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    Query about document verification for Govt. job with marks difference in documents

    Is there is mismatch in any marksheet? worried that this will create a problem in document verification? Check out this page for advice from experts for all your queries.

    I have qualified a exam for central government job and got selected for the post. I have received an Appointment Letter from the department and now they are doing documents verification. I am worried about the bad image of Agra University from where I have studies graduate and post-graduate.

    Recently found a difference of 1 mark between mark sheet and University Record. Even University has already done verification through online verification mode and issued letter correctly. Now they are telling 1 mark should be less from the paper as well as less from grand total and only than new verification will be finalized. This is the matter of my career.

    How it would be impact on my appointment/joining? And What should I do on this series matter?
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  • First of all, you don't need to worry, it is a mistake from the University, this can be taken at a legal level also, if the discrepancy impacts your appointment. You have not committed any error or falsified any document.

    Is it the DBRAU university? Who is asking form the new marks sheet with 1 mark less ( the documentation verification team or the university)? If the university is same, there are complaints on consumer form sites regarding similar issues.

    1. You can contact the Unvieristy registrar and explain your predictament
    2. Or you can meet them directly with all your records
    (University Address
    Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Paliwal Park , Agra (U.P.) 2820040).

    3. you have an option to raise a complaint (

    4. Is there anyway you can contact the recruitment in-charge related to the department you are going to join.
    If so, please contact them and explain your difficult position and seek their advise or help to resolve the issue.

    5.Have your tried contacting the administrative staff at the college where you graduated from, usually the office staff will have practical ideas and the ways to get things rectified as they would have handled similar issues.

    5. If the above does not help or the deadline is close, I would contact a good lawyer to help out with this issue because I would not want to lose the chance of getting a central government job because of an university error.

  • 1. I think you have graduated from Agra University. Agra University is approved by UGC. So, there would be no impact on your appointment. There is absolutely no doubt it.

    2. So far as marks mismatch is concerned, the difference of 1 mark in a paper will not have any impact on your appointment, provided this difference has not caused failure/compartmental in that particular paper. However, I would advise you to obtain a revised mark-sheet indicating correct marks from the university as early as possible.

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  • You should not unruly think about the bad image of Agra university. In your case, when your degree was finalised, there should not have been any error between marks in university office and the mark- sheet provided to you. Now, you don't have sufficient time to get the errors sorted out especially when verification - process is to start shortly.
    In the mean while, you may write an application addressed to the vice- chancellor of the university indicating the the discrepancy which has crept in your mark- sheet. Retain the acknowledgement- slip and this would prove to be a record of your attempt to rectify the error appearing in the mark- sheet. The difference of one mark appearing in your mark - sheet would not cause any difference in the results declared earlier provided such one mark does not alter your division or class.
    During the verification - process, you explain the officials and show the acknowledgment- slip of the present correspondance with the university - officials.
    I don't think you will be impacted for the error committed by the university.

  • Don't worry a bit about this. Approach university registrar or vice chancellor or controller of examination cell and explain your situation. Ask them to aid you so that you can proceed further with your job. Agra University is recognized by UGC and there shouldn't be any problem regarding that. Contact your university officials through email or phone or in person. The third option would be better and it will clear all your doubts.

    Take all the required documents, the educational certificates where the error has happened, the letter they have issued after online verification, your present appointment letter and letter citing the changes that have to be made accordingly. They will solve the problem at the earliest. Meanwhile, if there is any deadline for joining in the job, you approach your employer or any official and request them to give some time for the process to be completed. They will surely give you time for that.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Do not worry as this 1 mark difference is not going to change your status as 'failed' from 'passed'. Only thing is keep all the documents and email or any physical correspondence received from the university in this regard. Take all those documents with you and explain it at the time of document verification.

    Meanwhile you take up this matter with the university office requesting them to issue the corrected mark sheet or certificate at an earliest. You have to send your request by registered post as well as by email and keep a copy of all this with you and show it at the time of verification and tell them that you will be submitting the cotrected document to them at a later stage.

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  • It is the mistake committed by the University. So you are not responsible for the mistake. So there should not be any problem. The only thing you have to see is that one mark will not be affecting your result. As far as there is no effect on the result you need not worry. Even you will have legal right to protest in case of any problem for the job provider in this issue.

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