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    Tremendous back-pain developed into Neurological numbing of hands and legs

    suffering from back pain and numbing of hands? Looking out for medical advice and remedy to resolve this pain? Check out this page for advice from experts for all your queries.

    I had met with an accident which lead to creating space in the spinal chord. I can provide the details as necessary.
    I just got the reports of HLA B-27 Lypmhocyte typing.
    The report says "Observed Value Negative (2.8). The presence of HLA B-27 antigen is seen in Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reiter's Syndrome, Psoriatic Arthritis and arthopathies associated with IBD.
    I am 22 year Civil Engineering student. According the MRI, there is degeneration in the back. Any details if required, I can provide you with that.
    Can you advice?
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  • Back pain and numbing. I have a different advice for you. Recently my wife was suffering from back pain. We tried various options but that much improvement was not there. Then somebody suggested us to go for the new type of treatment called Suzok. This therapy is mainly used for body pains and pains of other parts of the body. When we go to a doctor who treats us with this methodology he/she will identify the places on your hand where treatment is required for reducing the pain on the part of the body. Once the point is identified they will make a bandage it that particuls=r place on your hand. You have to have that bandage the whole night. Next day morning you can remove that bandage. There will not be any medication. You have to go to the doctor as advised and as per their suggestion, you should have the bandage. I took my wife to one doctor who is practising this. It took 2 months for her. But there is no pain and she has become normal. As there are no medicines there are no side effects. I advise you to try that.

    always confident

  • According to your 'brief' history, I am assuming that you had spinal cord injury due to the accident. It would be better if you have given some more details such as, when did the accident happen? The exact location of the injury, any surgery happened or are you still on medication? Nonetheless, I will try my best to give you clarification on your query.

    The spinal cord injury can be very extreme and the physical condition can deteriorate over the period of time. From the brain, the spinal cord will travel down to the hip area through a column of bones called vertebrae. It will supply its nerves to various body parts which branch out from the main cord into the hands, thorax, abdomen, pelvic area and legs. If there is any injury to the vertebra or the spine itself, there will be compression of the spinal cord or permanent damage which will restrict the passage of information between the nervous tissue (spinal cord) and to the organs it supplies. Depending on the location and the degree of injury, the symptoms may vary.

    Since you are saying that you are experiencing numbness in hands and legs, I am assuming that the injury has happened to cervical (C6, C7, and C8) vertebrae as well as the condition called Sciatica. The numbness in hands can be attributed to damage or compression of the spinal cord in C6, C&, or C8 areas whereas extreme lower back pain and numbness in legs is attributed to damage or compression to Sciatic nerve. So if you are experiencing any nervous symptom in the upper body part, the nerve involved might be in the cervical area. Injury or compression of the nerve in the thoracic and lumbar area will not cause symptoms in upper extremities i.e, hands.

    Irrespective of the damage or location, you must meet a neurologist (not the neurosurgeon) and take his opinion. Generally, the progressive symptoms will become worse if not treated properly. Since you have the history of trauma (accident) I don't know why your doctor has advised HLA B-27 Antigen typing test. This test is generally done in order to diagnose the cause of pain and other symptoms when there is no history of trauma or infection.

    Coming to your MRI report, you said there is degeneration. It would have been better if you have specified the exact location of the degeneration. According to your query, I am assuming that you are having a herniated disc which is the cause of pain in your lower back.

    Whatever might be the condition, in layman terms the pain you are experiencing in various body parts due to spinal injury is called as 'stalking and glove', technically called paresthesias and pain. If you are not having this pain before the accident, It would be fair to assume that you are not having metabolic neuropathies (like hypothyroidism), malabsorption neuropathies (like Vitamin B12 deficiency), infectious neuropathies (like Lyme disease), inflammatory neuropathies (like Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and substance abuse neuropathies (like alcoholism). The treatment will be broadly in three ways:

    1. Physical activity may help you a lot. Most patients will respond to this non - surgical method. Learn to strengthen your back. Maintain appropriate posture and weight. Do physical exercises that will relieve the back pain. You can consult a physiotherapist and can take the opinion.

    2. The majority painkillers used to relieve nerve pain are called as Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS). Sometimes local injections which include steroids can also be given.

    3. Surgical intervention is done only if the condition does not improve with the above two methods or else if the condition worsens further.

    So I would suggest you not to worry and meet neurologist in your area. Take the opinion of orthopaedician as well. Most patients will live full form of life after heavy spinal injuries. You are young, 22 years, you will recover rapidly if you follow a healthy lifestyle. You can follow the link below which explains in detail about the back pain.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • You are 22 years with this injury, you need to seek professional help of Specilaist spine surgeons and Neurologists with interest in Trauma. I say this because the bits of information you have given are not relavent unless we know which part of the spinal cord is involved.

    If we have to relate your spinal injury with Numbing of the hands and legs, then to a medical speciliast it would mean that you are developing compression of the nerve roots ( if the level of injury is in the cervical vertebrae) and would need urgent assessment.

    The second condition that we look for is are you having an acute Vitamin B1(Thiamine) deficiency.
    I am stopping here to highlight the fact that you need urgent professional guidance. I have seen young people with spine injuries being mismanaged leading to worsening of spine damage that confines them to the bed.

  • Since you are hardly 22 and your chances of quick recovery from the spinal - cord injury would not take considerable time provided you are being put to right treatment.
    Without fail, you need to meet a Neurologist having wide experience in medical profession. By examining your reports along with the MRI, he would be in a position to understand the right diagnosis in your case.
    Any medication such as Vitamin B supplementation or to arrest the inflammation in the affected part by saying me pain killer medicines would prove to be a costly affair in the long run.
    However, there are a few Ayurvedic medicines known Rasayana which may mitigate your problems and with the consultation of reputed Ayurvedic - doctor, you may get rid of your problem.
    You may try the following home remedies in your case-
    1) Tinospora - cordifolia available in the form of tablets of 250'mg manufactured by Himalaya may be taken one tablet each time after your lunch and dinner so as the alleviate your pain and also patch up the existing injury.
    2) Curcumin known as Haldi is very benificial in mitigating the pain caused by injury if half tea - spoon of this powder is taken with warm milk in the night after your dinner. This has to be continued for a couple of days so as to get the tangible result.
    In Ayurveda, there are different mode of treatment such as Ras - sastra, Salya chikitsa, Pranayama and Naturopathy which can root out the disease. These alternatives work wonders.

  • Since your age is very small, special care should be taken immediately without prolonging as the total cure is possible. The best is Ayurveda treatment. My suggestion is to approach Sri Dharmastala Manjunatha Ayurveda Hospital,Udkaara,Udupi,Karnataka state,where best treatment at nominal charges but with expert Doctors. I am giving this suggestion only after personal experience and not marketing.Their website is also available

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reiter's Syndrome is a dangerous disease and my brother has been suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis. Not many specialists are available in India. I am providing you with the detail of one such specialist and I will suggest you contact him as soon as possible. Do not find the solution to such syndrome on the internet. Take the advice of your family physician.
    Dr S.N. Amin
    (MD Rheumatologist)
    3rd floor, Bombay Mutual Terrace,
    534, mamasaheb Verekar Bridge, Mumbai
    Tel: 022-23682834, 022-23671473
    Hope you will be benefited with the provided information.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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