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    Changing the date of birth in Educational Marksheets

    Want to make some corrections in educational marksheets? Wondering what is the detailed procedure to make this change. You can read the responses from experts here and resolve your query.

    The date of birth mentioned in my class 10 and class 12 ICSE mark sheet is different from that of my actual date of birth by 1 day. The date of birth mentioned is 14th April 1991. However, my birth certificate and all other government documents mention it as 15th April 1991. I want to get the record to reflect my actual date of birth which is 15th April 1991.
    Can you advice?
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  • The Date of the Birth certificate is the authenticated certificate for DOB. So the date of the certificate only will be taken as correct. Now You have to apply for the change in the certificates of your 10th and +2 certificates. You have to contact the school in which you have studied and submit an application in writing attaching a certified copy of your birth certificate through the school to the Board. Then the board will do the necessary change and send the certificate to the school and you can collect it from the school.

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  • If you have a valid date of birth certificate stating it as 15th April 1991, then why this error? Was it during the time of enrollment, some parents adjust the date of birth to fit in the eligibility cut off age at 1st standard, please clarify.

    If you and your parents are sure that you have filled in the forms with the correct date and the mistake has been from the school or the ICSE board, then you can approach to school administartion/prinicpal to help you out.
    At such instances, they would verify the school records once.

    1.Attested copy of the School Admisison form
    2.Attested copy of the valid Birth Certificate
    3.An original affidavit stating the correct date of birth(attested by a First class Magistrate)
    4.Original marks and pass certificates
    5.Fees paid for the name correction service via the shool.
    Please also read the page 11 of the booklet regarding error in name and DOB (

    If you still have a doubt you can contact the ICSE
    Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
    Pragati House, 3rd Floor, 47-48, Nehru Place,
    New Delhi – 110019
    (011) 26413820, 26411706, 30820091/94

  • Please refer the FAQ of official site. It will really help you to understand the procedure to change the DOB in mark sheet.

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  • It is clear that due to some mistake either at your end or by the school adminstration, your DOB is wrongly mentioned in your class 10 and 12 marksheet. This is an alarming issue and also has implications for all your future document verification processes.

    You have to immediately get it rectified by applying to your school/college office for issue of corrected marksheets. You also have to provide your birth certificate in support so that they can refer it for corrections. It may take some time in getting these corrected marksheets but once done it will help you in avoiding future inconveniences.

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  • Since the error has occurred from the school department, you can apply for another certificate with corrected details. Approach your college authorities and ask for the appropriate guidance. You need to fill up the application form for the same. Provide the photocopies of the proofs which you are submitting as evidence for your date of birth correction.

    Also, ask them why the error has happened when you have a birth certificate with correct details. As Mr. Natrajan quoted, parents may alter the date of birth dates in order to meet the eligibility of admission to a particular class. Do inquire with your parents as well before making the corrections.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Any mistake in the name in mark sheets is a serious matter and is to be rectified in time. In such cases, the only solution is get corrected mark sheet from the respective board/ institution.

    You give an application to the respective college or board office for correction in your mark sheets. You have to enclose a copy of some document like voter card or school leaving certificate which carries your correct name so that they can issue the mark sheets in that name.

    Sometimes school authorities may charge you some fees for it. If you have some documentary proof like a copy of your application for admission where your correct name is reflected, you can show it to them and in that case, as it is due to their mistake, they will do it free of charge.

    Alternatively, you can get a legal affidavit prepared by the lawyer and certified by a first class magistrate regarding your correct name and wrong name as reflected in the mark sheets. This may help you to convince the authorities at the time of document verification when you apply for a job.

    Still, I advise you to go for the former method as that will make you free from worries for document verifications in future.

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  • 1. From the practical point of view, the difference will not have any problem. As for example, in Government service, people generally retire on the last day of the month in which they are born. So, if you join Government service, you will retire on 30th April, 2051 (irrespective of your date of birth being recorded as 14th April or 15th April). In private sector also, the same rule is in vogue.
    2. All Government documents including your birth certificate indicate your date of birth as 15th April, 1991. Then how do you establish your claim that your actual date of birth is 14th April, 1991?
    3. I think you have passed your Xth Standard examination in 2007 and XIIth Standard examination in 2009. It is very difficult to change the date of birth in the documents after such a long time, especially when you don't have any supporting document.

    So, I think it would be better for you to ignore this small discrepancy, which in any case can't be pointed out at any stage.

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  • Hello Partha sir,

    My actual date of birth is 15th April 1991 and yes I have passed by 10th in 2007 and 12th in 2009. It is only in my educational certificates that it is mentioned to be 14th April. Now the problem is none of my higher education institutes will change the date of birth till I change it in my school leaving certificates. My question now is will this create any issue when I join for a job in the private or the public sector? Also, will this discrepancy of 1 day create problems when I apply for work-related or education related visas.

  • Dear Avijit-babu, I have already explained in my answer that the difference of one day will have no significance in Government as well as private employment. Why are you getting so tensed? The date indicated in your birth certificate and in the Xth admit card is accepted everywhere. You have to ensure that both these documents indicate same date of birth, that's all!

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  • The difference of one day in your date of birth in your class ten and twelve would not create much problems but you have to ensure that all other certificates such as graduation, Post - graduation do reflect the same date of birth and any mismatch in respect of date of birth should be corrected without fail so as to avoid any future complication.
    The same can be tackled in two fold ways. First, meet the Principal of the school and see what date of birth is mentioned in the admission - register of the school. If there is a correct posting of 15 th but by mistake a wrong entry was made by the Board - authorities, the correction problem chess would be easier, though it may take some time. You have to submit an application to the Board requesting the issuance of fresh - certificate with the correct entry of date of birth. If no error occurred in the initial process of your admission in your school, you may ignore the same since it would hardly matter in your employment status.
    To justify that your date of birth is 15 th and a correction to be made accordingly would be a lengthy process since you passed out class ten way back to 2007.

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