take conclusive actions in these matters.

    However in this particular case the aspect of love should be considered on the top and you should go ahead without any superstition in your mind.

    Knowledge is power.

  • We should really get out of such thoughts from our mind. It really doesn't matter whether you're born on Purnima/ Amavasya Day.What matter is how much love you have for each other and ready to compromise for each other. It's very hard to find a good person and who truly loves you so just look at that angle and do not wonder for this kind of issues as it will merely create an obstacle for a good cause.

    We have witnessed in our society that many get married without any prior investigation on Horoscope, Jam kundali Matching , etc but still, they are a happy couple together even after having their grandchildren. Just focus on few things like - if he really cares, likes and admires you? Can he support any decision in your life for the good cause?Balance the family related aspects and financial concerns? Adjust and accept the way you're and respect your feelings?

    In many western countries, people hardly look into such aspects but they are leading happy, satisfied life and without any trouble as such.

  • You are born on Purnima day and the guy whom you love born in amavasya day. And if you love him truely and if that guy love you then marry that guy and nothing will happen if you marry him.
    There will be nothing wrong that a guy born I. Amavasya day. And many people who born on amavasya day reached good position in career and also in life.
    So, don't bother and hesitate to marry that guy if you love him.

  • You would have heard about this from friends, families, relatives or astrologers who do matchmaking.

    If you believe in this, then you should also know that people born on Amavasya are generally intelligent, have a long life and are powerful against people who try to oppose them. Praying to Lord Shiva after days fast is believed to be helpful.

    You need to decide how strong is the bond of love between you both. Life is full of ups and downs, it is very rare to find a couple with all the stars matching perfectly. It means, there are plenty of couples with mismatches between their horoscopes. So, practically they face life as others do, life with good times and bad time. At good times, we should learn to thank God and be humble. During difficult times we should not blame the stars and the ill luck.

    Haven't the parents brought up the boy born on an Amavasya. Please have a discussion with him and then take a decision that both of you feel is good, if your bond is true and genuine then you would be able to go ahead and lead your lives well.

  • If you love someone, be courageous enough to fight the world for him. And also make sure that the person loves you too..
    Zodiac signs, horrorscopes, planetary moments etc. .; don't mean anything at all when two hearts are bonded.

    But to answer your query, astrology doesn't speak much about amavasya.
    First I'd like to know the person's zodiac sign . If he's a cancer for an example, moon is his planetary ruler, so there might be few adverse effects. But I would like to know your sign too.
    Your sign might counterbalance his weakness.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • There are crores of people all over the world who are born on Full Moon days. there are crores of people who are born on New Moon days. And there are lakhs of couples where one partner was born in Full Moon day and another one was born on New Moon day, and they are living peaceful married life. Marriage depends upon compatibility, adjustment ability, physical satisfaction and intellectual satisfaction. So, don't bother about Full Moon or New Moon days. Introspect about these factors mentioned above and take a suitable decision. The nature of a human being is not determined by the Full Moon or the New Moon.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • Once you love each other what other factors are needed? You did no ask this question before you started loving him. So do not ask the same now also. Proceed with confidence, mutual faith and affection. Do not fall victims to any gossip or backbiting from any corners. Never think about stars, moon and sun horoscope, charts etc. anytime later also.
    For those who believe in themselves and have their core values and proceed with their honesty and hard work, you will be happy and successful always.

    If you both love truly and sincerely, proceed without looking back. Best Wishes.

  • Do you seriously believe in this crap? Go ahead girl. Nothing happens that way. People just try to brainwash you with this silly things in India but if you really want to marry him , go for it.

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