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    It it s possible to change college after completing second year of engineering ?

    Planning to change college in the second or third year? Wondering if it is possible and then how to go about it? Need not worry, read the advice here.

    I am studying in second year of engineering. I want to change college after completing my second year of engineering.
    Is it possible to change college for third year?
    If yes then what is the procedure and conditions for it?
    Both colleges are under Pune University.
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  • Regarding this query I would suggest you to mention the reason for changing the college. If the university your studying is having transfer system then yes you can change the college. But the board should be same. You can change the college within your university following the transfer procedures. But before you change the college, you have to give a valid and truthful reason of changing the college. It better you inquire in the college office for the correct procedures. Do it well before the commencement of third year. The process may take long. The main part before changing you should not have any backlog subjects.
    The normal Procedure for changing the college.
    1) Get the transfer form from your university.
    2) Confirm the college and the seats available that your going to enroll.
    3) You have to get an approval from the university.
    4)You have collect your certificates from the previous college.
    5) After you follow the new college admission process and submit your certificates your allowed to attend the classes.
    These are the normal procedure to change the college but the procedure may vary depending on your university.

  • You can change the college after 2nd year as both the colleges are in the purview of the same University. You have to apply for transfer certificate in the college you are studying. But if the college is a private college they will not give you the certificates unless otherwise, you pay the fee for the remaining two years also. So you have to pay that fees and get your TC and Originals and join in the other college. But you should ensure a seat in the other college before you take the TC from the present college. Otherwise, you will be at a loss.
    Some colleges will accept mutual transfers. That means a student from this college to another college. One student from that college to this college. If anyone is willing to come from the new college to your present college you can try that. That may save you some money.

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  • Yes, you definitely can have transfer after the second year of your engineering. But the board should be the same. In a government college, you will get transfer or migration certificate easily but in private college, you need to give them remaining fees, then only they will issue you transfer certificate. But I would you suggest you that firstly confirm your seat in the college you want to study, then only you should apply for transfer certificate.

  • Yes, there is a possiblity of changing your Engineering college from one college to another provided there is mutual consent of the Principal in the same direction. There are certain points to be followed in achieving your goal. Points are listed below-
    1) First of all, you must have a talk with your Principal and apprise him of your desire. The best way would be to write an application indicating the name of the college from you would persue next term of your Engineering - session. You should have a a clear talk with the Principal where you would be interested for your further studies.
    2) Since both the colleges are within the same university, transfer would be possible if there is a vacant seat in the college where you want a transfer.
    3) The other way would be to contact a student of the college where you want to be admitted and ask him if it would be possible for your friend to take admission in the college where you are currently studying. Of course, mutual consent of the Principals of both colleges is vital in this context.
    4) You should not have any backlog from the previous session and also the college - dues are to be cleared prior to your transfer.
    Transfer would be an easy process if the status of colleges are the same - ie both are either private colleges or both are constituent. Shifting from constituent college to private one would not be possible because of the different status.

  • Theoretically, there is no problem in changing colleges when both the colleges are affiliated with the same university. But practically there are various problems. The first problem is the availability of seats in the same branch of engineering in the third year of the college where you are planning to shift. Secondly, you have to pay a huge amount to get the transfer certificate where you are presently studying. Thirdly, you have to pay another huge amount as the admission fee in the new college. Fourthly, there would be various adjustment problems both in the classroom as well as the residential hostel, assuming you are going to stay in the hostel.

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  • Hi,
    First I want to assure you that the change in college is possible because both of the colleges falls under same university. For that you have to apply in both of the colleges stating them a valid reason for changing of colleges.
    But before that you must enquiry about the seats availability in the college that you want to get admitted.
    As per the procedure if both of the colleges are govt colleges, then you can easily get TC or migration certificate easily. But if your present college is a private college, then you to pay the fees for the next 2 years. Then only you can get the TC.
    But before you take admission in a new college enquire about the facility available in that college.

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