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    What is the eligibility of lawyer to become a judge?

    Want to know the eligibility of becoming a judge? searching for information about the qualification and experience requirement? You can read the responses from experts here.

    We have judiciary system as one of the four pillars of democracy. In Judiciary system the judge and lawyer are important persons.
    I want to know how is the lawyer eligible to become a judge of the court?
    What are the experience requirements and educational qualifications?
    Who appoints lawyer as judge?
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  • A lawyer can become the judge in two ways:

    1. High courts of the respective states will conduct a qualifying exam called Judicial Service Examination. Once a lawyer has cleared this exam, he/she shall become a Civil Judge or Magistrate. Then the so appointed judge through this method will rise in ranks based on seniority.

    2. After having more than 7 years of experience as a lawyer in litigation before High Court, you need to clear the exam called Higher Judicial Services. If a lawyer clears this exam he/she will be appointed as Additional District Judge.

    In both the cases, if a lawyer qualifies anyone of the exam and becomes a judge, he/she will be promoted to High Court Judge before retirement. But presently most of the High Court Judges are appointed by President of India by the recommendation of Collegium and these judges have a minimum of 10 years of litigation experience in a High Court.

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  • A practising qualified lawyer can become a judge. The procedure is as follows:
    1, you have to appear states' Judicial service examination that is being conducted the state by the respective high court to become a Civil judge or judicial magistrate. Once you clear this examination you will be a qualified person to become a judge.
    2.There is another option available.You can appear for services (HJS) exam after putting up a minimum of 7 years experience in litigation in a high court.After passing the exam you will be posted as an additional district judge (ADJ) who looks after all kind of cases in a city or town. You will easily get promotion as a High court Judge before your retirement.

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  • A lawyer is already having a law degree so he is eligible to appear for exam (Judicial Services Exam) conducted by the high Court of the states for appointment to Civil Judge or Judicial Magistrate. Once appointed he can also become as per seniority a judge in the high court.

    If a lawyer is having 7 years experience in litigation cases in high court, he is eligible to appear in another examination known as Higher Judicial Services and if selected he will be posted as Additional District Judge in a city or town and will see all types of cases. Through this route one has better chance of becoming a high court judge.

    The supreme Court judges are selected through a collegium of chief justice and seniour judges and approval of President of India.

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  • For a lawyer to become judge of a court, he or she should clear the state judicial services examination conducted by the respective state governments and the selection procedure is preliminary exam, main exam and interview.
    And the candidate to apply for this exam should hold a degree in law and must have practiced as an advocate or lawyer, attorney in high court or courts subordinates for not less than 3 years.
    And judge post is most coveted and cherished position in the judicial system of India and a judge should require below skills to be successful.
    -> Should have sense of responsibility, self confidence and discipline.
    -> And this job requires a lot of hard work, alertness and honesty towards society.
    Once if a lawyer becomes judge, the career prospects is :
    # In Civil side : munsif court-> subordinate judge's court-> district court.
    # In criminal side : judicial magistrate of second class-> first class magistrate-> chief judicial magistrate-> assistant sessions judge-> sessions judge.
    And to become high court judge, the candidate must have practiced as a lawyer or advocate of high court for 10 years and is appointed by chief justice of high court in consultation with supreme court and concerned government.

  • 1. A lawyer can become a Judge of Lower Court after qualifying the Judicial Services Examination held every year.

    2. Further, a lawyer with 7 years experience in High Court is eligible to appear in Higher Judicial Services and if selected, he/she is appointed as Additional District Judge.

    3. Lawyers can become Judges of High Courts or of the Supreme Court by nomination. Such lawyers are nominated by the Collegium and is appointed by the President of India.

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  • A lawyer is eligible to appear the judicial service examination provided one has secured a degree of Law from a recognised university and should have at least three years of experience of practicing as a lawyer and finally one has to clear the Examinatin of Judgicial - service conducted by the respective state - government. The successful candidates are appointed as additional district judges in different districts. Such candidates would enjoy promotions with their length of experience and ultimately become the judge of a high court.
    The other option is a lawyer practicing in a high - court and having at least seven years of experience are eligible to appear in Higher judicial service examination and upon the clearance of the same, they are appointed as the additional judges of a district court.
    For the elevation of the post of high court judges, nomination is required from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    Supreme Court judges are appointed by the recommendation of both the Chief Justice and President of India.

  • Answering your questions in order
    1. I want to know how is the lawyer eligible to become a judge of the court?

    Lawyers can become a judge in the lower court and upwards by a combination of qualifications with exams and/or experience.

    2.What are the experience requirements and educational qualifications?

    A LLB degree ( 3 year or 5 year) from a recognised univeristy accepted by the BCI (Bar Council of India).

    One can start a 5 year LLB course by taking the CLAT exam after 12th Standard itself.Alternatively after a graduation, one can join a 3 year course. But a 5 year course has more acceptance than a 3 year course.

    To become a addition district judge one needs around 7 years of experience
    To become a high court judge one needs around 10 years of experience in litigation.
    The age limit to take the civil judge/magistrate exams 21-35 yrs for genearl quota.

    3.Who appoints lawyer as judge?

    A lawyer takes up the Qualifying exams (state Judicial services exam) to get appointed as a Civil judge (magistrates), then become Civil judge, Judicial judge and then Senior judge.

    Without exams, the collegium of Judges can selection a senior advocate based on performance, experience (10 years) good standing to be appointed as Judges to high court.

    From the lower courts to high court and then supreme court the promotions are based on reputation,seniority. This is more a subjective procedure of appointment.

    The same collegium of Judges can appoint a SC judge by recommending a qualified high court judge to the President of India who finally authorizes the appointment of the judge in SC.

    The basics favored features are honesty, integrity, reputation and litigation experience.

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