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    What are the documents needed for a job interview at a company

    Preparing for a job interview? want to the know list of documents typically required at the time of the interview? You can go through the advice from experts on this page.

    What documents needed for a job interview at any private company?
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  • You have not mentioned what job at which level. It is a opened ended question, hence the list would be long

    Basically you would need to substantiate what you have said in the CV that has led to the interview letter being sent to you. The documents would be checked by various administration people before and after the interview.
    It is important to keep the documents in order. At times the interview panel asks for your file or specific details. For instance, if you say you were a university and state topper and the panel asks for the certificate, you can't be seen fumbling for it. Keep it simple and easily indexed in chronological order.

    1. Basic Identity proof documents: to verify that you are who you say you are.(PAN,Voter's ID, Ration card, Driving license)
    2. Age proof:
    3. Education proof: 12th, graduation, Post-graduation, Diplomas etc
    4. Expereince proof: The places you have worked in the past, trainee, apprentice, actual job
    5. Finance documents: Bank address/passbook, PAN card, old PF or salary certificate.
    6. Recent photographs
    7. Caste certifcate
    8. Extra-curricular events: certificates related to sports, medals, college honors.
    9. Research: research related papers and publications
    10. Presentations at conferences or meetings that are relevant.
    11. Of course the interview letter.
    Each company/firm would have a slightly different approach. You can call the HR team as introduce yourself, the interview date and ask them are there any specific documents you need to carry?

  • When you are attending an interview in a Government Organisation or a private organisation you should carry all the certificates in original. It is advisable to keep one copy xerox of all certificates also with you. Some people may ask for Pass Port Size Photographs also. So it is better to keep those also with you. You have to carry a copy of your resume which you have sent to them when you have applied for the post. The other Documents require are as follows
    1. Date of Birth Certificate: Generally 10th class or SSC certificate will ho9ld good for this.
    2. Birth Certificate
    3..Provisional / Original certificate of all the examinations you have passed towards your educational qualification.
    4. Marks lists of all the examinations you have passed
    5. Transfer certificate and conduct certificate issued by the last studied institution.
    6. Certificates od any other part-time courses you have passed
    7. Caste certificate. if you are claiming any reservation
    8. NCC/NSS certificate if you are claiming any reservation,
    9. Any other certificates like extra circular activities related, any physically handicapped certificate
    10. The papers you have published if you have any.
    11. If you have any experience which you have claimed during application, a certificate showing your experience.
    12.If you are going for a government Job they may ask for NOC from the present employer. Whether this is required or not will be known from the advertisement they have given.
    I think these are the most common things you have to carry.

    always confident

  • The requirement varies from organisation to organisation. However, some documents are universally required by all organizations in private sector. I am mentioning these documents:-

    (a) Document indicating Date of Birth (Xth Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.)
    (b) Certificates indicating educational qualification
    (c) Caste certificate indicating reserved category
    (d) AADHAR Card
    (e) Passport
    (f) Reference Letter
    (g) Documents establishing your experience
    (h) Documents indicating your pay package
    (i) Evidence of your work (applicable for Architects or persons in similar professions)

    Come as you are!

  • There are certain certificates essential to be produced during the process of interview and these documents are verified by the authorised officials of the company where you are likely to be interviewed. You have to preserve all such documents in a file so as to have these documents easily represented during the process of interview. The certificates required are enlisted below-
    1) Your date of birth - certificate, of course, your class ten certificate released by your Board would be sufficient.
    2) All other certificates which you have acquired during your studies.
    3) Migration - certificate if any.
    4) Caste - certificate if you belong to SC/ ST/OBC category.
    5) Any appreciation certificate you might have been rewarded for a particular game such as Foot - ball, Cricket, Volleyball etc by some recognised institution. This may also include as best speaker in any debate organised by your school.
    6) Aadhar - card.
    7) Your experience - certificate so far you have put in your job.
    8) Your interview letter received from the Organisation/ Company.
    9) your train and Bus - tickets to claim travelling -allowance if there such procedure for entertainment through their end.

  • When you go for a job interview they will check and verify your credential for which you have to take all the basic documents with you.

    Your educational certificates and mark sheets, proof of date of birth, proof of identity like Aadhaar card, any specific diploma or certification course if done then the certificate for the same, backward class certificate if applicable and any sports achievement by you are the major documents you have to carry with you in original. If you have not submitted the copy of these certificates earlier while applying then you should take a xerox copy of all the important documents to give them at the spot.

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  • During your interview, generally as per my experience and knowledge no one will ask your caste, date of birth, passport or other government-issued certificates/identity cards. They will ask only one government-issued identity card to know that whether it is you or any other person attending for the interview. You must show the original card as your id proof. Most of the times they will reject the color xerox of these id proofs.

    Generally, during the interview they will ask the following:

    1. Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.
    2. Previous experience letters/certificates - If applicable.
    3. Previous salary slips- If applicable.
    4. Educational Certificates.
    5. Any special courses' certificates if you have done like SAP, Oracle, SQL etc
    6. Any other certificates such as your achievements in the previous company, appreciation letters from managers, awards, etc. These are not mandatory but if you carry can be an additional benefit during the time of interview. Carry a passport size photograph (recommended). Carry all original certificates and make a set of xerox copies of all the valid documents you are providing at the time of interview. Also, take a print out of the interview letter if the HR department has emailed you.

    No MNC/private company till date has asked caste certificate during the time of interview. They will ask or ask you to fill in their form mentioning the caste only after you are selected. Asking caste certificate during the interview is considered an unethical practice. They may ask if you have it but it is not mandatory to show. Once you are selected then you need to provide additional certificates such as Aadhar card, PAN card, bank statements, passport etc. Most of the interviews in MNC's or private firms happen with just your CV and educational certificates. Rest of the proofs are to be shown only if you are selected and/or before giving you the offer letter.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • As per my knowledge, every organisation will ask you few most important documents. You should take every document of your with you.
    No one can say that which document they will demand from you. I am going to list few most common documents that you should take:
    1. your matric certificate or 10 standard's certificate which will also act as your date of birth proof.
    2. Your 12 standard certificate.
    3. Your certificate or degree of your graduation and post graduation.
    4. Copies of your reference list.
    5. recommendation letter.
    6. Certificate of computer diploma if you did.
    7. Your passport sized coloured pictures.
    8. Aadhar card
    This was the documents I think you must take with you.

  • You should have following documents ready with you during the interview. All these documents should be in original at the time of interview. Most of the private companies ask for originals.
    1. Interview call letter
    2. 10th Marksheet
    3. 12th Marksheet
    4. Degree certificate
    5. Reference letter or recommendation letter
    6. Your ID proof.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

  • You need to ensure that you carry the below documents if your fresher while attending the interview

    1. Well drafted resume with proper presentation of the same (Many reject the resumes just by the way its presented)
    2. Do carry your Educational Certificates (Both Secondary Higher Education, Plus 2 ,Degree/Diploma,PG Certificates)
    3.Carry all the other certificates awarded from various institutions for other courses attended by you(Like Tally ERP/SAP/SAS/JAVA/C/C PLUS/DTP/etc)
    4. Interview schedule letter if any
    5. Your ID/Address Proof like Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Passport,etc as many interviewers ensure that people without such documents are rejected outright .

    If your a experienced candidate,you may carry the below

    1.Well drafted CV indicating your experience information
    2.Educational Certificates
    3. Experience Certificate
    4.Salary Slip
    5. Few private companies are also asking these days a proof of working in a company which can be verified from government document sources such such PF /ESI Details of your previous company.
    6.ID/Address Proof
    7.Certificates of any other professional courses you have been part of.
    8. Relieving Letter if any

  • You did not specify in which company you are going for an interview. Is it private or government? Please ask questions in detail next time.
    If you are a fresher then Keep original marksheet of class 10th, 12th and degree certificates with you and you can also keep xerox of all the certificates. Keep ID proof and age proof such as Adhhar card, driving license and pan card. Keep passport size photographs of yours which is recently clicked. all all the other related certificates/experience if any competition you win then you can add its certificate in the CV. All the best for your interview.

  • 1.Interview Call Letter
    2.Detailed Resume
    3. Academic Transcripts
    4. Degree & Diploma certificate
    5. Other certificate of merits

    Below are applicable for Experienced candidates

    6. All offer and releiving letters
    7. Service Certificates
    8. Recent payslips
    9. Tax Documents (Form 18)

    Most of the companies in India ask for your ID card (DL, aadhar or PAN)

    In addition to all the above said documents some companies will require conduct certificate.

  • Well, the list of documents required for a job interview may be specific for some companies there is some general document checklist which you have to maintain irrespective of whichever job interview you are attending. Below are the details.
    1) Interview call letter / Cover letter
    2) Updated Resume - Make sure all details like address, previous experience is present
    3) Degree certificates - Keep original as well as attested copies of all the degree certificates ( in case more than one degree )
    4) 10th and 12th Mark sheet and certificates - All college studies mark sheets, keep original as well as attested copies
    5) Address proof documents - This can be a passport, Driving license or Aadhar. It is better to keep original as well as attested copies of these documents always as it will be used in multiple places.
    6) Offer letter of previous company(if any)
    7) Salary slips of last 3 months(if any)
    8) At least 2 passport size color photographs


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