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    Solution for the machine elements problem

    Have a query regarding solving a machine elements problem? Searching for a detailed answer to this problem. Scroll through the responses from experts on this page.

    This is the problem of design of machine elements.
    Please help me with the solution of this problem.
    Determine the smallest size of punch that can be made to punch 10mm thick mild steel plate, having ultimate shear stress 0.3 kN/mm2 the permissible crushing stress for punch is 1.3kN/mm2.
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  • I will try to solve this problem as per my knowledge and the information given by one of my relative who has completed mechanical engineering. As per your query stresses are normal, share, bearing, thin walled pressure vessel stresses. Stress is commonly known as strength of material per unit area. I hope your aware of these stresses and their express form's. Now coming to your query Shear force is V and the punching force is P. Special character's are not allowed In hope you know the formula
    V= TA
    P=350[Pi symbol(0.3)(10)]
    P= approx 3298.67N
    P=329.6kN may be the answer I hope you found the solution for your problem. Please reply me if its correct. in the next query or give more details so that I would solve it better.

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