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    Join as JR in Medical College or Senior House Surgency

    Interested in working under the supervision of a doctor? Confused between the possible positions of lecturer or senior house surgency of working in a private clinic? No worries, find answers to yuor questions here.

    I would like to know: What is the best option to learn how to manage cases that we will see in general practice, after internship for 1 year?
    Whether to join as lecturer in medicine in govt Medical College or as Senior House Surgency or work in any private hospital/GP clinic?
    I am a resident in Kerala. I would like to work under supervision of a doctor.
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  • If you have a known Doctor who is practising on his own and who is a very famous doctor in that area you can approach him and join with him as a Junior Doctor. That is the best to start your career. You can get the guidance from him and you can also slowly understand the complicated cases through his way of treating. That way you will get hands-on experience. If your approach and method are attractive slowly people will recognise your talent and you can go for your own practice. Generally, in the house, if any senior is available who is practising going with him and learning with him is also a good way.

    always confident

  • As a fellow doctor, I would suggest you continue with senior residency rather than joining as a lecturer in a government college. During senior residency, you will be exposed to more number of cases than in your internship. It is always better to observe and treat as many cases as you can. And during this period, most of the cases should be handled by you since you are a senior resident. This will tune your clinical experience to much higher level. Joining as a lecturer in a government college, initially, you won't see or treat any cases. There are high chances that the senior staff will put you on academic record section, to make you take classes, correct papers, keep track of files etc.

    So I would suggest you join in a senior residency so that you will have your own clinical experience and with which you can increase your knowledge as well.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • You are a resident of Kerala, You have completed MBBS and a one-year internship. You intend to learn general practice. In today's world, the trust that a family physician had with just MBBS has eroded, people flock to specialists for any fever, cough or cold.

    Doctors have a bad reputation and cases are filed at the drop of a hat. So, you will be left out and lose precious time with the methods that you have in mind. You need to have relevant general practice qualifications to help you practice well and safely in the event of a litigation. Having only an MBBS literally has no value.

    The options you have listed are outdated methods to gain experience. The system of apprentice type of learn is more time-consuming.

    1.You need to think about a Family medicine course wherein you will spend three years (as a postgraduate) learning all about family and general practice but also will gain a degree.

    You currently have the National Board of Examinations, New-Delhi offering D.N.B in Family medicine, the selection is based on an All India ranking after competitive entrance exams.
    Government Medical Collge, Kozhikode, was the first medical college to have MD-Family Medicine in India.

    2.Then you can become a Fellow of the Association of Physicians of India.

    3.Once you join DNB/MD family medicine, you can explore taking up the British degree MRCP - Member of the Royal College of Physicians.The centers for part of the exam are available in India itself.

    If you plan properly with some research on the above, by 5 years time, you can have postgraduate qualifications of DNB/MD(family Medicine), a FAPI and a MRCP (UK). This would give you an edge to work in a medical college hospital, a privative hospital and/or your own clinic and you can build on a career later as time goes by.

    These are just my thoughts, you can decide based on what you feel is comfortable for you.

  • As you are starting your career in this line, you have two main options with you. The first one is to work under a good doctor in an established private clinic. This will give you exposure to a sufficient volume of jobs as there is always a good crowd in an established clinic. Other option is senior residency in a Medical College where ample opportunity will be there to learn varieties of cases day and night. Please remember that this is the time to learn and gather experience which is vital for a successful Medical career.

    If you have interest in teaching you can consider lecturership also as an alternative.

    Knowledge is power.

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