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    Is giving two 10'th exam illegal?

    Wondering if a person can attempt tenth exam twice from difference boards? Want to know if this is legal and permitted? On this ask Expert page you can get a resolution to your query.

    I had give my first in 2010 from CBSE. In the next year I took admission in Bihar board for tenth standard and passed in 2011 with the same percentage.
    So I took admission in intermediate with my 2010 degree. I have never used my 2011 degree anywhere.
    Will my result be cancelled or is ti valid?
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  • Why did you waste one year by again doing the same class which you have passed? You have not mentioned the intention behind this act. Did you take admission in Intermediate which year? What are you now?
    If you are taking the 10th exam from the same board two times the later result will be in force. The previous one will be cancelled. But you joined in a different board and passed the exam. So in your case, both are valid. That is when you have joined intermediate they have accepted your 2010 certificate. So there will not be any further problem. But it is always advisable to use the latest certificate than old one.

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  • Did you swtich from CBSE to State for 11 and 12th? Have you completed your graduation or have to stopped at 12th passing.

    You have done what many student do called as Improvement examination. For CBSE students, improvement exam is allowed only once in the following year. In your case CBSE 10th in 2010, should be followed by CBSE 10th improvement exam in 2011. So, giving two exams is not illegal, only you have lost one year.

    I'm presume you chose state board with an idea or scoring more marks. There are no stringent guidelines for state board that I know of. In CBSE, you have to have keep both marks card.

    As long as you statisfy the legal age criteria for taking 10th and 12th it should be fine.
    Please approach the 12 college office and clarify once. But you need to have both certificates in hand and produce whenever anyone asks for it.

  • Generally, you can appear in the same class examination for division improvement. If you have already passed 10th in 2010 then the 2011 exam will be considered as division improvement and it mark sheet is valid if candidate score 10% more the prevision year. So if you got the same percentage in both the exam your previous mark sheet will be considered as valid.

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  • thank you sir, I did my first 10 from case and next year from state board.
    I took admission in 12 in a state board. By my previous 10 case result

  • In your case, both the certificates of class ten would be considered as valid. But officially you can produce both since in that case, you would attract law. There is a provision of appearing in the same board requesting them for improvement of grade and for that one has to seek permission from the concerned board.
    In your case, it is not applicable and so you may go ahead with the previous certificate released by CBSE for all practical purpose.

  • Your case is a unique case. You appeared in the Bihar Board to improve your percentage, but your plan did not materialize. It is not exactly illegal, but if you divulge about both examinations, you will have to answer many questions seeking clarifications. So, it would be better for you not to mention about your Bihar Board Xth examination anywhere. Try to forget that you appeared in the examination. In future, fill up all forms giving the details of your 2010 CBSE examination.

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