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    College preferences for BSc Psychology in New Delhi

    Planning for higher studies after BSc? Want to know the best colleges in and around NCR? You can scroll through the responses from experts here and decide where to take admission.

    I wanted to know if there is scope in BSc Psychology since I am planning to do Masters in it. I also and wanted to know about the admission process for session 2018 in New Delhi.
    I am a pass out from science stream (PCMB) and would like to know about the best colleges government/private providing the BSc Psychology course in New Delhi and NCR.
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  • A good and unique career choice. Psychology is the study of behavior, mind and the state of conscious and unconscious. You will treat patients with emotional difficulties, psychological and behavioral problems. You need to do BA or BS Psychology and also you can proceed to masters. Often post graduation is required to pursue a career in psychology.

    Presently in India, the scenario for jobs in psychiatry is high in demand. Previously many people were shy to approach a psychiatrist but now this has changed and as a psychiatrist, you will have a great career ahead. There are different jobs within psychology which you can choose based on your interest. Some of them are:

    1. Clinical Psychology
    You will treat patients who come to you with psychological problems. You will treat their personal problems> These people come to you with their personal or familial problems looking for a solution from you.

    2. Criminal Psychology
    This is one of the challenging and also high demanding course in India. You need to assess the behavioral and mental attitude of people who commit crimes and are in prison. These patients are either extremely violent or you have done most harsh crimes.

    3. Counseling Psychology
    You will counsel a wide range of people such as students, wife and husbands, lovers, teenagers with respect to the problems they are facing in their professional or personal life.

    4. Organisational Psychology
    You deal with the patients who are suffering from emotional problems such as depression or anxiety at their workspace.

    5. Child Psychology
    You deal with infants or children and assess the developmental stages of their life such as association with family and society, locomotive and cognitive skills.

    6. Forensic Psychology
    Another high demanding course in India. You deal with the judiciary system i.e, law and justice and particularly in the prospect of the witness.

    The best college for a graduate course in Delhi area is:
    University of Delhi
    University Road, Delhi 110 007
    Phone South Campus: 011-24119832
    Phone North Campus: 011-2766709, 27667011, 27667190
    Fax: 011-27667049
    Website: www.du.ac.in

    Other Institutes which are also very popular in India are:

    Indian Institute of Psychology & Research (IIPR), Bangalore
    IIPR office: 080 41307111
    Office of Admission: +91 7022619130
    E-mail: contact@iipr.in

    Jamia Millia University
    Jamia Nagar, New Delhi
    Tel: 26984650, 26985180
    Fax: 011-26981232
    Email: admin@jmi.nic.in
    Website: www.jmi.nic.in

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Lot of people (general public) confuse psychiatry and psychology, see a pyschiatrist first but move onto psychologist for regular support and counselling because lot of the related conditions need behaviour therapy and re-inforcement therapy.

    You have a good career ahead either as a practising psychologists, academician or a legal expert based on how your higher studies and interests are. Since youare still in 12th, if you get into a center like NIMHANS, in Bangalore is one of the premier institutes for M.Phil psychology, Neuropsychology. So, if choose a reputed insitute in the country (these are highly competetive with all India exam selection), you can get into a niche field as a consultant rather than just a general clinical psychologist/counsellor.

    Keep your options open, University of Delhi is one of the good places for you to join for B.Sc psychology, once you start your bachelor's have a short summer clinical placement in one of the top institutes in the country, it will give you an insight and a good chance to interact with current leading practitioners who can guide you what to specialize in and where to go for your post graduation.
    If you choose forensic psychology or criminal psychology, then you need think about studying overseas for a better career prospectus.

    In Delhi. Daulat Ram college offers admission to bachleors' degree in Psychology. (http://www.du.ac.in/du/index.php?page=cbcs-syllabus)

  • There is a good chance to have a better career once you complete your masters in Psychology. There are many colleges offering B.Sc course with this subject. To have a complete understanding about the institutes you can refer the following URL. https://www.bestvalueschools.com/psychology/bachelors-degree/. You can get into the best college and finish your graduation and then think of PG for a better future.

    always confident

  • The following colleges under Delhi University offer B.A in Psychology/Applied Psychology:-

    (a) Lady Sri Ram College for Women
    (b) Daulat Ram College
    (c) Gargi College
    (d) Kamla Nehru College
    (e) Zakir Husain College
    (f) Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

    Out of these six colleges, first four colleges are women's colleges. Lady Sri Ram College and Daulat Ram College maintain a very high standard and the cut-off percentages in these two colleges are very high. However, those students who do not have Psychology in X+II, will have to appear in Entrance tests.

    In addition, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi also offers Graduation in Psychology.

    I have not mentioned the names of the institutes (offeringUnder-Graduate courses in Psychology) outside Delhi.

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  • Well , as per your query there is scope in any field because it depends on how you take interest in that field and try to explore yourself by sharing your knowledge. N ow I will mention some college's which I am aware of and conducting master's course

    1) Delhi Degree College DDC
    Badrapur New delhi
    M:- 8285148787, 9711188618

    2) Same college has a branch in Nangalraya,
    M: 8800300691

    3) Tecnia Institute of Applied Studies
    New Delhi
    M: 011-27319092

    4) IIT in NewDelhi is also the top college.
    I have mentioned about the college's in brief you will get the details of the course in the net by mentioning the college name or else you can get the details by giving a call to the university which I have mentioned. All the Best for your master's degree.

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