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    Who built the pyramids in Egypt?

    Interested in the science behind historical structures? Searching for information about the pyramids of Egypt? You can scroll through this page and get all the information you need about the pyramids.

    Pyramids are the massive structures found in Egypt. What you know about the mysteries of pyramids? I would like to know who built it, how they built it and for what purpose. Why they were positioned to a particular star system at the time of construction? Are there any relations of the dimension of the pyramids to that of the planet Earth? Can I get a scientific answer?
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  • I would like to satisfy as I know . Egyptian pyramids are ancient shaped which is located in Egypt. In November 2008 some source cited that 118 or 138 pyramids are identified. Most of them were built as tomb's for country. During old and middle kingdom periods .
    Early pyramids was found in Saqqara, North West of memphis. But the earliest one was constructed 2630 BC-2611 BC and was named as pyramid of Djoser. I think that was 3rd dynasty ruling.
    Pyramids shape symbolizes the thought to represent the primordial mound from which Egyptians believed the earth was created. The earth represents the descending rays of the sun. Some pyramids are polished to give bright appearance from distance. The Egyptians also believed that the dark area around the star's during night time is a physical gateway into the heavens .
    Pyramids were constructed which involved huge quantities of stone. They are constructed with wooden sleds and with sand to reduce the friction. Droplets of water created bridges between grains of sand, helping them to stick together.
    Still if you want to know more about it then you can refer a book "A History of Western Architecture" written by Watkin, David (2005).

  • The Egyptian pyramids were constructed as tombstones for the royal family of Egyptian Monarchs or Kings also called Pharaohs. There are more than 100 identified pyramids spread across the country. Out of all these, the most popular pyramids which dragged the attention of many historians and archeologists are the complex of pyramids of Giza. The pyramids of Giza also called Giza pyramid complex comprises of three large pyramids and other temples, monuments and the Great Sphinx which are spread over an area of 16,358.52 hectares. These pyramids are visible from space and were first photographed by Astronaut Nicole Stott from International Space Station. These pyramids are considered as wonders of the earth. The Giza pyramids consist of three pyramids:
    1. Pyramid of Khufu - 455 foot tall. Also known as the Great Pyramid. The largest of the three pyramids.
    2. Pyramid of Khafre - 448 foot tall.
    3. Pyramid of Menkaure - 215 foot. Smallest of the three.

    Along with these three pyramids, the other popular construction at this complex is Great Sphinx of Giza. This is a construction of a mythical creature called Sphinx which is carved out of limestone and is at a height of 66.31 foot.

    Though this was a marvel engineering which seemed to happen thousands of years ago, even with the help of present-day modern technology we cannot build a pyramid. Although there is no accurate scientific evidence about how these pyramids were built, many historians and archaeologists have some common theories about how these pyramids were built.

    1. Initial construction started as rectangular slabs called as 'mastaba'. These mastabas were developed and constructed by adding layers over a period of decades or even centuries to form into a pyramid. This was constructed by adding underground tunnels and basement levels and elevating them with layers.

    2. With the above method resulted in certain failures and errors, later Pharaohs have adapted another system of adding stone by stone in order to attain greater strength, accuracy, and heights. Each stone is a massive block and weighs tonnes. In this method, the stones are quarried from a nearby large quarry. These stones are dragged by large sleds. They can be dragged or pushed by a group of workers. The sand below the sled is dampened by water to reduce the friction and make transportation easy. These stones were transported over the ramps to reach heights.

    This was the basic theory which many archeologists and historians agree. But no scientific evidence is given to this theory. Many scientists state that dampening the sand will not reduce friction if more water is used. To minimize the friction, there will be a specific amount of water and sand to mixed to attain minimal frictions. The debate here is, how could ancient Egyptians know the exact mixing proportions? Also, there is no scientific evidence about how these ramps are constructed to move those massive stones to greater heights.

    But remember that these pyramids are not built in a year or two, it took decades to centuries and the construction techniques have developed over a period of time before the final pyramid was finished. They developed the cutting and carving of stones over years which resulted in more accuracy of the construction. But many disagree or don't have a common opinion on how they were moved and this question still remains unsolved.

    There is a documentary about these constructions in History Channel called 'Ancient Aliens'. This documentary provides some theories regarding pyramids mostly attributing this marvel to 'Aliens' who visited earth thousands of years ago and helped man to construct these pyramids. This documentary is a big-speculative show, far from reality and the scientific community does not accept its theories. Most of the authors and scientists in this documentary are not actual scientists or authors, they are actors. Most of their episodes are fabricated. Do not believe in this documentary.

    Coming to the relation of pyramids with stars, the three pyramids of Giza are correlated with the three stars of the constellation Orion. The ancient Egyptians believed that these stars and the dark sky are a gateway to the afterlife and hence the popular kings, Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure made the construction in such as way that the tips of the pyramids coincide with the location of the three stars. This is just a speculative theory and only the pyramids of Giza correlate with stars. This theory was also criticized by other scientists stating that the correlation was not perfect and the line connecting the pyramids to stars is slightly bent.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • Pyramids at Giza near Cairo in Egypt have been a source of curiosity and their gigantic size is really a mind-boggling experience for a large number of visitors seeing them.

    As per archaeological surveys, the earliest pyramids were constructed about 4600 years ago and subsequently many pyramids were constructed by the successive rulers (Pharaoh) in that area.

    The designer and architect of those times did not have the means like today but the with their own methods constructed the huge pyramids using strings and boulders and a large number of labourers to stack the boulders in a particular fashion and created these magnificent structures. The structures are partially hollow from the inside and basically were constructed as the tomb of great Pharaohs. Even the rich Arabs had a small such structure made for their tomb.

    As per a Harvard research based on an archaeological excavation, it is believed that there were big settlements of people probably the labourers and mansions and technicians near these pyramids who did complete these massive constructions by remaining near the site.

    The sturdiness and robustness of these ancient structures can be understood by the fact that they have withstood the high heat and wind erosion which is so prominent in that area.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • 1. Pyramids are the massive structures found in Egypt.

    Yes, The giant pyramids of Egypt are known to everyone. No, they aren't the only ones, few people are aware of the fact that the Americas have more pyramids than the rest of the world combined! The largest Pyramid in the world is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, Puebla,Mexico

    Some other pyramids
    'Monk Mounds' in Illinois,USA.
    Pyramid of the Sun,Pyramid of the Moon Mexico City, Mexico
    Pyramid of the Inca, Cuzco, Peru
    The Yucutan Pyramid (Chichen Itza).
    Our ancient Hindu Kings were similar to Sun workshipers and most of our Hindu temples have the major structures (Gopurams) that remsembles a pyramid(wide base and tapering top).
    Pyramid of Cestius, Rome although small, still exists while the larger pyramid of Romulus was taken apart around the 16th century.
    Extant Pyramids of Sudan ( more than 200 small pyramids)

    The Pyramid is a powerful symbol in many cultures and are depicted in religious texts,flags, seals also. The US dollar bill has an unfinished Pyramid with an eye at the top, it literally means that 'God is watching over (humans)'. It is a symbol used by Freemason society, on the official seals of many European countries.

    2.What you know about the mysteries of pyramids?

    There are many conspiracy theories, theories linking pyramids to powerful ancient brotherhood sects etc.
    Most often, it would be built as a burial chamber, to enhance the relationships between Gods and the Kings. While the Epyptian pyramids were often a tomb for the royals, the other's in Americas were actually for Gods.

    Some historians beleive, Pyramids are not just resting places, they are places that were part of their daily lives.

    3.I would like to know who built it, how they built it and for what purpose.
    the above answers give you the details

    4.Why they were positioned to a particular star system at the time of construction?
    The well known theory of Giza-Orion Correlation theory correlates the three big pyramids and the three stars in the Orion but this has several critics.

    5.Are there any relations of the dimension of the pyramids to that of the planet Earth?
    Again the mega size of the pyramids has made many scholars link the size to that of the Earth and came up with the popular 1/43200 ratio. The square base circumference is equal to half of one minute arc at the place of the equator

    Can I get a scientific answer?
    As far as Pyramids go, It is difficult to separate theories, beliefs and logically reasoning . It up to to you to believe in what sound correct to you.

  • Pyramids in Egypt were apparently built by Egyptians. Pyramids were in large before Greco-Roman influence on Egypt. That is until 300 BC. Until then there were many pyramids bulit. After Greeks and Romans ruled the land, Egyptians were fascinated by mausoleums, because they were beautiful and easy to build. So we can see patronization towards mausoleum.
    Not everyone in Egypt could afford a splendid pyramid. Only the king and few higher ranked nobles did.

    And as many others pointed out, pyramids are found everywhere on the planet.
    And they were all built by humans, no doubt.

    So now we know what are pyramids and who built them . Pyramids are just enhanced graves of pharaohs.
    And not all pyramids are made keeping stars in mind. That's just the Great pyramids of Giza.

    Pyramids, as you can see are shaped like a heap of sand. Because that is what gave rise to this complex geometric shape. Ancients knew that mounts or heap of sand are one of the stable structures. Because of the huge base.

    And pyramids are massive. Impressively massive. So massive that you sometimes get an illusion that surroundings are moving in slow motion.
    Egyptians didn't really worship inside pyramids. To them it was a grave of a fallen king. They worshipped the dead though.
    So pyramids were containing ancient air conditioning. A shaft brings fresh air in ventilating the upper layers of the prism.

    How could have ancient humans hauled these to construction site? Slaves. A whole lot of them. Limestone was shaped like blocks and hundreds of slaves dragged these blocks on sand to the site. Then with elaborate pulleys, planks, later by horses, a little help from bullocks etc are the ones that built this primitive pyramids.

    I hope I answered your question.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • The Egyptian pyramids are pyramid-shaped masonry structures constructed in Egypt.
    As per the reports, there are about 138 Egyptian pyramids are identified Most of them were built as tombs, during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.
    The pyramids that are found at Saqqara are the earliest constructed pyramids. These pyramids and its surrounding complex were designed by the architect Imhotep.
    The Pyramid of Khufu is the largest Egyptian pyramid and it is the one wonder among the Seven Wonders of the World.
    The rich people in Egypt were buried during the Early Dynastic period. Imhotep is the first to conceive the idea of stacking mastabas on top of each other and brought in the concept of the decrease in size towards its top.
    The old Egyptians believed that the stars and the dark sky are the entrance points for the life after death. That is why the initially constructed pyramids were pointed towards three stars. But many scientists oppose this theory. And afterwards, the constructions are not having this concept.

    always confident

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