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    Confusion about fathers name in documents

    Planning to take up a government job? wondering what to do if there is a name does not tally in marksheets and documents? Scroll through this page for ample advice from experts.

    My father's name is not tallying in my tenth and twelfth class marksheet with that in my documents like voter card, PAN card, aadhar card.
    Will I face a problem in document verification of govt jobs?
    What should I do to do fix this problem?
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  • From your query, it appears that your father's name is not correct in your 10th and 12th marksheets.

    Any such mistake found at the time of verification of documents is seriously taken by the authorities and can create a lot of problems for the candidate appearing for an examination or interview.

    The best course of action in such cases is to apply to your board office or education office for rectification of these mistakes and issuing of corrected marksheets by them.

    For this one has to give an application to the concerned offices along with the documents carrying the correct name of your father so that they can correct it and issue the corrected marksheets.

    Another important thing is that though your father's name is correctly reflecting in your Voter card, Pan card and Aadhar card, they may still ask you to give authentic documents of your father itself like your father's Aadhar card just to make sure that name is correctly mentioned before they issue the corrected marksheets.

    This may take some time but once you accomplish this task you will be free of apprehensions about mismatch at the time of document verification at any time in future.

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  • Yes, there will be problem in future if your name or your father's name is different in documents.
    I would prefer you to change your fathers name as per his document that is Aadhar card document.
    You can change it in your certificates by writing a letter to the board on request of changing your father's name . Along with the letter you can attach xerox attested copy of your father document. Either wise you can change it in your other documents like aadhar, voter card etc by applying for changing of name in online itself. Because aadhar card and voter card change can be done online itself . Other wise if your applying for any government job you need to mention them about this mistake and then follow their instructions as per their rules in organisation. Instead its better you change right now. This process is lengthy but its a permanent solution for your problem.
    Still if you have confusion in this query you can refer in ISC ask expert section where this type of query is answered by many experts.

  • You have your father's name mismatch in your marks card and the rest of the documents. Please check what your father's correct name is, along with your initials. If it is only the 10th and 12th, you can change it easily.

    If the rest of all your important documents carry the wrong name/mistake of your father's name, you have change all of it.

    Now all the records are updated digitally, many application forms for Government jobs are all online. If you have errors with fathers name, your name, date of birth etc, now is the time to change it because, it could be a potential issue at document verification and future legal documentation. These things take time which may not be available for you once you actually need the documents for verification , joining etc.

    Please check you caste certificate and Driving licence too, if you have them

    For changing the father's names with the board it is a little tricky. If you have filled the forms correctly but the school or board has made the error, then you can approach them with evidence.

    If not, you have to carry documentary proof that shows your father's name clearly ( like your father's Aadhaar card, PAN card, Passport, RationCard etc) and get it corrected.

    You can draft a letter yourself, enclose attested copies of your father's correct name and submit it to the board (10th and 12th) by forwarding it through the respective school/college principal. If it is a CBSE certificate then you need more documentation.

    Like a correct name affidavit from a Notary, father's name change being published in two news papers, fees, letter from school stating what is the actual name recorded at the time of admission and the forms forwarded via the principal to the CBSE board.

    If you have to correct the mistakes of your father's name in PAN,Aadhaar,Voter's card etc. The process is similar and the name correction forms are available online or you can get if corrected at the local government centers that offer government document services.

    Link for further information of name change in CBsE:
    Aadhaar card:
    PAN card:

  • As far as I know, the spelling of your father/mother will not create a major problem in future jobs. I have my father's name mismatched in my 10th and other educational certificates with that of other cards such as PAN, Voter id, Aadhar etc. I have never faced any problem. But still, if you want to change, you can change the correct name in your educational certificates by providing appropriate proofs.

    For tour 10th or SSC certificate corrections, you have to approach the Board of Secondary Education (if you studied state syllabus) or CBSE or ICSE board, depending on which board you have studied. You need to apply for re-issuing of a new certificate with corrected credentials. They will give an application form and you have to pay the service charges in the form of demand draft (DD). You can do this in a similar way for you 12th standard certificate corrections. The process will be more or less same. I would suggest you get the 10th certificate corrected and later apply for 12th so that you can attach 10th certificate as an additional proof.

    If the name is misspelled in your voter id, PAN or Aadhar card, then you must approach respective departments for corrections. You can get your Aadhaar corrected through any nearest UIDAI center or by self through online services. For further information visit:

    To correct your father's name in PAN, you can approach any third party agents who will do this with nominal charges or you can do this by yourself online.

    For voter id corrections you can do it by self online

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

  • If it is only a spelling mistake and all your certificates show they same spelling, there will not be any problem for your future career and all that. But there should not be any difference from one certificate to another certificate. You should make sure that point. My sister's certificates contain a different spelling of my father name in all her certificates and there was no problem with her anywhere.
    Even then if you have to get it corrected, there are two points to understand.
    The first point is whether the mistake is done by you while filling the application. The second point is you have filled it correctly and the mistake is done by the Board while filling the details. If it is a mistake of the board you can apply to the board saying that the father's name in your certificates are wrongly filed and they need to be corrected. You have to attach your certificates and documents showing the correct name of your father and you can get it corrected.
    If you have done the mistake you can try simply applying to the board saying that by mistake you have committed a mistake while filling the application and ask them to issue a fresh certificate with the correct name. You can attach a document showing your father's name correctly and required fee through the school. As you are telling this is only a spelling mistake they may consider and do the needful. Otherwise, they may ask you to submit the affidavit. Then you may have to contact a lawyer and get the things done as suggested by him and then you can send the same documents to the board for correction. The same way you have to do for your +2 certificate also.

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  • As far as I know this wil not create any problem in future. If you found such type of mistakes then immediately rectify it by going to school. If you go after year school will not help further. You have to pay charges to correct the name on the marksheet. If you wants to apply for correction then firstly contact with school headmaster and get letter with school stamp. Submit your marklist and letter to board(SSC, ICSE, CBSE) or DEO(District education office). You can also apply online by visiting the website of the boards. There is an option of correction on the websites.

  • 1. Please note that the name of your father as indicated in his AADHAR Card and PAN Card will be taken as his correct name.
    2. Now, check all of your documents and see in which documents there are discrepancies in respect your father's name.
    3. If you don't rectify the mistakes, you may have problem at the time of employment as well as in other cases like purchase of property, acquiring a passport, etc.
    4. You have to apply to the document-issuing authorities (separately to all of them) to issue revised documents indicating the correct name of your father.
    5. If the authorities decline to issue the revised certificate, you have to sign an affidavit before a First Class Magistrate of your city indicating the correct name of your father and that some of your documents contain the incorrect name of your father.
    6. You have to issue similarly-worded classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in one Vernacular newspaper.
    7. You have to preserve the original affidavit and original advertisements permanently.

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  • In all sorts of jobs or for perusal higher studies, you need to get your certificates corrected whereever there is mention of your father's name. As indicated in your submission, there exists a difference in your father's name in both the marks - sheets of class ten and twelve and as such these anamolies are to be corrected to avoid any future complications in relation to your jobs or for perusal of higher studies.
    The first line of action is to meet the Principal of your school from where you have passed such examination along with an application addressed to the concerned Board and the same application need to be forwarded by the Principal along with remarks. He can verify the admission - register where in the name of your father is also included. He would put his comments. This application along with the Aadhar and PAN cards of yourself and your father's are to be enclosed in a closed envelop. A demand draft of the requisite amount should also accompany for processing your application and send the application with sped - post through post office. Retain the acknowledgment- receipt as an official proof.
    This may take some time but in that way, the issue can be resolved.
    Repeat the same process for both the mark - sheets - class ten and twelve addressing the respective Boards.
    The other way is to approach a lawyer of the office of First - class magistrate and an affidavit has be signed in presence of the city - magistrate indicating the correct name of your father and the document released by the court is to be published in local paper to give the same wide publicity. Retain the copy of classification advertisement for your future- references.

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