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    When will super moon and blood moon be seen in India?

    Wondering when the super moon and blood moon be seen in India? Searching for the possible dates? Here, on this ask Expert page check out the answers for your questions.

    It is being said that during a lunar eclipse, super moon and blood moon can be seen throughout the world after 150 years. When will super moon and blood moon be seen in India and for how much time it will be seen?
    What are the precautions should be made when seeing the lunar eclipse?
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  • As we all know that most celestial bodies rotate in an elliptical orbit. The Sun, Earth, and Moon all three are no exceptions for this. So, in an elliptical orbit, the distance between Sun and Earth or between Earth and Moon are not same always. The distance varies from time to time. The point of distance which is very farthest between two bodies is called as Apogee while the nearest point is called as Perigee.

    On 31st January 2018, the Moon will be at Perigee making it 14% larger and 30% brighter. This does not indicate the 'blue moon' because of its size. Scientifically, a blue moon is the second full moon that occurs in a single month. Since the moon is at its Perigee and it is the second full moon, it is called as the super blue moon. And on this blue moon day, there is a second total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse has characteristic red tinge on the moon which is called a blood moon and hence today it is called as 'super blue blood moon'.

    In India, this celestial event will be seen at different timings in different regions.

    North - East India: 4:21 PM to 5:18 PM
    Western Coast of India: 6:21 PM to 7:37 PM
    Rest of the India: 5:18 PM and 6:21 PM

    This event can also be witnessed in other countries such as Africa, Australia, Siberia, Northwest USA and Canada, Europe, and South America.

    There are no particular precautions need to be taken while witnessing a total lunar eclipse. Unlike the solar eclipse, there is no damage to eyes if viewed without protection as the moon does not emit any harmful ultraviolet or other harmful spectra. You can view with the naked eye without any hesitation.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • The lunar eclipse today will be starting around 5.15 PM IST.
    It will continue up to 8.45 PM.

    In India, It will start at 5.20pm local time but the total eclipse takes effect at 6.21pm and can be seen up to 7.37pm.

    The northeastern and eastern parts of the country will see the eclipse a minute after the moon rises, which will be at 5.17pm i

    always confident

  • This is an unique oppournity to see the moon but it's nothing like we've known before. It is around 30% larger and 14% more brighter, it would have a red tinge depened in the time when we see it. Blue moon in the phrase used to describe a full moon that occurs for the second time in a month.

    In India the changes would be more obvious during moon rise. In India the chances of seeing this rare event has been quoted to be good. The spectacle lasting around an hour and a quarter starts from 6:21 PM to 7:37 PM.

    In Chennai people can go to the TamilNadu Science and techology Center
    Priyadarshini Planetarium in Thriuvananthapuram.
    In Bangalore, the education department as directed the schools to encourage children to see the spectacle to increase awareness.

    It is harmless, can be seen from a high rise or a place that has an open sky. Short of visiting a planetarium or having a telescope, If you have a simple binoculars (40X), it would make the experience even better.

  • Yes according to science technology its a rare super moon which occur's once in 150 years. But according to me lunar eclipse is as same as other because I usually observe the lunar and solar eclipse ,this time also I didn't find any change when the eclipse start's and cover's fully especially during 5.00 Pm it appears red-only. Simply in media they exaggerate it.
    During eclipse there is belief we should not eat or drink and we should god's mantra. Similarly there are many belief's by our ancestor's where it's up-to the person to accept it or not. But scientist say its all wrong we can have any type of food, absolutely there will be no problem.

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