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    How to use the fingerprint sensor security feature in a smartphone?

    Have a query about fingerprint sensor of a smartphone? Searching for detailed procedure to use this feature? Check out this page for guidance from experts.

    The Redmi 4 smartphone I have has a fingerprint sensor as a security tool. I am not very clear about how exactly to use it! Please explain with clear steps.

    Also, from what I understand, if I use this tool, then I alone can unlock the phone for use. So suppose I wish to lend the phone for use to my sister, then is there any way to disable the fingerprint sensor tool so that it does not get locked for her to use?
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  • The fingerprint sensor that is being incorporated in most of the smartphones today is for additional and safer security than others such as pin lock, pattern lock etc. Some smartphones are incorporating additional security along with fingerprint sensor such as iris unlock and face detection. This is just to enhance the security of your device as many day-to-day transactions and payment systems are happening through mobile. It also elevates the personal data security.

    In order to use the fingerprint sensor, you must go to settings - lock screen and password - manage fingerprint. Then you will be guided to put the finger on the sensor so that the scanner will access it and remember it. You will be prompted to lift and put the same finger several times at different angles so that it can store entire image of the finger. The process of scanning your finger depends on the type of phone you are using. A couple of years back the fingerprint sensors used optical scanners which technically takes a picture of your thumb through the sensor in it and then with certain algorithms will make it into a readable image. This method is outdated and most phones use capacitive scanners. They have micro capacitors which store charge and read the charge depending on the finger you put on them. Fingerprint scanners are more precise than optical scanners (face id or photo id). One cannot simply fool to unlock when locked with a fingerprint. I would suggest not to disable it but you can add extra fingerprint if you want.

    If you are giving to your sister it is quite easy for her to unlock with her finger also because you can add up to five different fingers on your Redmi phone. Add your fingerprint, as well as your sister's so that you both can access it without much hassle. To add more fingerprints you can navigate to the same options I have mentioned above and add another.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • First of all, let us just evaluate the need and advantage of fingerprint scanner in phones.
    The security of the phone became a major concern when the phones got smarter. The utility of the phones increased in the recent times making the phone a very crucial, important and sensitive information holding device. Thus the security issued were addressed by using passwords. The typing of passwords were made easy with the use of pass code (PIN) and pattern.
    However speed was the demand of the time. The generation does not wanted to enter the pin/pattern/password each time to unlock their phone. So the companies tried and found out new methods for unlocking phones. Among them the most popular one was fingerprint security. Almost all manufactures incorporated the tech into their devices. The feature allowed instant unlock of the device at a tap. Fingerprint security, up to extend, achieved the goal of quick unlocking security. Still, the risk of unlocking the device when you are asleep is there.
    Now we will get into the issue. You could see the option for managing fingerprint security under Settings-> Screen Lock and Password-> Manage Finger Print. The phone provides the option to store five fingerprints at the same time, any of which can unlock the device. However, you will have to set up a base security (either Password/Pattern/PIN) which can also be used to unlock the device as a backup. So if you plan to give your phone to your sister, you can choose any of the options. Either let her know the screen lock password or add her finger print to the available slots.
    I prefer the latter as it would be more convenient for her and more secure for you. More secure for you in the sense that screen lock in the phone can do many things which a fingerprint cannot. For example if your sister knew the password, she could ad more fingers or delete the existing ones. However she could not do it if she is given the fingerprint option.
    Hope you get everything right. Regards..

  • One can set up a finger print sensor security setting from the >Phone Settings> Security> and chose the preferred security option. Remi comes with finger print sensor. One can unlock the phone by just putting the index finger on the back panel above and down below the camera.

    What I don't recommend is, you can go for high security option. The dual lock option is preferable in any situation. In case the phone doesn't unlock after you tried using finger print sensor, then in emergencies, it is such a pain. This kind of unfortunate events happens because someone might have tried unlocking with the wrong finger multiple times and it doesn't detect even the owners finger sensor.

    If you're putting a fingerprint sensor alone, you're making a big mistake. Anyone having knowledge with combination of colours to hack especially sensors can hack or bypass your security. Make sure you are putting another security option PIN or Password with special characters in case for additional backup support.

    I personally hate finger print sensor and wouldn't recommend it alone. People love easy task and want to forget the pin and password option since it can take 4 to 10 seconds of your time to unlock a phone. Most opt in for easy finger print sensor option.

    Lastly, activate Android device manager and locator to lock your phone or to erase it. This is another good security option by Google.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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