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    How to treat diaper rash existing for more than a week?

    Want a remedy for diaper rash? Searching for home remedies and a permanent solution for this issue. here, on this Ask Expert page you can read all the responses from experts.

    My daughter is 9 months old and she has developed diaper rash since 2 weeks. We consulted her doctor and applied the medicine prescribed by her. The rash seems to get better for a day and reoccurs again. We use diaper only when we go out or at night everyday. Day time I never use diaper.
    What is the best home remedy to treat the rash?
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  • Bacteria and yeast/fungal are generally responsible,e for this diaper rash. Both of these types of infections will result in a disruption of skin integrity. The infection caused by the bacteria, Staph and strep, are generally called impetigo. This impetigo will include tiny blisters and pustules.
    Generally cleaning the area with cold water sufficiently and dry it using a soft cloth and exposing the area to fresh air will bring down the irritation to a lot extent. Better to apply petroleum jelly, vaseline or Johnson baby powder will bring down. If the rashes are observed don't use diaper anymore. If still, they are not coming down to get the rash type known better contact a good skin specialist who will advise accordingly.

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  • Follow the advise of the pediatrician as sometimes the nappy rash infection can flareup.

    Most parents face this issue and it is a recurring problem. Generally the urine and stool produce ammonia that is damaging to the skin. The other way is when the baby has watery stools that are acidic and it damages the skin. It happens when the baby or breast feeding mother is on antibiotics. The elastic that snugly fits the thigh folds also make it worse.

    You can try simple things that minimize skin damage and improve the chances of healing
    The area needs to be left to dry for around 15-30 minutes whenever possible at home.
    Avoid wiping the baby bottom repeatedly wit wipes. Most infant/baby wipes (scented or unscented) have chemicals that are damaging to the skin.

    Instead try Luke warm water on a muslin (soft) cloth and dab it dry instead or rubbing or wiping it.

    People use various applications that in simple terms called a 'barrier cream' it covers the affected skin, prevent further damage and then help in healing.

    Mothers have tried coconut oil, basic petroleum jelly or unscented Vaseline, Borolene. You can try using Olive oil that also has been used with good results.

  • To get rid from diaper rash use barrier creams which is work great to stop the stool or urine from having straight connection with the skin. You can use Tripal Paste Ointment which is always preferred by a doctor. If the area is becoming red then apply an ointment that contain zinc oxide. It creates a barrier to stop the skin from getting further irritated. During changing diaper use warm water and soft towel. You can use during changing diapers. Do not take numbing sprays or creams and don't over use wipes and baby powder. Change diapers frequently. When baby's diaper getting wet and heavy then you have to change it. Don't over use diapers. Take the diaper off when baby is napping lay with towel so fresh air can out from bottom. Consult your baby doctor before taking any suggested medication.

  • It is better to treat any ailment if we understand it better. The diaper related rashes can occur due to many reasons. If you can pinpoint any of the reason mentioned below, you can treat it easily.

    1. Diaper Dermatitis
    The most common cause of rashes in babies is due to the contact with ammonia present in baby diapers. This can also happen due to the perfumes, dyes and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of these diapers. Check if you have changed to a new brand of diapers. This may trigger dermatitis.

    2. Antibiotics
    If the baby is on antibiotics, topical or oral, may cause rashes on the skin. This is due to the fact that some antibiotics will kill the good bacteria favoring the yeast to grow abundantly. The most common yeast that causes the rash is Candida albicans. If you are breastfeeding and if you are on any kind of antibiotics this can also affect the baby's friendly bacteria. Make sure you improve the friendly bacteria count in the baby by minimizing the use of antibiotics. Use probiotics which are specially manufactured for babies. Refrain yourself from using cornstarch if it is a yeast infection. You can use apple cider vinegar application with a cotton bud over the affected area.

    3. Teething illness
    As a dentist, I have seen many infants who are in the stage of developing their first dentition (teething) tend to develop these problems. This can be attributed to the fact that during teething babies tend to keep anything in the mouth that reduces the 'itchy' feeling of the developing teeth. They also drool a lot at this time. This may develop infections and may also kill the friendly bacteria in gut resulting in diarrhea and rashes. Make sure that the baby is not keeping any unwanted things in the mouth. Check if the baby is developing any teeth. If the baby is frequently keeping finger or thumb in the mouth, you can approach any nearby pediatrist who will give you a habit breaking appliance.

    4. Allergies
    Some external physical agents, moisture, urine, and stool may trigger allergic reactions on the skin. Analyze that if there is any diet change that happened recently. Avoid the food that is suspected to cause this. Also avoid any new physical agents such as floor cleaners, perfumes etc.

    5. Infections
    Certain bacterial infections at the site can cause rashes. Topical application of antibiotics will cure these rashes. Make sure that it is bacterial infection before using any topical antibiotics because some of them may worsen the condition.

    Apart from the above factors, you can minimize the rashes by:
    Avoiding wipes that contain perfumes or alcohol.
    Minimizing the use of diaper as much as you can.
    Apply coconut oil to the affected area.
    Check for the baby oils, powders, and creams that are causing irritation and replace them with others.

    Other home remedies include:
    1. Use of essential oils as a topical application.
    2. Tea tree oil can also be applied.
    3. Apple cider vinegar application.
    4. A combination of shea butter, coconut olive oil, olive oil and zinc oxide can be made as the cream which will act as an excellent protective barrier between diaper and skin.

    If nothing helps, contact pediatrician as well as dermatologist as soon as possible.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • This seems a very common issue. The best way to get rid of this is to avoid the diapers for some time till its completely healed. You can use a magic cream called Boroline which is an antibiotic and has got healing property for most of the cuts & wounds.It would be available in any pharmacy near you. Keep the area clean and wash with lukewarm water and apply Boroline.

  • It is advisable to manage the baby without a diaper as long as possible. Once the rashes are controlled then start applying coconut oil or Boroline cream periodically.

    There are some special allopathic medicinal cream preparations which are very effective in curing rashes but you have to ask your doctor whether it can be given to the small children and infants.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Rashes are observed on the skin of babies due to accumulation of Bacteria in the region and you need to take a few steps to avoid such occurances. You may follow the following tips.
    1) Diaper is to be fixed only when the skin is sufficiently dried so as not to allow any germination of bacterial and fungus infection.
    2) The other way would be to make a lotion of equal amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive oil since both these agents are well known for elimination of its Germicide and fungal infection.
    3) By taking of 50 ml of Coconut - oil in which you add a piece of Camphor and allow the same to dissolve it in presence of sun - light on the sunny day by putting the same till the Camphor is dissolved. This concoction is to be applied on the affected areas a few times a day.
    You would get rid of your problem within a couple of days. In case, result is not visible to your satisfaction, you may meet the skin - specialist.

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