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    How do celebrities keep their mobile number secret?

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    We cannot get mobile number of celebrities/stars easily. To get their mobile number we have to contact certain agencies. How do celebrities keep their mobile number secret and maintain that secrecy?
    What are the special treatments given by mobile operators?
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  • The celebrities will not take mobile phones in their name. They may be in others names like his/her secretary, his/her security person or even by his/her lawyer. When you call that number by somehow managing the number the celebrity's secretary will receive the call and they stop the call there itself without connecting it to the celebrity.
    There will be a number of phones like this and you don't know which phone will go to him directly. Even one number also may not go the celebrity directly.
    Some may not use mobile. Some use a landline or some may be having a mail address and all contacts will be through email only.

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  • Most stars and celebrities are careful about information find its way out to the public. The commnest way is via their computers,mobiles and other social media accounts apart from people they interact with.

    Most celebrities would have the mobile registered under different people ( relative, manager, trusted legal lawyer etc) and bought in different places. Only the family members and their close circles would be aware.

    Some operator/companies maybe offering to give the number a private number status if TRAI agrees for it. I'm not sure, because, if you have to hide the number there should be a legal reason or a specific formal channel to get it approved.

    Maybe they would keep changing their numbers frequently.

  • The celebrities purchase mobile phones which are registered under such persons who work with him/her. Generally, mobile phones of celebrities are purchased by their managers and those phones are registered under the name of the manager(s).

    Sometimes, the celebrities use mobile phones which are provided private number status by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

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  • Celebrities nowadays are getting numbers in the name of their manager or relatives. They keep their personal number to self and is shared with very limited people such as friends, family and movie colleagues. They maintain two numbers usually, one for professionalism and another is their own personal number. The professional number is attended by their managers while personal numbers are for their own self.

    Some telecom operators are now providing a VIP service to these celebrities where the number is kept extremely private. This method is under the jurisdiction of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Even some celebrities don't have any phones at all. The only way to contact them is through email/their official website/their social network fan page.

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  • Celebrities take enough precaution so that any call received from a stranger is not reachable to them because there is a closed circuit of the relatives such as Secretary, Managers, Security - personnels and other relatives taking maximum protection of the celebrities. Mobiles are purchased in such a way that the owners are ultimately their close - relatives.
    Of course, it is the responsibility of the secretary to apprise the celebrity of important dates of shootings or any massage valuable to the celebrity. In that way, they don't miss any valuable message with such existing set- up.
    They sometimes enjoy the facilities provided by the Telcom - operators and they offer them a special - status. In the event of making a contact to such a celebrity, you need to go in Face- book , e - mail or their official - websites.

  • You really cannot reach out any celebrity easily.If you try to google you may find so many fake numbers uploaded.
    Celebrities usually can be contacted through their managers/agents acting on behalf of them for all related issues. These manager/agents are gatekeepers.They let you contact them only if they feel its worth.Usually they maintain a different number for professional purpose.

    Celebrities do own a phone and the number is shared only with closed ones and is accessible to limited people only.

  • Even though it might have been a trend for the celebrities to use a phone in other's names, today it isn't a legal option. With the strict identity rules and regulations implemented in the telecom services, one has to make a chain of identity proofs to verify their identity as innocent citizens.
    What is done to protect their privacy, is subscribing to the services of private number status specially done through the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
    The other way, is that, they never share their personal numbers to any online shopping site, or any website that can use or misuse their identity.
    Today, as mobile has become a part of your identity proof, its security and privacy is also taken care by the concerned authorities of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
    Hence, they always choose the security options carefully and never allows any information leaks to take place.
    For online shopping and for other stuffs, where sharing phone number is compulsory, they might be using numbers of their close ones.

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