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    Why do Homeopathy doctors give medicines in small white pills for all type of sickness?

    Have a query about homeopathy medication? Searching for the reasons for small white pills prescribed by homeopathy doctors? Find suggestions from experts for your queries on this page.

    If you visit any Homeopathy doctor, first he/she will understand your mental status and physical problem. Unlike the allopathic doctor he/she will not check up your breathing or temperature.
    But the curious thing is this:why do Homeopathy doctors give medicines in small white pills for all type of sickness? Sometimes transparent clear liquid as medicines. These white small pills are sweet and what does it contain?
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  • The small white pills are nothing but sugar pills. The homoeopathy doctors use these pills as a media to transfer the smallest quantity of the actual medicine which is available as a concentrated liquid and known as mother tincture. The mother tincture will be highly concentrated and if you take as it is the dosage may be very high. Hence they put required drops of that mother tincture into these pills, mix thoroughly and give you and you have to take the pills as suggested by the doctor.

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  • Imagine a capusle from modern medicine. If you open it you will the medicine that is bitter to taste, often the capsule is a the coating used to 'deliver' the durg into the stomach without the patient having to endure the bitter taste.

    Similarly homeopathic medicines are prepared in concentrated doses and one has to be careful in diluting it before taking it. To ensure that the extremely small dose of homeopathic medicine is easy to swallow without the bitter taste, often the medicine is 'deliver' with the outer sugar coating.

    The easiest one to make is the round pill or globule, the medicine in the center and the sugar coating on the outside, very similar to the capsule of the allopathic medicine.

  • The small pills are actually the career of the homeopathic medicine. They are sugar pills and are a good medium to absorb the liquid homeopathic formulations easily.

    The most amazing and interesting thing about homeopathic medicines is that they are diluted before giving to the patients. It is believed that more you dilute it, more strong or more potent it becomes. Scientifically speaking it is a mystery yet to be unravelled.

    Now depending upon the intensity of ailment and type of disease the homeopathic doctor prescribes a particular potency of a medicine. The original medicine liquid (known as mother tincture) is diluted stage by stage to reach the desired potency and then with that final diluted liquid these sugar pills are coated.

    So these career pills take that potency of that particular medicine to our body as you might have observed that doctor prescribes 3-4 pills 2-3 times a day and something like that.

    Another method of taking these medicines is by readymade dry tablets of predetermined potency which come packed in a container and one has to take them as prescribed.

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  • This is a major misconception among people that all homeopathic medicines are white and sweet. No, not all homeopathic medicines are sweet and white. Some are bitter, some are acidic and some are delivered in distilled water as well. To answer your query regarding the 'white pills' I will give a brief explanation.

    We all know that allopathic medicines, especially capsules are dispensed in thin membranous coverings which contain medicine inside The medicine is protected by these capsules. Ideally, the medicine is delivered in a medium which is non-reactive towards the medicine it contains and also does not have any medicinal properties of itself. This is called as the base. Most medicines are delivered with a base. The base must be ideally digestible, no reactive to the human body, solvable and palatable (tolerated by tongue).

    In homeopathy the base used in most medicines is lactose. Lactose is the basic ingredient in milk. This lactose is purified to 99% and is used as the base in homeopathic medicines. Lactose has no side effects to human body, does not interact with the medicine and is of no medicinal value by itself. Lactose is a form of sugar and hence it has sweetness. So homeopathic medicines which are white in color (round small pills) have lactose as the base and they are sweet as well. The basic intention of making them sweet is to avoid discomfort to patients who consume them.

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  • Homeopathy vaguely means 'same kind of treatment'. All medicines work in the way to strengthen your immunity.
    Pills of homeopathy as others suggested, are made out of mother liquors. This is slightly acidic. These pills dissolved inside your body releasing the actual medicine into your tracts.

    Don't these pills taste, smell and look the same ? Yes they do. But the no. of pills prescribed and the way of administration are rarely the same.
    Some say the Homeopathy works on "placebo" effect. Placebo effect is where you're made believe that a substance can cure you when it has nothing to do with illness.
    Some say its just water, because pills are made from highly diluted solutions.

    Nevertheless, countries like France and Netherlands consider it a national treatment.
    So, don't worry about it and take your homeopathy.
    They don't have side effects and are easy to administer. Moreover, they work just as fast as conventional medicine.

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  • Medicines are administered in different ways. When administered orally they are either taken as liquids- (syrups,mixtures etc.) and pills or tablets. Most medicnes are in their chemical form and they may not taste good.Some may be extremely bitter or sour. Some may even react or decompose in the mouth and parts before they reach stomach. The medicine ingredient may be so small quantity that it needs an outer packing to enable it to be swallowed. So to reduce the distaste, to avoid reaction in the mouth or faster decomposition before they reach stomach, the small quantity medicine is 'packed' in a base material carrier. They may be just sugar or mostly chalk powder. That is why most pills appear white.

    Another modern way of carrying a medicine to the stomach is 'plastules' or'capsules'.

  • The White -pills used by Homoeopaths are known as milk of sugar and basically these are lactose powder and since these pills offer sweetness to the consumers, there is no chance of any denial of the patients in consuming such medicines.
    These white - pills work as magic pills since these contain basic medicines being administered by the Homoeopath of the requisite potency to cure the ailments from which a patient is suffering from. The trick lies in administration of an appropriate potency of a selected medicine such as Nux -200, Sepia 1M, Pulsatila 30 and so on. So these pills are the carrier of medicines which an Homoeopath thinks fit for a particular disease.
    In fact, the original form of the medicine known as Mother - tincture and also referred to Q, is the crude form of the plant medicine having a charecterestic state - often bitter in taste. Now the mother tincture is diluted with the addition of appropriate amount of alcohol and later on, medicines of different potencies are prepared such as 30c, 200c, 1000c, 10M, CM and so on.
    The Homoeopath would closely watch the symptoms of the patient including his behaviour and would prescribe the medicine. The selection of sugar of pills becomes more relevant to offer the patient a medicine of the desired potency to cure the patient from the disease but at the same time it should not be distatestful.

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    Although all homeopathic medicines look alike, essentially they are not the same. A homeopathic doctor medicates the white pills with different liquid medicines. There are more than 3000 liquid medicines derived mainly from plants and minerals kingdom. For better palatability, the liquid homeopathic medicine is poured into small round, white globules, which are highly porous and absorptive, and are targeted to suit every individual patient's needs.

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