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    How to remove my spectacles used for 8 years

    Tired of using spectacle for many years? Searching for a resolution to this query. Read the responses from experts here and decide how to stop using spectacles.

    I am using spectacles from 7 to 8 year of power 3. I am fed up of using my spectacles. Is there any medicine to improve my eye sight? I want a perfect solution. I don't want to wear spectacles. Can you help in recommending a perfect/useful cure?
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  • Recently some people are going for laser treatment for eyesight. My brother's daughter underwent that treatment. She stopped using spectacles. Her sight has become normal. So you can also try that treatment. But you should first consult an ophthalmologist and get his advice on this particular treatment. You can definitely do away with spectacles after this treatment.
    There is another way is to have contact lenses wherein the lens will be arranged in your eye and no separate opticals are required to wear.
    You can try any one of these two technics.

    always confident

  • You can get rid of your spectacles with the new surgical procedure called as Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis abbreviated as LASIK (pronounced as LAY-sik). This surgery is done to correct the vision problems such as short-sightedness, far-sightedness (hyperopia) astigmatism (Blurred vision) and presbyopia (long-sightedness). This surgery has been in practice for 20 years and it is very successful. But like any other surgery, even LASIK will have limitations, risk factors, and complications. This is not a suitable surgery for if you have any of the following conditions:

    Age limit (must be 18 or over)
    Corneas which are too thin or irregularly shaped
    Dry eyes
    Existing degenerative disorders
    Existing unstable vision
    Heightened refractive error
    Laser eye surgery side effects and complications
    Physiological factors such as pregnancy

    Though the surgery is done by experts who have years of experience the following complications or errors can occur after the surgery:

    Dry eyes
    Under correction, overcorrection or regression
    Eye infection
    Flap complications
    Temporary impairment of vision.

    The complications may not occur at all and you have your vision restored to normal so that you can get rid of your spectacles. This is a very good option and many people are getting treated through this method. You can consult the nearest ophthalmologist and take the necessary guidance.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Solution for your problem depends on the age and if your suffering from any other eye problem's. Suppose if your running your teens or within 25 to 30 then you can try for some home remedies and exercise for your eyes which will gradually improve your vision. But till it is set you may need to use your spectacles.
    1) Take a small object like pen or pencil and hold it right in front of your eye and keep moving it horizontally in to and fro direction slowly for few minutes.
    2) Roll your eyeballs clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Blink after completion of each rotation. Do this for at least a minute everyday.
    3) By closing your eyes give morning sunshine.
    4) Regularly after a period of interval rub your palm and the heat that is generated must be kept on your closed eyes without any pressure. Make sure you cover your eyes completely.

    Food and home remedies that improves vision,
    1) Soak almonds in night and in morning peel them and consume it with milk,
    2) Carrots is one the best remedy to improve eyesight.
    3) Soak coriander seeds a teaspoonful in fresh water for 8 hours and strain the water. This solution apply it before going to bed. This keeps the eyes cool and removes the unwanted dirt from the eyes.
    4) Rest your eyes at least 7 to 8 hours in night.
    5) Always read in bright light.
    6) Wash your eyes regularly in cold fresh water.
    I hope by following these steps you will definitely solve your spectacles problem, If its is minor.

  • Please meet a qualified opthalmologist at a good center. Now there are many dedicated eye hospital that can advise you after a formal assessment. A power of + 3 would indicate long sight and -3 woiuld indicate short sight ( things in close range are easy to see, objects in the distance are not very clear).

    You have been having glasses for around 8 years, We need to know your age also because, any surgical intervention would give better results once the power is stable (it would be a waste if the surgery is done and your power keeps changing). The cornea in the eyeball is nothing but a lens that controls the amount of light and the focus with which it is passed on to the eye. If there is a problem, then we are given eye glasses, that are like another lens on the outside. Now with advances in laser, the doctors can precise control it in a fashion that they can alter the shape of the cornea so that it is modified to do the job of external eye glasses.

    Many people go in for corneal surgery. Basically the laser surgery makes the cornea behave like a contact lens.If you have used a contact lens and have had good results, then you would benefit from the laser eye surgery. Of course there are many criteria that decide whether one is a candidate for this surgery or not. Even if you ar young but have a high intra-ocular pressure, ongoing eye infections, then you may not be suitable for it.This is just an example, so is the age, if your age is ideally around 20 and above you would be a candidate.

    Please also remember that in some patients after surgery, when they are in the mid 40's, there may be a need for using reading glasses, additionally.

  • Visit an experienced and qualified eye specialist doctor. Tell him your problems or expectations.He will be able to give you a suitable solution.

    For any matter there can be more than one opinion. People may have their own experience. But that may not suit your situation. Hence take professional help. In case of surgery get real opinion from those who had it. Know from them what are the pros and cons. The same you can get from the professionals like specialist eye hospitals and eye specialist doctors. Then you take a considered decision.

    Having adjusted to spectacles and not having any special issues(except that you are bored of it) it will be still easy to carry on with spectacles. You may go for a new specs with latest type of frames and more convenient and comfortable lens.

  • Wearing spectacles is the best way to aid the weak eyes. However due to cosmetic reasons some people do not like them and go for LASIK surgery or contact lenses.

    Whether you are using a +3 (hypermetropia) or -3 (myopia) power you can go for the above options to get rid of spectacles. Please consult an opthalmologist who can advise you on these matters seeing your age and to examine if any aliments you have, which are connected to this issue.

    Please note that while wearing spectacles one can go on changing them if the power of eyes are changing with time but in case of surgery you can't go for it everytime when there are changes due to age and other reasons.

    So a judicious decision is to be taken in these important things after considering all the pros and cons.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Normally the eye doctors are advising to check the eyes once in a year as many of us daily meddling with computers and mobiles. Once we fall into the spectacle, there is no chance to give up except opting contact lens
    Besides, there is a method of giving-up spectacles through some exercise which is available in Sri Arvind Ashram of Pondicherry and it has been told that is reliable.

  • We should not loose hope in the event of eye sight detoriation since there are lot means to strengthen your vision. Since these are home - remedies, results would be visible within two months after repeated usage of the same-
    1) In Ayurvedic text, Almond has been praised for multiple benifits including the improvement of the eye - sight. What needs to be done, you have to take 100 GM of Almonds free from its skin and equal amount of candy and fennel. These are to be crushed finely to make them in powder form and out of it, take a table - spoon of this mixture twice daily with warm milk twice daily in the empty stomach. Result will be visible within 40 - 50 days.
    2) Walking on the green - grass on regular basis on regular basis in the morning for at least thirty minutes would produce favourable result.
    3) Take plenty of Salads such as Carrots, Radish, ripened Papaya since each strengthens eye - sight.
    4) Accupunture, Exercises relating to eyes with the consultation of Naturopath can be helpful.
    5) Excess usage of Computers, I- pad, Mobile - phones are to be curbed since the rays emanating from such sources are detrimental for eye- sight.
    6) Repeated washing of your eyes with plenty of water helps in restoration of normal vision.
    7) Even there are some effective medicines in Homoeopathy which may help in maintaining your normal vision and hence the consultation of an experienced Homoeopath would be helpful.
    Corneal surgery should be last option if your position does not improve by resorting to the remedies mentioned above.

  • You can do eye exercises to get rid of spectables. Top to down and down to top eyes movement exercise. Blink eyes for a minute. Move your eyes from right cotner to left then left corner to right. Give massage to your eyes every night to reduce eyestrain and improve vision. Eat healthy diet fruits and green vegetables. Wear sunglasses whenever you go outside. Spend most of time in focusing the objects places close to you. Soak almonds in night and eat in the morning. Do make a habit of focussing of something placed instantly. A daily supplement of multivitamin is helpful in reducing the development of ARMD(age related mscular degeneration) assosiated with vision loss. Drink water which is stored in a copper. Eat parsley which is useful for the eyes. Take the parsley amd chop it. Mix it in a pot with a yogurt. It is necessary to consume mixtutes all day. After 1 month fresh nettle leaves are added to the mixture and consumption continue for another month. After 2 months you'll feel great and you can even say goodbye to your spectables.

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