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    What is the Mystery behind Bermuda Triangle?

    Interested in uncovering the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle? Searching for information about the unusual conditions and extreme weathers? Find advice from experts on this page.

    There have been a lot of mysteries going on around this area, Bermuda triangle. Many ships, flights went missing without a trace. Scientists are unable to give the exact cause and reason for this unusual conditions in Bermuda Triangle.
    What is the major cause of such extreme weathers and mysteries around this place?
    Is it just because of weather or is it because some people say it is the work of aliens?
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  • Bermuda Triangle is also known as Devil's triangle. This area is in the western part of the north Atlantic ocean. Many aircrafts and ships are told to be missed without any known reasons.
    As far as my opinion is concerning the reasons may be something related to the geographical conditions there but not because of aliens. I learned the most probable reasons on the internet which are given below.
    1.There may be some unusual magnetic field may be there which are pulling these into the water.
    2.A surface current which is termed as Gulf stream with a velocity of 2 m/s may be pulling the vessels.
    3.For any accident, Huma Error can't be ruled out.
    4. The weather is very violent there. During unstable weather conditions, the cold wind at a velocity of 60 miles to 90 miles per hour can hit and explode like a bomb.
    5.Methane hydrates like our natural gas when bubbles through water it can reduce the density of the water there which will make the vessels to shrink into the water.

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  • Bermuda Triangle?
    To give you a rough mental image, it is the triangle lying between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico.
    There is a lot of theories around this Devil's triangle since the missing of USS Cyclops on a calm day in 1918 (a giant ship with 309 crew) and the five bombers of Flight 19 (5-12-1945). Since 1964, many ships have disappeared capturing the attention of everyone.

    What is the major cause of such extreme weathers and mysteries around this place?
    There are many theories,
    One is the monstrous forceful waves that can come in quickly in this area, the waves are so huge, that they nothing stands against it, everything sinks.
    Some attribute this to the powerful whirlpools beneath that suck down giant ships.
    Explorers have found an 8 KM deep trench, wherein the tectonic plates can shift causing giant waves of even a tsunami.

    Is it just because of weather or is it because some people say it is the work of aliens?

    It is most likely due to geography rather than aliens. Recent evidence has revealed that Bermuda is actually sitting on top of a giant mountain beneath the sea. It is 4000 meters high and isolated in the Atlantic ocean.

    New research has also shown that breakers, long limestone columns grow up to 12 meters from the seabed, these are harder than rock and can damage ships but difficult to spot.

    At times winds can blow up to 170mph and the triangle is in the center of extreme weather activity. This coupled with strong magnetic fields, can throw navigation instruments haywire hence leading to confusion as to actually where the ships or aircrafts are.

  • Bermuda triangle is still a mysterious spot as there are no scientifically established reasons to explain the accidents happened there time to time.

    There are of course many explanations like magnetic field, reef in the sea, high currents etc which are given to explain these bizzare events.

    It will take some more time to scientifically unravel this mystery to find out whether it is due to those reasons or just a coincidence.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The Bermuda Triangle is just a myth. It's only an excellent concept for Hollywood movies, so is Avengers and infinity stones.Scientists have proved it over and over, still, the myth seems to thrive. Bermuda triangle is located in one of the busiest sea traffic lanes. That means hundreds of ships travel right through the so-called Bermuda triangle on daily basis. There are no such mysteries or incidents happening there. The weather is quite calm when compared to south China sea. Also, when taken statistically, the number of ships went missing compared to the traffic passing by is very low, so there is nothing significant about it. The reason one cannot find map about Bermuda triangle is that it is not an official name or place. One could be able to track the ship passing through the official channels. Again, as human beings we have long affections for myths, so the myth will thrive for generationsto come by.

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