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    Deed for indemnity bond in railway

    Have a query about the indemnity bond in railway job? Looking out for understanding the terms and conditions in the bond? Find suggestions from experts here.

    I have been selected as ASM in Indian railway through RRB NTPC CEN 03/2015 in Secunderabad Zone. I was asked to fill a bond which is in the attachment. Now, if I break the bond because of other job with grade pay more than that of ASM will I be asked to reimburse? And also in bond what does he mean when he says "the whole cost of training or pay any other amounts excluding travelling and running allowance drawn by the trainee/apprentice"? Does he mean only training cost or whole salary which we receive in monthly basis till the time of leaving.
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  • 1. You have to sign the bond because you will undergo training at the Zonal Training School (ZTS) for around nine and a half months. The Railway will pay you Basic Pay and Dearness Allowance (DA) during the training period. After the training at ZTS, you will undergo 'line training' and 'station training' for another one month. You will receive the salary during that period also. As you will undergo training and will receive the salary, you have to sign a bond that you will serve the Railway for at least five years after completion of training.

    2. Now, the next question is: Can't you apply for any other post? Yes, you can apply for other posts. Yes, you can apply. If you apply through proper channel for any other Government post, get selected and join that post, the bond will be automatically transferred for the residual period. What does it mean? If you join in any other Central Government post after say 2 years, the bond will be transferred to that department for three (5-2) years, i.e., you have to serve the new office under the Government of India for at least three years.

    3. This is from my personal experience. In my case also, I joined a new Central Government post after one and a half years of service in Eastern Railway. So, my bond got transferred to the new Department for three and a half years.

    4. However, please remember that you are required to apply through proper channel with an advance copy sent to the recruiting agency, to avail this benefit of bond transfer.

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  • The indemnity bond is to be signed by you. There is no harm if you sign the bond. Once you join in a governemnt immediately you will no try to come out join a private company. So the chance of shifting from this job to another government job will be there always and you can apply through proper channel and if you get selected you will be allowed to shift the job. There will not be any question of repayment and all that if you are shifting from one government job to another government job. But you have to complete the remaining service in the job and during that job also you can move to another government job.

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  • Whenever recruitment is done by Govt or private organisation after the selection they train the people either in the training centres or on the job. Whatever the mode may be those organisations are spending on the process of recruitment right from the advertisement of the post till absorption of the candidate in the organisation when he starts contributing for it. So there is a cost involved in the process.

    If a candidate leaves the organisation after all this process then the organisation will lose trained manpower and it will only be possible to recruit them only in the next recruitment batch.

    To safeguard against this, generally, organisations will ask the successful candidates to fill an indemnity bond to that tune of the expenses and emoluments so that the individual will be discouraged to leave the organisation.

    Now if you want to leave the present organisation due to selection elsewhere then from Govt to Govt the same bond can be transferred with additional procedures from the new department but if you are leaving Govt for private you will have to deposit the mentioned amount otherwise you will not get NOC, as well as actions, can be initiated against you for recovery.

    One thing which is also important is that while applying for elsewhere one should apply through proper channel otherwise there will be a problem at the time of relieving.

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  • The indemnity - bond is the essential formality in most of central - government jobs including Railways. The strategy behind this is to discourage the successful candidates to leave the assignment while they are still receiving requisite training for which they have been recruited and apart from it they are enjoying basic and DA fixed for such aspirants during training - period. Recruiting- board invests massive sum by a way of training of such candidates and letting them go without paying the bond - money would amount to colossal loss to the Recruting - agency.
    However, there are certain provisions under which a candidate can be allowed to join in a new job of the central - government and in that case, the bond is transferred for the residual period. Suppose, the bond agreement was for the duration of five years and one has already served the previous assignment for a year so for the next assignment, the bond will be valid for four year.
    However, the candidate has to apply through proper channel and no objection certificate has to be procured before joining a new post.

  • Applying through proper channel means sending applications for any other Government jobs through the Administration (Personnel) Department of your present (Government) organization. At the same time of submitting the application for a new job, you have to send an advance copy of the application to the recruiting authority.

    In case of submitting the online application for a new Government job, you have to intimate and take permission from the competent authority from your present organization.

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