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    What is the effect of speling mistake in certificates in govt job

    Planning to apply for a government job? worried what to do if there is a mistake in any document? Find advice from experts on this page for resolving all your worries.

    My surname is wrongly printed in my 10th and engineering marksheet. A letter is missing.
    I want to apply for govt sector.
    Will there be any issue due to this.
    I am worried.
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  • Such mistakes although small, can be a potential issue when it comes to government sector jobs especially. You don't have to worry, you can rectify this.

    Please utilize this opportunity to check your other documents like PAN, Aadhaar, Voters ID, DL and the passport if you have it already. If you are intending to apply on a reservation quota then ensure that the caste certificate also has the same spelling.

    You need to get a name change affidavit done via a Notary which will now carry your corrected name. You can contact the local newspaper offices who would place this name change announcement ( 1 English and 1 local language).

    Then you need to draft a letter to the university under whose auspices the engineering mark sheet/degree has been given. This letter would be forwarded via the principal of the college in some instances. You may have to pay the fees for the services. Some universities have this facility as a standard online service option, you can check it the appropriate website for this service.

    The 10th also can be changed in the similar way when you approach to school principal with copies of the same we discussed above.

  • Yes. There will be a problem if there is a spelling mistake in any of the certificates. When you want to join a governemnt organisation, you should get your name correct in your educational qualification certificates.
    First of all, you approach a good lawyer around your area and get an affidavit made with your correct name and notarize the same. In this respect, the lawyer will advise you properly. Once it is over you get the change of name published in 2 newspapers preferably one in the local language and the other in English. Keep these paper cuttings with you, Then you have to apply to the board through your school for correction in the SSC certificate which is taken as the standard for all further requirements. Similarly, you have to apply to Intermediate board ad university also.

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  • The errors in applicant's name or surname will cause a potential problem in government job applications. If it was your mother, father or spouse's name mistake then it won't be bothered much. To make the correction in your educational certificates do the following:

    1. Take an affidavit with notary with your corrected name which you want to reflect the same in all your educational certificates.
    2. Give a newspaper ad stating your corrected name. National and local. Note that this advertisement is mandatory. Keep those newspapers with you once published containing your ad for future reference.
    3. Go to your college and submit a requisition letter stating to re-issue a new certificate with corrected name. Attach the photocopy of affidavit and newspaper ad as prrof/reference. Your college principal will sign the application.
    4. You can either approach your affiliated university by taking the application by hand or you can forward to university through your college. The former method will make the process soon. You can submit the application to the university by self with processing fees which you need to pay through demend draft (DD). Concerned university authorities will guide on whose name the DD should be taken. Generally it will be in favour or Registrar or Vice Chancellor. The DD must be drawn at centralised bank.
    5. Once submitted, university authorities will give some time lapse within which your certificates will be isssued with corrected details. If there is a provision for tatakl, ask for the same and the DD cost will be little higher than normal.

    You have to follow the same with your 10th marks memo as well. The difference is that you need to approach your school principal first and then to the Board of Secondary Education.

    Once your educational certificates are corrected with appropriate names, you can update the same in your Aadhar card, PAN Card and Voter ID card. For correction in these details, follow the instrucions below:

    1. For Aadhar card correction, you can approach any nearest UIDAI centre or through online. For online corrections go to

    2. For PAN Card correction you can apply online here:
    If not possible for there will be several third party agents who can do this for you in less than one week. They charge their service charges.

    3. For Voter ID corrections you can contact nearest Mee Seva center or through online:

    Get all the corrections, educational and identity proofs before applying to any government jobs.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Any mismatch of name in the educational certificates is a cause of concern as it will create serious problems at the time of document verification.

    You have to apply to your education board office and University office respectively for getting these marksheets corrected.

    While applying for correction you have to give a reference document where your name is correctly mentioned. This can be your Aadhar card or voter card or any other authentic document.

    Please pursue these actions at an earliest to get your marksheets corrected.

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  • Only one spelling mistake in surname is not a issue of worrying. Its not a big issue and you don't need to be worry about. If you found such type of problems in the marksheets or in any academic certificates then immediately rectify or correct it. If there is any correction in your name or surname then submit the corrected name so that school can print correct name on your certificate. If you go for a correction after a long time at school then school will not help to reprint the correct name on your certificate. Later on you have to make an affidavit for getting duplicate marksheet. Any lawyer tell you about the process of making an affidavit. If you wants to correct then you have to pay charges for making an affidavit. you can also rectify by contacting board and university. There is a form of name correction on the websites of boards and universities and you can apply for correction online.

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